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Proof that plane didn't hit Pentagon?

This is interesting. Can't wait for the naysayers to come out of the rug.


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Hey, guess what, our National

Hey, guess what, our National Committeeman from Maine, a guy WE Elected in Maine, the guy who ran for chair, Mark Willis - worked for INSCOM and the NSA in the DC area right before he moved to Maine and started working for Ron Paul. COINTELPRO anyone?

Oh, he just quit less than a week ago. And he took 6 state committeepeople with him.

Here's a link. To his wiki page.

you can click the INSCOM link


And read about Counter Intelligence
Threats have broadened to include threats from non-national or trans-national groups, including internal insurgents, organized crime,
and transnational based groups (often called "terrorists", but that is limiting).

Counterespionage goes beyond being reactive, and actively tries to subvert hostile intelligence services, by recruiting agents in the foreign service,
by discrediting personnel actually loyal to their own service, and taking away resources that would be useful to the hostile service.

You can swap in "Ron Paul Campaign" or "Liberty Movement" for "hostile service" and "state committeepeople" for "resources" and that pretty much describes what just happened with Willis.

I actually talked to Ben Swann a few weeks ago, decent talk 5-10 mins. I have a bunch of great 1080p footage he might like to see. I wonder what his take on all this would be. Especially since he's doing those shows now. An army intelligence infiltration and sabotage of the Ron Paul Campaign in Maine??? That's an interesting segment. Might violate Posse Comitatus? You know, Ron Paul really wanted to cut that military budget.


Thank you.

One of my favorite parts on that link is...

...the video that exposes the editing of the Pentagon footage where, when slowed down, you see the explosion at the Pentagon with the image of the "plane" still showing on the RIGHT side of the screen. Whoopsie.

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Totally bogus video.

Are you that gullible?
He points to a roof top and calls it the fuselage, lol:
Pent Plane
He also doesn't seem to have a clue the camera in question is for taking license plates, capturing one frame every 4 seconds. Then he blurs out the background to make it look like the roof top has moved.
Here is the actual fuselage location:
Pent Plane3
And just for reference, this is prior to the plane appearing:
Pent Plane2

Undo what Wilson did

A Face Who Acknowledges Betrayal

The general followed a path of acknowledgement that every HONEST American must eventually tread. His indignation near the end of the interview is very apropos. Kill the funding. Kill the military-industrial establishment. Kill the permanent bureaucracy in Washington, DC. Transfer the power back to the states and their respective peoples.

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Loose Change

is a good documentary that covers the Pentagon missle strike quite convincingly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsRm8M-qOjQ I pray to GOD that someday I can get one person to believe that 9-11 is lie. This is so frustrating. AAAAAHHHHHHH!

Actually it's not that hard.....

IF you can back up your claims with visuals like selected youtube clips. After viewing most still won't believe right away. But give it a few days to sink in. And then.....

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What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

Wait til you see the amazing PentaVAC

It's capable of taking an entire commercial airliner traveling at hundreds of miles per hour, and sucking it through a 16 foot hole in milliseconds. Isn't technology amazing?