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Judge reduces Mannings possible maximum sentence to 90 years


Bradley Manning's maximum possible sentence for leaking state secrets to WikiLeaks was cut from 136 years to a possible 90 years on Tuesday, marking a rare victory for the defence in a trial that has so far swung almost exclusively in the US government's direction.


Lind granted all defence requests to merge counts, except specifications four and six of charge II that relate to stealing and purloining of the Iraq and Afghan warlogs. Reporters present in the court said they were unable to record details of the judge's ruling because she read her judgment so fast.

In previous hearings, the Guardian has counted that she reads at a rate of 180 words per minute. In one session, even the stenographers employed by the Freedom of the Press Foundation as a way of injecting public accountability in the trial process struggled to keep up with Lind as she read.

"Judge Lind recitation of her ruling on merging of sentencing charges was ridiculously fast. NO respect for the public and press," tweeted the independent journalist Alexa O'Brien. Nathan Fuller of the Bradley Manning Support Network concurred: "Judge read merger ruling too fast to transcribe."

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If he gets more than 10 year

If he gets more than 10 year in prison, it'll be a tragedy in my opinion. It'd be awesome if Obama commuted or pardoned him upon leaving office, a chance to gain back some lost credibility over his claims of being the "most transparent" administration.

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Whew. Good thing he will be out and about for SURE at age 114.

And all you people were concerned he might have to spend his whole LIFE in prison.

It just goes to show, that the things you worry about most, never really come to pass.

(Sarcasm Alert of course).

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that was funny

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence