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Organized attacks on Ron and Rand in HP comments section

The establishment must really be worried, for the assaults now seem to be coming from all sides at once. Cheney, Rove, Christie, MSNBC, and now newly created internet entities, all seemingly speaking with the same voice, flooding the comment section with anti-Paul comments.


One doesn't expect the HP to be friendly turf but this does seem extreme. Or is it HP blocking favorable comments as well?

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Shades of things to come

Both parties will attack Rand and Ron at every chance, the parasites don't easily release from the host.

Huffington Post and Raw Story

Censor comments HEAVILY, and in the case of Raw Story, will ban people on account they disagree with the herd.

First hand experience.

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

Agreed. I have had almost all

Agreed. I have had almost all of my comments rejected on HP.

I admire those of you who are willing to wade in to HuffPuff

I cant do it. It's exhausting. I often think that if there are people that can be reached there, it's going to have to be through gentle changing of their understanding. It's my belief that those that live on the HP are so steeped in the media propaganda that their brains are pickled in the kool-ade. And, I used to be a democrat once upon a time. But I don't understand these people.

It's not impossible to reach them, but it will take great patience and the careful cultivating of basic liberty ideas for any seeds begin to take root.

Good luck to you

No joke

There are DEF something fishy in the HP comments. Was a Liberal Democrat before I came across Ron Paul, and I saw eye to eye on A LOT of issues discussed by Dr. Paul. Even during OWS Liberals were hoping Dr. Paul would win. Of course infiltration turned that on its head which is why I would not be surprised if the same tactic is going on in the HP.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

yes, i agree

i don't post much there anymore (it is exhausting & time consuming), but more these days i just take a look to see the different ways they represent news compared to drudge, mostly night and day, but occasionally i'm surprised. back when i did post there a lot i actually brought a couple progressives more in line with libertarian thinking. one youngster went out of his way thanking me for showing him the truth; how that one got by the mods is a mystery.

Can't see HuffPuff without thinking of this

Smiley face

Guess we know who Witchipoo is.

LOL H.R. Pufnstuf

Yeah I've got some fond memories of the magic flute, witchy poo, and stupid bat.

However, when I say Huff Puff, I am thinking big bad wolf. Huff and Puff and blow your house in.

But thanks for the picture!

It is paid pro Israeli

It is paid pro Israeli shills. Hasbarists. Young people paid to punish whom ever dares to separate America's agenda from Israel's.

I've noticed this in other places

The vitriol doesn't make sense. Is it a financed attack? The Federal government pays students to post positive facebook comments about Obamacare. Paying for comments is an open practice.

I also noticed this earlier.

I use Huffington Post regularly. I know there is a general anti-Ron & Rand bias. But I agree with your observation that this seems more than the usual.

They had two different

They had two different Ron Paul stories on the front page on the same day. I'm sure they never did that even during the height of the last campaign.

HP Liberals

HP Liberals have a visceral hatred of Rand Paul, which bodes well for his chances should he choose to run in 2016.

you can't put them all in one basket

i've posted there and found a number of liberals of the dennis kucinish variety who like ron paul too. there are many mindless haters for sure, and i have had posts blocked simply because the mod had an agenda. believe it or not there are even some libertarians who comment there. a prez run should attract people from all parties.

I post there a lot as well

There was and is a certain amount of sympathy for Ron Paul, but Rand Paul threads are filled with negative comments. The only time I've had comments deleted were on threads about Israel.

Dude, it's Huffington Post.

They are progressive extremists. When Zimmerman saved the family from the wreck they were livid. Just ignore them.


to that.

These are the same folks that believe Obama is just swell and nothing is wrong...

Clueless. Dimwits. Yuck.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul