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Hey Everybody! It's Not Combat Causing Suicides in the Military

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Mental disorders including depression and alcohol abuse were linked to a higher risk of suicide among current and former military personnel, in a new study - but combat exposure and number of deployments were not.

Researchers said the analysis of 83 suicides between 2001 and 2008 does not support the assumption that experiences in combat - such as seeing dead bodies or firing a gun - and time spent in a war zone are directly tied to a higher suicide risk.

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What cause these deaths - SSRI drugs. No doubt in my mind. If it were not so tragic that suicide is an only out for these heroes, I'd satirize this study: There's a study that shows there is a very well priced bridge for sale in Brooklyn. I mean after all, it's a STUDY done by the dept. of Bridges! ... how much more is there to say! These findings are from a study, if anything is amiss, it happened before the study's took place, so it don't count! Just believe, if bridges collapse, that's just not relevant.  

Considering there were over 1,500 suicides

during that time period, studying 83 of them doesn't provide much data gathering...besides, alcohol is probably used as an attempt for self medication prior to suicide - not the cause of the suicide.

They looked at 83 suicides over a 7 year period

What is that, like 1%?

Maybe it's an indication of

Maybe it's an indication of the type of people joining up...those who are already sick in the head a little...just sayin'...

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This study doesn't talk about what drugs these guys are put on

for their mental problems, and those are much used in the military and are known to cause suicide. There have been many articles about this.


I don't believe this is garbage

Unfortunately, I have young family members battling with addiction (alcohol and drugs) and mental illness at very young ages. The military is where these young men (men in my case but women in other families - Im sure) join up --- drugs and alcohol are VERY available for these boys and they just continue their downward spiral --- I have suspected this was the real problem of the suicides in the military for some time just based on my own personal experience. Sorry, Im sure that the experience of killing and watching killing is also very hard on these poor humans but it is just my observation in my world :(


No one likes to admit it, but it is a rite of passage for young people joining the military to engage in all those kind of behaviors, to appear "grown up"

Especially when one's individually is removed and rebuilt to be part of the unit. To stand outside of a unit when they party and participate in such behavior is difficult for impressionable young people--especially when their are older and manipulative veterans looking to take advantage of new naive recruits.

Conscience does not exist if not exercised

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A factor

It's certainly a major factor. Just like in some locations/fields, veterans are discriminated against in the job-marketplace in large part due to ill-feelings someone has against war-crimes of the state and not the person's character. The anti-depressants given to PTSD sufferers is another major factor. Any study that tries to find a single cause to a social issue, is going to flail with inaccuracies. Any time there is a true single cause, a study is not required, because the problem is overly obvious to the eye.

People know in their hearts

that killing innocent people is not right. But government seems to be the only paying job in our current culture.

repeating myself but

We seem to think because someone had Military background that mean's we should vote let them lead us.

I go back to the Vietnam..
there are reports that only 8% of the millions killed where VC(enemy combat troops) so that mean's at the worst case 92% where innocent civilians.

now lets say it was only 50/50 killing innocent's.. still pretty bad reason to listen to anyone choices based on there Military Back ground.

On another note holding it against all of them is just stupid and racist.

My self I can get how guilt would step in.. after your done and get back you find half of East San Diego look like what you where supposed to hate.
It's kind of F**Ked UP in you head if you go back in you head to the body counts crap.

Read Kill anything the move's


Just want what seems to be missing, Truth and Justice for ALL
What is fraud except creating “value” from nothing and passing it off as something?