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BizWk: Rand Paul on Republicans' Voter Appeal and the Federal Reserve

By Joshua Green August 08, 2013

How seriously are you thinking about the White House?

At this point we’re thinking about ways to grow the Republican Party and won’t make any decision about whether that involves me running or not for about a year. But I am very serious about making the party more inclusive, making it a party where every ethnic group is welcome. That includes trying to grow our party within the working class. I am going to attempt over the next year or so to expand that appeal to people who I call the not-yet-haves—not the have-nots, but the not-yet-haves—to show them that we are the party of opportunity.

And what’s going to be a part of that strategy?

The origins of the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street movement really had some commonality, and that commonality was that government shouldn’t bail out Big Business. It has been a part of the early message of the Tea Party, but the Republican Party hasn’t captured that message. The average guy who’s working class is not real excited about paying taxes and sending it out to bail out a guy who makes $100 million a year. And so I think the Republican message should be that we treat people the same whether you’re a small business person, a working-class guy, or a big bank on Wall Street.

More: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2013-08-08/rand-paul-on...

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