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"Spy Rings" & "Snowdy" rolls: A German Baker's Ode to Snowden a Hero

This NSA probably already knows this, but a German bakery has responded to the mass surveillance scandal by devising a topical range of delicacies including "Spy Ring" doughnuts, "Snowdy" rolls, "Insider" muffins and "Facebrot" bread.

The "Snowdy" rolls are an homage to the whistleblower Edward Snowden who is something of a hero in Germany for having informed the public about the massive digital surveillance undertaken by the National Security Agency.

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Cashing in on the Dr. No's Donuts craze...


It was probably the pandas.



Dumb baker,

he should know that it takes many ingredients, time and timing to make great dough$$$. Salon.com, The Guardian and RTV already know this!