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"Satire" Chris Christie changing parties and running as Democrat next election

Anyone as shocked as I am? (not)

BREAKING: NJ Chris Christie Will Seek Re-election As Democrat

In a stunning move, NJ Chris Christie announced to a group of supporters with former President Clinton that he would seek reelection in 2014 as a democrat. The move comes after months of odd behavior from the former NJ republican.

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It may be "political satire" but I believe it will happen.

I never will forget NATIONAL LAMPOON's article on "future predictions," published in the late 1970s. One of them was "Lisa Marie Presley marries Michael Jackson".

am i wrong or did Christie endorse obama last election??

was that a dream?

I believe this is political

I believe this is political satire.

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"Satire" often reeks the

"Satire" often reeks the truth.

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"Political Satire" at end of article

might want to include satire in the title

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This a joke

I'm pretty sure

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