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Phoenix Police Illegally Detain Arizona Open Carry Supporter Filming Interaction

Phoenix Police illegally detained an Arizona open carry supporter who because of his knowledge and experience with this generation’s version of police, was recording the detainment with a video camera.

This intelligent Arizonan obviously deeply cares for his life, and demonstrated this care and responsibility by not only carrying a gun and a camera, but also owning knowledge on his own natural rights and confidence to exercise them.

The first words to come out of the officer’s mouth have nothing to do with an explanation or greeting, but instead:

“Can I take your firearm for a minute?”

Phrasing his attempt at confiscating the Arizona open carry gun owner’s property as a question is a common trick police use to get unknowing individuals to give permission in violation of a Right. This is very different from a command, or direct order.

In-fact, Arizona cops are authorized by 13-3102 Section K, Arizona Law to “temporarily confiscate guns” when interacting with an individual, innocent or not, something these cops did not know or did not want to use as to further compromise the legality/illegality of what they were already doing.


FULL ARTICLE & VIDEO: http://livingnotsurviving.com/2013/08/06/video-phoenix-polic...

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Why would this person argue with the cop?

Either the person is being detained or the person is not.

Either the person has been given a lawful order or the person has not.

There's nothing more to talk about.

Am I being detailed? If not, am I free to go.

If asked a question or given what sounds like an order:

Is that an order I am required to comply with? (or not.)

If N and N, then later! Nothing to talk about here. Bye.

I am all for people standing up

for your rights, but actively looking for a confrontation with police will just lead to more of our rights being taken away. With your rights come responsibility. Oh please you are interested in architecture.....no you are just interested in being a dick and making a video for YouTube like an FN child. Just like in foreign policy we the citizens experience blowback from such foolish unnecessary encounters with LE.


You don't have the slightest freaking clue what freedom is about. We need more people standing up for their rights and forcing confrontations not less.


I have been here longer than you. Thanks for the personal insult which tells me you have not thought this through.

Let's analyze this. Here is a guy in one of the most liberal states when it comes to gun control. Obviously liberal meaning free rather than left leaning. He lives in a state where every resident is allowed to CCW and the laws changed recently to stop all the paranoid brainwashed anti-gun people from calling the cops every time they saw someone with a gun. He has all the rights granted to him to carry a gun concealed but he chooses to open carry in the dead of night with a plan to be confronted. What is the FN wisdom of him doing this? What is he fighting for? Where does it get us in the long run? More restrictive laws.

It happened in California just last year. Groups were going out exercising the last firearm freedom we had in California and that was our ability to open carry an unloaded weapon with ammunition on your person. Although they were in their legal rights to do so they did it in such a way to cause public uproar. The result, with a stroke of a pen, our stellar back again Governor who sucked the first time around, took that last remaining right away. Instead of trying to educate people they wanted to be provocative. Provocation causes emotion, emotion leads to bad reactions...ie more laws.

It is the art of war. You have to be smarter and don't meet the enemy on their terms. We are battling years of state run propaganda instilling fear into the sheep that firearms are bad. This movement is about educating people not making enemies. I would have more respect for this guy if he was to have stated that he was there to make a point. Educate the officers to their over reaction. Set them at ease and in the mean time part shaking their hands and slip them an OathKeepers card.

When I grew up I we used to walk a few miles with loaded shotguns and 22's to a local field. Not once did we attract attention from LE. Now a days I read the local blotter and we have neighbors calling the cops for kids with airsoft riffles...one recently with kids shooting in their own back yard.

So I see this video and I see it as nothing more than self indulgent...hey look at me, I'm a bad ass and I'm going to piss off some cops..."am I being detained?...am I being detained?". Getting so sick of that phrase on these videos only because they saw some other similar video and probably not one of them can state the laws or precedents that limit LE. This guy can probably walk down any street all day long in AZ open carry and not have one contact with police. That not being suffice to his mental midget mentality he has to pick a fight. Point being, if a citizen calls about a suspicious person with a gun they are going to respond and want to investigate..they would be negligent if they didn't. It has to be a movement of education not provocation.

