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Crowd Erupts In Thunderous Applause When Presented with Resolution to Replace Lindsey Graham

[Ben Swann] Posted by Joshua Cook | August 7, 2013

"On Aug. 5, 2013, in Greenville, S.C. a resolution supporting the replacement of Senator Lindsey Graham was presented at the county GOP executive committee meeting which resulted in spontaneous applause."

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"One republican attending the meeting said, “it is the responsibility of all republicans to defend the platform, and speak out, and then take action to replace any republican who consistently votes contrary THEIR PARTY PLATFORM.”

...it should say " ...any Republican that votes contrary to the U.S. Constitution." I say "F" the party platform.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

How they say it properly in the South

We’re fixin’ to show you what a whuppin’ is all about!
You’ve been in the ‘ignorant oil’ too long!

too many libertarian's

too many libertarian's challenging graham on the republican ticket will lead to losing the primary.

If you want to replace lindsey graham, you have to unite behind 1 alternative to him in the primary. the Libertarian/Conservative vote will be split between too many candidates to unseat him. The math is simple. Who will be the candidate? If I remember properly, Lee Bright ran in the Libertarian Party?

I have nothing against him, but I think Nancy Mace may be a better option being in a military family and attended the Citadel. She can piss all over graham ... how about the first female senator from SC?

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South Carolina has runoff elections if no one gets over 50%
Ron Paul, Steve Stockman, Thomas Massie, Ted Cruz, and I believe Justin Amash, all went to Congress by winning 20%-49% or less in the primary, sometimes coming in second, and then winning the runoff outright.

the more the merrier!

Don't need to replace him...

Need to eliminate the position.

he and strom

make a wonderful couple

The Egyptians Let me down

The Egyptians Let me down when they let little cyndi and mean ole johnny leave.


Liberty = Responsibility

Do you remember that wonderful clean feeling?

Do you remember that wonderful, clean feeling you had when you went to the poll and voted for Dr. Paul? It's going to feel almost that good when I get to vote against that no-good, egg-sucking, communist, rat-bastard Lindsey Graham in the primary. Lee Bright supported Ron Paul. Nuff said.

String him up

NOTE to Overlord Monitors: The previous statement is intended to function as a popular phrase expressing support for the lawful removal of Sen. Graham from office, and not a literal incitement to physical violence in any shape, form or manner.

This does not rule out any potential future lawful indictment, conviction, and public execution of Sen. Graham and others like him for willful abandonment of his oath of office and Treason against the Constitution and Bill of Rights.


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Lindsey Graham=SCUM

Lindsey Graham=SCUM

South Carolina's Useless Maggot?

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