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Rand Paul: “Don’t you have something better to read than a bunch of crap from people who don't like me?"

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s interview on Boston’s NPR station WBUR Tuesday turned testy after host John Harwood asked him about former adviser Jack Hunter.

Harwood, the chief Washington correspondent for CNBC, author of The New York Times’ weekly column The Caucus, and Tuesday’s guest host on the program “On Point,” dug into the controversy over Hunter, a former Paul aide better known by his radio moniker, the Southern Avenger.

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Cowards way out. I understand

Cowards way out. I understand he wants to talk about himself and the issues, but backing out of a question pertaining to someone simply criticizing Lincoln makes Rand look like he's ashamed the libertarian non-aggression principle.

Rand Paul is quick on his feet...a talented user of English

I'm ashamed to say that I had to go look up "canard" and "ad hominem" in the dictionary. My retort wouldn't have been nearly so eloquent.

We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

-C. S. Lewis

I'm sure he learned from watching his father having to

put up with all those crap interviews for so many years.

Needs a better approach: Point out Obama double standard

I remember a Rand Paul that demolished Candy Crowley by out arguing her. This time rand just limped by the fierce attacks by Tom Harwood.

He should say he fired Jack Hunter and he will continue to fire anyone that gets in the way of the issues.

He should then lecture the media about double standards and the refusal of the media to inform the public on issues.

For example, the media dug deep to find things Jack Hunter did in his twenties. But Democratic politicians like Obama are given a pass on the things they did and people they associated with in their twenties (Bill Ayers). For personal values the media justifies this double standard by saying Republicans claim the Family Values mantle. But the truth is the double standard exists across the board for all decisions. An unfair press is not a check on power its a tool of the opposition.

Well done Rand

and might as well get used to it because this is exactly what the Libs and their friends the neocons are going to be doing as 2016 approaches. It's all they've got.




Not up to speed here...

Who can give me the short-form explanation: Who is Jack Hunter? Why is he being called a racist? I seem to remember stuff here on DP from a "Southern Avenger"...is that him?

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

he's a well known SC political commentator and formerly

an over the top wrestling enthusiast/showman/sidekick 'shockjock'-DJ who donned a mask with the Confederate flag (as if that's something 'EVIL') - seriously, people couldn't tell that the entire 'character' was a satire performance art for his then 'shock-jock' personality??

He was a regular column writer for the very liberal Charleston City Paper, as their 'token conservative.'


Who also was the co-author (perhaps even a full-on ghostwriter) for Rand's 1st book "The Tea Party goes to Washington" who regularly vlogged pro-Ron Paul liberty shorts on YouTube, to eventually becoming the paid official blogger for RonPaul2012.com.

But make no mistake: Jack Hunter was and is a very talented writer with a broad perspective of history and actually knows the REAL conservative history in American politics, who has a distinct talent for summarizing complex issues into succinct nuance. And, NOT A SINGLE THING he ever wrote was "racist" in ANY shape or form, at least none that I've read. Sure, they can say "politically incorrect" at worst. Then again, a mustached cat is racist to the bowel-'movement' L vs. R-'liberal' moron set.

So what else is new?



The fact that this attack 100% wholly originated with the AIPAC dildo sucking Likudnik Anti-American Israel-firster neocon assholes at the Washington 'Free' Beacon is telling. Not to mention, the coordinated syndication of the same article on numerous liberal sites, all concurrently.

Seriously, if any of this was an issue, it would've come out long ago, as NOTHING is 'secret' about political operators in the internet age, who have very long non-erasable, very public, trackable digital history of their writings, views, statements, audio & video interviews, etc.

So we ALL know that this was nothing but a politically opportune, timed-smear vs. Rand, in the finality (seeing as no matter what, even the Paul family's worst enemies know that NO ONE believes that they're "racists" so they have to do 'guilt, by association'-proxy BS card), to tamper down the rate of Rand's meteoric rise onto the national scene as the number 1 GOP contender for 2016.

Yup, he's seen as that much of a threat by the entire L & R establishment that they're starting 3yrs early, along with the coordinated FatFcuk NJ Bobby Bacala yapping RINO shiite at the recent Bilderberg-lite Aspen Institute shindig, calling Rand, Libertarians, and the Constitution as "dangerous" and "esoteric."