If this guy wants to be a hero to the cause, come to California do the same, get arrested and fight the laws in court like Adam Kokesh.

Spot on.

"It has to be a movement of education not provocation."

Well said.

What would the Founders do?

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who did the educating

and which ones were provoking?
He was taking pictures,did taking them provoke the cops?
yes,in their eyes,that is what caused their own panic
then they tried to provoke some more,by referring to in this day age
and terrorists,because all terrorists take pictures of buildings
it says so in the terrorist training manual
The guy taking pictures did not go up to the cops,they came to him
even after finding out he was just a dude taking pictures,they just wouldn't let it go
now what would have happened to another person,who didn't know their rights?
do you suppose that person would see jail,his arms confiscated.
and maybe,just maybe a fine from the good ole judge?
most coops are trained that terrorists are hiding under every bush,and every rock,and everyone is one
I stand with the guy who took them pictures,he stood on what he knew was the truth,and the laws

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

I hear ya.

I agreed with the specific statement I quoted from the commenter: "It has to be a movement of education not provocation."

Do you find that philosophy objectionable?

Yes, the fellow obviously knew his rights (Had he not, the outcome could have been much different / potentially worse.), and the whole encounter was clearly instigated by police (following up on a complaint, per protocol).

He did seem to escalate the element of provocation with his verbal kung fu fighting style (which in itself was impressive) at his own risk, however, and I think this level of combativeness somewhat neutralizes any constructive "teaching" effect upon the cops--that is my concern.

But would I have handled the situation in better form? I can't say....

What would the Founders do?

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not objectionable

I was just wondering who did the educating (to you) the cops don't want people educated,they want the dumbed down,uneducated lot (easier to control,scare,persuade,coerce,incarcerate)
I got to say your comment about his verbal kung fu fighting style
has me cracking up.because..well it was :)
truly,i found the whole deal rather funny.especially when asked about his birthday
To me,he came across as having dealt with them before,and is sick and tired of the lot of them,I could be wrong,but i see that in myself(like repeating to teenagers,after they already know the answer)
I agree,I don't know if being in the same position would act any different.

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

I see.

He definitely was in the role of the potential educator, although it's hard to know if the cops internalized any part of his "lesson".

Hilarious delivery, however (Yeah, the birthday comment was a hoot--among others! LOL!).

What would the Founders do?

Yup. California Ruined By Open Carry Idiots

I warned my fellow shooters when the open carry fad first took off here exactly what would happen. I still cringe when I watch videos of full grown men telling the police they are carrying their guns for self protection (while a little old lady or similarly defenseless and vulnerable citizen "bravely" walks by in the background, thereby elevating the absurdity of the situation).
Those doing it the right way seem to have been the minority in CA. They would give local police advanced notice and carry brochures or flyers to inform and educate the public. They would state that the reason they were carrying was to EDUCATE. Even better were the few who
carried without ammo or magazines.

Part of the reason

Part of the reason defenseless, vulnerable, little, old ladies can walk bravely down the street is because full grown men are carrying guns for protection.

Quite True

But if you fail to educate the public of that fact you lose, just as we did in CA.

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love your comment

if people have the right,then he can be a dick (as you put it)
yeah we should all bow down to the ones we pay
try that,see how far it gets you,then see while you are on your knees.what other rights they steal,but not just from you,but from everyone else

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

But, that would mean

that one is standing on principle rather than convenience.

That would be too scary.


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you are right

not sure what i was thinking :)

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

From my understanding from

having gone to college at ASU, AZ having been an open carry state, changed their laws where you are required to conceal now. Back when I lived there you where required to at least have part of your weapon visible if you did not have a CCW. Now every citizen can CCW.

Do you have a date of birth?


What is it?

April 21st.

What year?

Every year. LOL!!!

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Here ya go OP...