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U.S. Gov't Claims Responsibility for Terrorist Attack Inside Yemen that Leaves 7 Dead.

US drone strikes kill seven alleged al-Qaida members in Yemen

Attack in Shabwa province comes days after US government says intelligence showed increase in terrorist 'chatter'

"US efforts to decapitate the leadership of al-Qaida in the Arabian peninsula have resulted in the deaths of many civilians, yet there is no certainty as to who the targets really are," commented Christina Hellmich of Reading University. "The membership of AQAP remains unknown while the deaths worsen the problems for the US in the region, by supporting the political legitimacy of the jihadis as they struggle to establish a position in the contested state."


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The thing is, there is NO

The thing is, there is NO proof of them being terrorists, yet again we are forced to take them at their word, i often wonder, if the targets are folks who are OUR counterpart in the muslim world, those who understand what it means to have freedom, and that their only crime is disagreing with "ptb".......i make no claim to that being the case, but seing what our government is willing to do and more importantly JUSTIFY, well, i most certainly would not dismiss it off hand......thats what happens when they cease to hold value in trust