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Tune In - The Allison Bricker Show

Looking for some original Liberty programming to wet your late night whistle?
(and seriously who isn't?)

Tune in tonight on Daily Paul Radio from 10 to 11pm EST for the premiere of "The Allison Bricker Show"

We will be waxing political on the events of the day, reporting stories the old-media seems unwilling to cover, and of course taking your calls.


Some of the topics on-deck for tonight:

  • Newt Gingrich - Born Again Peacenik?
  • The Corporatist's Guide to Government Contracting
  • Whatever Happened to End the FED? (Question by DP Member: Equality7-2521)
  • Throwing Jack Hunter under the Bus

So brew up your beverage of choice and join us for some lively liberty-centric conversation.

P.S. Special thanks to Treubig, AutoAbundance, and all the DP chatters for your help.

(non-flash-link here)