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The Riddle Of The "ANGEL Priest": Holy Man Appeared From Nowhere To Pray For Trapped Girl, Then DISAPPEARS - VIDEO

The Riddle Of The "ANGEL Priest": Holy Man Appeared From Nowhere To Pray For Trapped Girl, Then DISAPPEARS - VIDEO

PUBLISHED: 21:31 EST, 7 August 2013 | UPDATED: 05:43 EST, 8 August 2013

Pinned inside her mangled Mercedes, seriously injured and fading fast, Katie Lentz turned to her rescuers on the lonely open stretch of Missouri highway and asked them to pray.

Struck head-on by a drunk driver on Sunday morning, emergency workers had been battling for an hour and a half to free Lentz, but to no avail.

But as they joined hands a Catholic priest appeared, even though there were no bystanders and the road was blocked, who offered a prayer and an instruction to the rescuers that they would now be able to free her.

Suddenly, heavy equipment needed to cut through the metal arrived from a nearby town and Lentz was pulled from the wreck in time to be saved - but when they turned to thank the priest, he was gone.

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And in Oklahoma after the

And in Oklahoma after the bomb went off, a couple guys appeared to save someone and then ran off and disappeared never to be seen again.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Hastings Death

Head on collision and the car did not explode? Instant explosion must be a new option provided by Benz. I guess Hastings had that option installed at the dealership prior to his explosion, courtesy of the NSA. (nanny state a$$hats)

Holy Man

My sister crashed off a highway at night in napa california and was penned in her car and out of view from the road, She is was a Buddhist, A robed monk apperred on the road and seemed to glow he waved down passing motorist who noticed my sisters car They went for help< no cell phones, and when they returned the monk was gone.
If you are Catholic you get a priest if Buddhist a monk, as long as the universe is good with you.

Tasers are Torture, Deism.com

not surprising, and, no, nobody will ever find him--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--