I'd recommend not giving them any more traffic, but if you really want to read the content of this 2nd grader hatchet job that began it all: http://freebeacon.com/rebel-yell/

the neoCons, the REAL racists, who always "she doth protests too much" throw this racist-card ass-nard crap around, come election season vs. the libertarians and the Pauls, particularly, seeing as how the good Doc is the modern day grandfather of the entire liberty/patriot/freedom movement, which as a political/philosophic bloc that represent the biggest threat to the Ruling Class' empire.

nothing new there. LOL.

that said, the R3VOLution has had its own set of qualms against Hunter, when he rationalized Rand's decision to endorse Mutt WRONGney ON Dr. Paul's RP2012 website in his capacity as still then paid official blogger FOR the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign.


Now, it may still have been bad enough for him to support Rand's WRONGney endorsement, but what made it wholly obnoxious and worse is the fact that he did it on Doc's official RP2012 site, as the paid-official blogger, WHILE the Doc was still running!

Then, to add insult to injury, he tried to engineer a purge vs. the 'undesirables' within the R3VOLution, whom by ALL public accounts made up 60% of Doc's initial base in RP2008 campaign: Jack Hunter injected the 'let's purge the Bilder-Truther'-nonsense, when not even the 9/11Truth movement or Anti-NWO/InfoWarrior-set made any of that part of the RP2012 campaign. It was an unnecessary wedge, that to a certain extent still continues to this day.

Let's face it, beyond the mostly friendly academic nuances and differences, the R3VOLution NEVER had any issues with all its various disparate factions from the rare few genuine 'liberals,' the paleoconservatives, the old school Christian Patriot Movement members, to the libertarians, Constitutionalists, minarchists, Anarcho-Capitalists, voluntaryists/agorists, etc.

We ALL got along, just fine, like a rowdy perpetual big family Thanksgiving reunion...that is until the...dan dan dan: the "Randpocalypse."

Then everyone went into haywire over whether it was a necessary political move, to the 'he's a closet neocon' to 'he betrayed his father' etc.

Don't think that completely 'healed' properly among the r3VOL. Then again, not sure it ever will.

Ron Paul has that singular ability to truly bring EVERYONE together, no matter what political stripe you hang. Call it 'The Great Depression-era Septuagenarian Genteel Country Doctor'-charm. Whatever "IT" is, the Good Doc has it in spades.

You can grow to appreciate and respect Rand, and not that it's necessary, but make no mistake, many of us LOVE Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul, like our own wise, sagacious, worldly, experienced grandpa.

That, will never happen with Rand. Call it age, different generation. But, Ron has an elderly endearing quality that junior can never replicate. It's just a fact of life: it is what it is.

Ron... call it providence or what, but historically speaking, he came in at the confluence of right time, right circumstance, right shifting trajectory and epoch in history.

That, is why, IMO, the "Randpocalypse" hit many here, pretty hard. It's like, sure, we ALL know that Rand is his own man. But he'll never be able to escape the fact that he's Ron Paul's son. And having grown up around all his political allies, and principled academic/philosophical and political discussions at the same dinner table, it's not hard for many to simply expect Rand to be just like his wiser father, seeing as how Rand, of all his kids turned out to naturally follow him in his footsteps, the most, from being a doctor, to entering politics.

Can't say I blame my fellow r3VOLs, who felt it the harshest.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

nailed it

great comment AnCap

Spot on!

The biggest mistake Rand made was announcing his plan to back Romney on Hannitys show and not immediately following it up with an interview with a known supporter of his father.

The Judge, Stossel.. hell even Cavuto.

Rand started an fire by fumbling the ball. He should have been smarter politically and we would have avoided that whole mess.

I personally believe Ron and Rand probably debated strategy before Rand even ran for Senate. 'Dad, Im thinking about running. What should our strategy be?' They are both incredibly bright people... it would be foolish to believe they didn't shape a strategy together.

Thanks for your input. Bookmarking this page to copy and paste from your comment!

