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Trial Begins for Christians Arrested for Reading Bible Outside California DMV

MURRIETA, Calif. – The criminal trial for three men who were arrested for reading the Bible aloud outside of a California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office began on Monday.

The incident occurred in February 2011 when Pastor Brett Coronado, Mark Mackey and Edward Florez, Jr. went to the DMV in Hemet early one morning to evangelize those who were waiting for the facility to open. As they stood on the public sidewalk, Mackey began to read out loud from the Bible.

However, soon after, he was approached by a security officer at the DMV, who asked him to move elsewhere.

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It's an interesting question

However, I would say that there is a big difference between driver licenses and bicycle licenses or gun registrations.

The difference is, if you don't know how to ride a bicycle and you do it anyway, you're not really endangering the lives of others. And guns are even further removed, since you have to consciously go an pull a trigger in order to endanger anyone.

But with a car, simple incompetence on your end endangers the lives of everyone else on the road. So from a libertarian point of view, there's three ways to solve this problem.

One way is to set the penalties of harming someone else on the road extremely high so that everyone has a vested interest in becoming "competent". However, this inadvertently ends up imprisoning many good, moral people for simply making a mistake or oversight even if they are very competent drivers. Sooner or later, anyone is bound to slip up regardless of skill.

A second way is what we have today, which is to require everyone to pass a certain "competence test", which is today administered by the DMV. If this is the solution we choose, I would actually argue that the test should be more stringent than it is today, as we end up with many incompetent drivers today who have no business being behind a wheel.

A third way, which would be ideal but hard to implement, would be to privatize the roads. Then, it is up to the owner of the road to require whatever standard or permit they wish in order to allow you to drive on their road. At the same time, you have the freedom to choose whether the road's safety levels meet your standard and can drive on that road or some other road. This would be the "ideal, perfect libertarian utopia", but is purely hypothetical given today's culture and society.

So even though drivers licenses aren't the perfect solution, they're probably the most practical. And I would add to that that it should actually be a lot more difficult to obtain a drivers license in terms of testing & standards than it is in the US today.


sidewalk and public street, no difference than Our Ron Paul college students chalking the sidewalk.

Of course if it's your own private property that's different.

But the big thing is they were reading, not protesting.

There have always been street corner preachers, but they were not preaching to people saying you were going to go to burn if you didn't listen to them, they were reading the bible.

So would it be any different if someone were reading the Bill of Rights or Constitution?

How about someone reading the rules of the road of California or how about reading the Old Man and the Sea?

I think this breaks the first Amendment of the Constitution fairly easily. Free speech is free speech, wether you disagree with or not, gaurantee if someone was burning a flag, no cops would have been called.

Watched the video

It's not clear to me whether they are on a sidewalk or within the DMV property line. From the video, it really looks like it could be either.

If they were on a sidewalk, then I'd say you have a good point. But hard to say from the video. So at best, we have an incomplete case, hard to draw any conclusions.


hey it's okay to worship a giant cat in a state park known as the Bohemian Grove.

owl or cat

some type of critter :)