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Jeb Bush Makes Feeble Attempt To Score Political Points By Attacking Hollywood Hypocrite Matt Damon

Jeb Bush Makes Febble Attempt To Score Political Points By Attacking Hollywood Hypocrite Matt Damon

By Jonathan Easley - 08/07/13 03:14 PM ET

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) on Wednesday criticized actor Matt Damon, a vocal public-school advocate, for sending his children to private school.


Jeb Bush ✔ @JebBush
Matt Damon Refuses to Enroll Kids in Los Angeles Public Schools. Choice ok for Damon, why not everyone else? 6:41 PM - 5 Aug 2013


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Seems spot on to me.

The public schools aren't "progressive" enough for Mr. Damon? Seriously? Then what are they?... They certainly aren't conservative or libertarian.

the point is...

Jeb Bush may wear his a$$ for a hat, but that doesn't discredit his comment that Matt Damon is a hypocrite. He's right about that and he backed it up. I don't have a problem with Matt Damon placing his kids in private schools, but then he shouldn't talk about the virtues of public school out of the other side of his mouth (even if it was a while ago). Many public figures do this, including the a$$hat currently occupying the white house.

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin

Like Most Politicians, He Is A Political Opportunist Sociopath

Sure, Damon's comment about public education is indeed hypocritical, but Jeb Bush doesn't give a damn about the death of education in America. He and his family are no freaking good for nothing SCUM.

When I think of the Bush family, I can only visualize a giant pic of a"SKULL & CROSSBONES...

The Bush family bears nothing but evil for our nation. Their family tree bears no fruit. Any tree that bears no fruit should be thrown into a fire and burned..

"By their fruit YE shall know them" ~ Jesus The Christ

No doubt

No doubt...I agree completely. I'm not defending Jeb or any Bush. My point was simply that I don't mind someone/anyone calling out hypocrites like Matt Damon, even if it is a hypocrite doing it.

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin

The Bush family needs to

The Bush family needs to leave education discussion to others. They've already done enough damage.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

The Bush family needs to

be loaded into a boxcar, sent off to a domestic internment / resettlement camp, and ultimately squashed into a FEMA coffin.

What would the Founders do?

I Have No use For That Family

Prescott Bush,(Attempted to bribe Major General Smeadly Butler in the overthrow F.D.R administration) G.H.W. Bush,( Better know as "POPPY")for being the drug harvesting czar for the ILLUMINATI & SKULL & BONES; George Dubya Bush (War Criminal, 911 MURDERER, A drug and Alcohol Abuser; Neil Bush, Heavily involved in The Lincoln Saving & Loan Scandal, along with John Mccain who escaped prosecution; Marvin Bush In Charge of security of the TWIN TOWERS (Ran cover or enabled the proper placement of military grade explosives to bring the 2 towers down, DEMOLITION STYLE.)

All 'DISGUSTING' killers in my book!!

Comment bump!

: )

What would the Founders do?

The Illuminati Brought The Modern Day Education System

to America in the early 1800's...Bring back the "McGuffie Readers"

Or move forward with Ron Paul's curriculum!

Not back to a Prussian protocol.

Free includes debt-free!

Good, short read:

The Leipzig Connection:
Sabotage of the US Educational System
by Paolo Lionni

What would the Founders do?

Is Jeb also calling for...

...congress to NOT be exempt from Obama-care?

The Silence Is Deafing!

Crickets churping..