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Michigan Donates Detroit To Canada

In a surprise move, the state of Michigan has donated the city of Detroit to Canada.

"It's yours. Take it." said Michigan governor Rick Snyder "Please, just take it."

The sovereign nation has 30 days to remove its property or it will be subject to a daily storage fee of $500,000 in the state's impound lot.

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"Much truth is said in jest"

The very best thing to do with Detroit is to split it off. Not to Canada, but to split it off as an independent international city state, much like the Brits did with Hong Kong a hundred years ago. Detroit has every advantage to make this work, an international airport, infrastructure, electrical grid, ports on the great lakes, and it's a border city. Split that albatross off from the USA, with a low tax, low regulation government, repatriated cash and investments would flow in from all over the world. Detroit has all it needs to become one of the greatest cities in the world. Or, I guess they could just let it rot and suck tax money from the rest of the country.


I'm all for that!



At least Canada will have 3 more sports teams and the Lions will either have to move or dissolve.


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are you aware

the last governor tried to RENT part of mich to canada
for help financing the new bridge?
We fought it,her term was up.now the new gov,did what she didn't get
there was a private contractor (the same one) who built the other bridge
who would have paid real money (not borrowed) from canada or the fed gov
he lost out,as the gov wanted it done their own way
so now,we will get a new bridge(funded by ones who might not ever use it)
and mich will be rented by canada,until the bill is paid for

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OH... have fun day :)

No I didn't know that but thanks for the info.

And no - I've never been married but I have a good excuse.

I forgot.

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

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my friend

you are very welcome,it is crappy what them gov's do
at our expense..IT MUST STOP

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)


I remember PA had a bill to annex Philly to NJ. It would be the best thing that happen to PA. Ever look at an election map in PA and you will see the Philly and Pitt decide every state election.

Crazy ideas bubble up to the top of my brain...

and I write them down.

Should I add something about the Windsor Casino offering the city as the grand prize in the 'Super Sevens' promotion August 23-24?

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

Thats funny as hell

You even got me to look it up.
Never know these days, sometimes its just easier and smarter to just give it away.

Windsor is the only Canadian city that looks north to the U.S.


so technically Detroit has always belonged to Canada and we were kind enough to let them keep it here.

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

Canada was last seen severing

Canada was last seen severing itself from the lower 48 and heading West, taking Alaska with it.

Southern Agrarian

Damn it!

Alaska's too young ta go off a gallavantin' with some other country. Where's ma shot gun!