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

About Rand's Biggest Mistake

I think politically what you call Rand's 'biggest mistake' was a huge success as the whole idea of this mistake was to distance Rand from Ron and from us and to make us pissed at him. He succeeded very well in this. The idea of this was to make GOP and the MSM to think that Rand is different from Ron. (He definitely is different, but how much different is an important question. For Rand's success it is important that the difference between him and his father is magnified in the eyes of GOP, MSM and the Sheeple.) The more we were pissed to Rand about Romney endorsement, the better for Rand's success and for this purpose Hannity was the best place to make the his endorsement.

But after he got his foot inside the GOP&MSM he has started to shine and through Randian liberty-shining he has gained back big proportion of Ron's supporters who were pissed at him. The big change was the Filibuster. Just few weeks before it, for example, in DP the disagreements concerning Rand were so deep that Michael created with the MODs Randwatch.com to keep the Rand-fans there to avoid the DP turning into a full battlefield. Then happened the filibuster and the battle between Rand-likers and Rand-haters pretty much stoped.

I am also pretty sure that Ron and Rand talked about the strategy before 2010. Part of the strategy is that Rand emphazises to people that he is not his father and that there is differences between them (even if he of course says that he respects his father very much and sees him as one of the few honest politicians of our times) and that Ron always emphazises that he and Rand are 99% the same even if they have different styles of making politics. This is important as Ron speaks to us (the Ron-supporters) (others don't even really listen to him anymore) and Rand speaks to them.

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

Very nicely done!

I wasn't aware of some of these earlier holdings by Hunter, however they do resonate through some of his SA stuff.

Him being part of the crew that isolated and disenfranchised us, to the point of selling us out right on the convention floor has severely limited his options for downward mobility and his "departure" from Rand's staff under these circumstances has limited his upward mobility. Wonder what his lateral move will be.

Agreed this will be used as an attack on Rand and the broader movement. And it's a bitter pill to swallow to those who would Stand With Rand, it's either somebody knew or somebody just got thrown out in the street.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

No it won't be

Rand stopped it.. he was nice, and then he drew the line.. he;'s not going to tolerate this.. so if they want Rand.. they won't bring up Jack Hunter and the racist stuff. They won't get rand.. and that will be FINE by Rand. Won't hurt him one bit. It would HURT them a lot. And they KNOW it.

In your face!

After Harwood insisted that he was indeed trying to have an intelligent discussion, Paul responded, “Well, you’re not.”

Will the real Rand Paul stand

Will the real Rand Paul stand up? He sounds like a petulant politician....much like Michelle Obama I thought. He came across as argumentative rather than skilfull...much like he walked away from female reporter who asked questions he didn't like. He later tried to have her arrested I believe. Power has already gone to this guy's head much like Obama himself perhapsor will become like Obama if elected...ugh!


They b*tch and moan about the government, yet they want more of it.

Wow... way to stick it to him Rand!

Love it!

He said "get off that topic" without sounding defensive or Wiener-ish about it. That's skill.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

Rand is fast on his mental feet.

He did a great job handling that guy who clearly wanted to mire him in guilt by association.

I don't agree with Rand's politics as much as I do his father's, but by and away he is the best candidate with really a chance to carry the nomination.

This could be a great election cycle.

the comments on the NPR website are abhorrent

Rand and his fathers actions speak far louder than their words of learned helplessness; NPR is noise that will fade with the muffled pitch of a mal-issued note.. protecting its creditors at the expense of its value like any noble democrat.

Don't worry democrats, Libertarians will provide the warmth and shelter progressives need to reject your communist evil in agenda 21; just a sound money history lesson and some permaculture individualism practices and
BOOM, out comes Permaculture Republicans

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

I love his father

but Rand is def a better speaker

perhaps but he doesn't speak

perhaps but he doesn't speak substance like his father.

you're right

But he doesn't lose any philosophical consistency. He says exactly what he needs to in order to garner support from the establishments base, with compromising his libertarian principles. Make no mistake, this man is in it to win!


Unfortunately, I think you

Unfortunately, I think you are right. There is no change in the political climate he is forging.

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Stand with Rand 2016

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Rand is becoming more and

Rand is becoming more and more skilled at dealing with the attack dogs.

The retarded progressers have

The retarded progressers have this stupid one track mind playing the same tune over and over again like a broken record. I'm glad Rand knows exactly how to respond to their antics.