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Join the Unplugged Rebellion?

I've enjoyed my time with modern technology. It has provided me an ease of communication with friends, a source of enjoyment and entertainment, and has even been the medium through which I have met my wife.

But if my rights are going to be trampled upon by the government, then I have no recourse other than to eliminate this means of intrusion from my life.

If I am not online, the government can not track my searches. If I do not write emails, the government can not skim them. If I do not make cellular telephone calls, the government has a harder time ease dropping on my communications (I am aware that land lines can be tapped, but this is much harder to intercept). The government does not need access to what I watch, what I play, or whom I communicate with. I will also be forced to refrain from watching television, as digital boxes are now capable of recording history data, and analog television is no longer an option. I will resort to purchasing DVD's with cash for my entertainment. I will use cash for every purchase, and I will pay my bills via check or money order.

I have nothing to hide from the government, but, unlike corporations, I do not recall consenting to a use of terms agreement with them.

I would love for many of you to join me in this act of rebellion. I will remain online for the remainder of this evening for any discussion with this thread, but as of midnight tonight, I will be the first member of the

Unplugged Rebellion.

I will gain my knowledge from paper sources sold at news stands. I will enjoy more time with my wife, playing cards, puting together puzzles, etc. I will enjoy classic video games that do not require access to the internet. I hate to sound like some backwoods "end of times" zealot who bunkers in his home with canned goods, and I don't intend to live that way, but I simply want to step back a few decades, to a place where it was not possible for the government to track your every move (via cell phone GPS).

I'm sure this will not be the method you all choose. Internet and connectivity are an addiction, but this addiction is being taken advantage of by the powers that be.

For anyone who makes the same choice that I am, consider this. In 1990 there was no internet (not a world wide accessable one). There were no cell phones (not like there are today). There was no email (save for the occasional military or office network). 50% of the country still did not have cable television, and lived with only 3-4 channels they could watch via analog waves. And yet, we survived, and we were happy (and I was only 8 years old at the time).

This is not a huge leap back to the stone ages, but merely, less than a quarter century to a return of life not monitored by the government. Surely it would be possible to find fun and fulfillment living in 1990.

This is my personal rebellion. This is my Unplugged Rebellion. If I do not partake in the technology, the government can not step on my rights.

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pretty hard to do that

but I see nothing wrong with making it harder for "them". If I ever go offline, it will be extreme. Good luck and please have someone post updates on how it is going.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

Life without technology limits ones abilities.

To communicate, to learn, and to be productive. It also limits ones ability to give back, inspire and contribute to to the planet beyond mere survival. I have live in the Caribbean on the beach. Paradise can quickly became a prison when you are unable to do the above.

But as Timothy Leary said, "Tune in, turn on and drop out".

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

Adapt and evolve.

Increase your use and knowledge of technology rather than to discard it. Learn how to operate with anonymity beyond the reach of the criminal surveillance state. This is the future. Evolve.

Great Idea.

But, how will you stay informed? Those of us working to change this intrusion need everyone to stay in touch. The more information shared is a thorn in the beasts ass.

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"If I do not partake in the technology, the government can not step on my rights."

I would disagree.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

I unplugged from tv 40 years ago, before you were . . .


you are young enough to be my child--close to the age of one of my children--

I've never had a cell phone.

I know the computer is one place where I am vulnerable.

I think you have a right to make these kinds of decisions for yourself, and I won't condemn or mock you--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


And if you don't work, they can't steal your money. If you don't drive, they can't hold you for ransom on their roads. If you don't smoke pot, they can't kidnap you. If you're not alive, you can't be their slave.

You'd better not use the mail either, it's all photographed and stored. Better get rid of your bank account, too. You're just taking yourself out of the fight.

Ted Kaczynski started the unplugged revolution. It's nothing new. Deprive yourself of the single greatest tool for acquiring knowledge comes to the detriment of only yourself.

There are ways to mitigate your worries as has been outlined in 'opt out of prism.' But the logical conclusions to your mode of thinking are fundamentally flawed, imo.

While I disagree, best of luck to you.

You won't...

be able to escape the tech. Once they have drones or just simply have a back door to all cameras they will know who you are and be able to track you. They have facial recognition software that can identify you instantly and microphones that can reach out and listen.

There will be no way out of the tracking. You can make it harder but once the plan in is full effect I don't think you will be untraceable.

We have to work to stop it, not hide from it.

If you are not at the table, you are on the table....

Being aware of the state of the affairs is important in any war. Opting out of modern technology may not be the best way to go. I enjoy my garden, I like my chickens, and our family enjoys board games too.

