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The Rise Of The Bear: 18 Signs That Russia Is Rapidly Catching Up To The United States

The Rise Of The Bear: 18 Signs That Russia Is Rapidly Catching Up To The United States

By Michael Snyder, on August 7th, 2013

The Russian Bear is stronger and more powerful than it has ever been before. Sadly, most Americans don't understand this. They still think of Russia as an "ex-superpower" that was rendered almost irrelevant when the Cold War ended. And yes, when the Cold War ended Russia was in rough shape. I got the chance to go over there in the early nineties, and at the time Russia was an economic disaster zone. Russian currency was so worthless that I joked that I could go exchange a 20 dollar bill and buy the Kremlin. But since that time Russia has roared back to life. Once Vladimir Putin became president, the Russian economy started to grow very rapidly. Today, Russia is an economic powerhouse that is blessed with an abundance of natural resources. Their debt to GDP ratio is extremely small, they actually run a trade surplus every year, and they have the second most powerful military on the entire planet. Anyone that underestimates Russia at this point is making a huge mistake. The Russian Bear is back, and today it is a more formidable adversary than it ever was at any point during the Cold War.

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People Need to Re-Educate Themselves About Russia

The U.S. federal government was acting on it's own mis-information; fooling themselves and the american people (reference: ?I think it was in The Fog of War 2003 documentary?).

U.S.A. citizens are mis-informed and biased against seeing the negatives of their own country and the positive change of foreign nations, especially Russia.

It's nice to see this post; poking it's head up out of the mess of news.
Thanks for the post.

Russia is not "catching up"

Russia is not "catching up" to the United States as much as the United States is going backwards. And we've still got a long way to go before we reach Russia.

The US certainly has a long

The US certainly has a long way to go before it will have a trade surplus.