I also enjoy doing research without having to go the library. I think opting out may have some benefits for children, but to go off grid because there is a bully out there is not the right approach.
As a child growing up, momma always told me not to run from bullies cause they will not quit. We must fight, get the word out and expose these criminals for what they are. Once you give them a good punch in the nose they will learn not to mess with you. If you turn a blind eye, next thing you know they will be parking outside your house and placing cameras or better yet an Obumer community organizer to keep tabs on you.

Yes we should secure our communications and reduce the ability for them to spy, but to completely go dark is what Nelson Cockafeller wants you to do as he said that the internet should never have been created

We need more people talking and waking up.

If i'm out of the loop

Then the governmen really doesn't know where i am at in the loop.


Point being is that the whole idea of covering tracks, getting out of the loop, unplugging is "f"ing BS. We should not have to take these measures at all. Maybe we all need to become spy experts and stop working, everyone just pull up to the alphabet soup agencies and start following them around, recording them, follow their wives and children to school and the store. We can just become one nation of spys looking at each other. Maybe the Internal Robbery system will grant us a 503c non profit exemption and we can all live off of the QE infinity....................

I am a member of the "spend

I am a member of the "spend 25% of your paycheck on books" rebellion.
Much more expensive than paying a cable bill, let me tell you...

Southern Agrarian

I've had similar thoughts....

...but I'm more concerned with how Libertyfolk can keep in touch and organize via "old-fashioned" means. Too many people rely on the internet and cell / smart phones for all comms these days. Younger people than myself grew up with these amenities and seem to believe they will exist unhindered forever.

I was talking with a good friend--whom I just recently discovered was actually "awake" to the Great Conspiracy Against Human Freedom--and it occurred to me: remember when we were kids and young adults and used to have whole lists of friends' phone numbers memorized? Addresses, too, in many cases? Now we typically don't even memorize friends' numbers, due to contact books / lists in our gadgets (Save for just a few, I know I don't). WTF? This is BAD. (I know many phones store those "on board", too, but if devices can be blanket hacked or their memories erased... yikes.)

Yeah, we can all get on the DP, for example, and say "We're IN", but if the internet got kill-switched off or all cell comms were shut down, then what? (And I know many here are smart enough to organize with their neighbors, etc., so pay my lamentations no heed if that's how you roll...).

And this sorta shit was as predictable as a sunrise:

What would the Founders do?

Did not even think about that

you are correct. I used to know all my family members and friends phone numbers by heart. Now I can barely remember my wife's, I just say her name and my phone calls her. I will have to begin to commit these to memory. This is why I wanted to stay connected for the remainder of the day. I know DP folks can think of things that I didn't to better prepare.

Thanks for your post, btw!

It is interesting... by putting down things digital, virtual, etc. one can "return" to things more real. And definitely the efficacy of the spying shit can be at least somewhat curtailed. (I still use a "stupid" phone instead of a smart one so I can remove the battery when talking with people about certain things--LOL! Guess I'm paranoid!)

Go online at the library or somewhere to drop by the DP, and tell us how things are going!

What would the Founders do?

I have been toying with this idea

and though I am no longer a TV Viewer and while I don't own a cell phone, I do have a company issued cell phone. I have started to think about how you could arrange a life free of all this...

For electronic communication (email) I have tried Tor Browser for searching and "anonimization" but I am not sure how good that is if the provider is just going to "rat" you out. This might work for watching Youtube in an anonymous session, but as soon as you log into any service... they have you.

When I learned (here at the DP) about how a properly set up wireless tablet could read credit card numbers when passing within a few feet... I purchased a set of metal wallets and distributed them to my family.

Even though my cell phone does not directly identify me, I am still thinking I need some sort of enclosure that I can use to hold my phone that will isolate it, and simply remove and power on the phone when absolutely needed.

I have considered running my own email server at home... but the NSA will still see at least 1/2 of all my communications, so that is not a true solution.

The only way I see that this will end is

1) Congress grows a set and undoes all this snooping at least in USA.
2) If people start unsubscribing to all these services en masse.

If people started unsubscribing AND TOLD THE PROVIDERS WHY, then I think the providers would kick back more... and hey, the providers represent "Corporate America"... they own the Gov't anyway, they would fix it out of self interest... maybe. I dunno.

Still thinking...

I agree

And as previous commenter said, how would we connect with DP and like minded? Same way we all did prior to the internet. Word of mouth and town meetings.

Then you will need

to stay informed by publications. Hmmm, what newspaper do you rely on for the truth? You can listen to the radio and only get Jones and a minority of others that are saying anything. I find this forum the best place to get all the info needed on a daily basis. If you subscribe to any publication, don't you think your put on a list? You can become a mirror of Grizzly Adams I suppose and hide. Remember. The internet is what woke many up. It is still doing it now. Our parents relied on the 6 o'clock news and the newsprint. See what it did to this country? Last point, that is what they want you to do, cower and hide.

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