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Need Help with Second Grade Homeschool Curriculum

So we wish to homeschool our daughter this year as last year she wasn't challenged academically at all. I've been doing some research on a curriculum but I would like to hear from everyone who has homeschooled or anyone who has any insight.

I have Singapore Math which we have been doing over the summer and she is grasping really well so we'll stick with that. Her reading is exceptional, she's 7 and reads 200 page chapter books all day (I have to tell her to put the books down).

I was thinking of integrating a spelling plan, history, grammar, and a science plan as well.

Math is Singapore Math.

History is going to be: http://www.amazon.com/The-Story-World-Classical-Earliest/dp/...

Spelling: ? (I've researched a lot but each one seems to have its lovers and haters)

Grammar: ? (Don't really know of any good 2nd grade grammar)

Science: ? (This is tricky because we aren't a Christian household. Many of the great science programs are Christian based. I wouldn't mind skipping over the Bible stuff but sometimes it's much too integrated.)

What has everyone tried?
Any good resources for the parents?
She is very social and I worry about her not having as many friends, and not being a Christian household the great resources that Christian homeschoolers have in regards to social interaction and co-ops are lacking. Any thoughts not raising a hermit?

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There is a VAST difference...

There is a vast difference between teaching about religion and teaching religion.

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Yes there is.

Yes there is.

Columbus, Ohio

Anybody in central Ohio

Anybody in central Ohio homeschooling?

Columbus, Ohio

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We send our kids to Highland Latin School in Louisville, KY. We are very pleased with their curriculum. For 2nd grader, the school works on spelling, math, geography, cursive writing, and Latin. The school also teaches Bible stories and scriptures. But it does not push students to judge things with Christian values only. It does a very good job to leave that to parents.

My daughter just finished her 3rd grade and is going on 4th grade. The school website is thelatinschool.org. It gets to be very well known after one of the spelling bee winner used their book for study. Contact me if you are interested.

Reading and Comprehension

are the foundation

Look-See Reading Method vs. Phonics
How Psychologists Have Destroyed Reading Ability

* My son doesn't read super

* My son doesn't read super well yet.

How old is he?

How old is he?

My daughter used hooked on phonics when she was 3 about to be 4 to learn how to read. The computer training through games was great. 30 mins a day that's it.

Her 1st grade teacher asked how she learned to read so young and so well now. I told her HOP and she, a young teacher, said "HOP, like from when we were kids?" I said yes. She said, "oh, Mmmkay." With a dismissive tone. I offered to loan it her. She didn't want it.

Columbus, Ohio

Please share your

Please share your homeschooling daily schedules too.

Columbus, Ohio

I would suggest

Spelling Power for spelling. Get the $4 booklet that goes with it. It is the only book you'll need and goes up to college level words. I use it with three of my kids, I just buy the booklets that contain the 10 step procedure. It's five minutes for you and about 15 for them and you're done.

I like the Shurley English for grammar at that age. It features jingles that help them remember their parts of speech. My son doesn't read super good yet, but he can pick the parts of speech out of a sentence becuase of this program.

As a Christian and a former chem major, I really enjoy Apologia - it's super hard core. I would probably just pick an area like plants, geology, etc. and get a lot of books from the library on that topic, since she's a super fast reader.

There may be a secular homeschool group in your area. I do know that the Christian co-ops I've been apart of do not require a statement of faith, but do make you acknowledge that you know you are entering a Christian co-op. I would say try the Girl Scouts, but they are really getting heavy duty NWO - that's one of the reasons we quit. When she gets to be 4th grade, she can do 4-H.
This is an issue we've been dealing with also since we moved.


It is noble to teach oneself, but still nobler to teach others--and less trouble.
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For in just a couple years

For in just a couple years, don't miss to check out their content :


And/or also (wouldn't be surprised it were a Daily Pauler's WWW-corner :)


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Well assuming we'll still have a people-made WWW by then that is

Well, assuming we'll still have a people-made WWW by then, that is...


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Yeah. I can't wait for that.

Yeah. I can't wait for that. I should look into it myself to brush up!

Columbus, Ohio

Let her read what she wants

Let her read what she wants to, fiction, historical fiction, she's a CHILD not a college student, if she reads what she likes, and likes what she reads, before you no it, she will be smarter than a college student.

Are you saying that you are afraid of her becoming friends with Christians? if so why?

Ron Paul on his son Rand Paul:
"he does a lot of things similarly, but I think he does everything better. Than I have done over the years,"

Good heavens!

"before you NO it" ????

And this, on a thread discussing education. Criminy!

Where did I say I was afraid

Where did I say I was afraid of her being friends with Christians? I hope you're not trying to be insulting because it came off that way.

Columbus, Ohio

It was a question, I was not

It was a question, I was not trying to be insulting but this confused me:
"and I worry about her not having as many friends, and not being a Christian household the great resources that Christian homeschoolers have in regards to social interaction and co-ops are lacking."

the way you worded it made me think you were trying to avoid Christian groups, I truly am sorry if I offended you.

Ron Paul on his son Rand Paul:
"he does a lot of things similarly, but I think he does everything better. Than I have done over the years,"

I am trying to avoid

I am trying to avoid Christian groups that's are almost totally about Christianity. The Christian social groups are fine. I probably worded it poorly.

Columbus, Ohio

13 years homeschooling thus far...

Spelling and Vocabulary: Keep her reading, reading, reading.

Grammar: Check out Shurley Grammar: https://www.shurley.com/?15a765833b0f8c4c13970c16ee7b

Science: Check out Apologia: http://www.apologia.com/index.asp?proc=pg&pg=87 [Christian based - excellent].

Check out what your library offers online. Our library offers a free foreign language program (called Mango) as well as free computer use courses and language arts based curriculum (spelling, grammar, vocabulary).

Microsoft offers a free online course: http://www.microsoft.com/about/corporatecitizenship/us/commu...

Check out free college courses called Google, "Open Courseware" (for higher grades).

If you keep going through high school (highly recommended) make sure you know what your state's graduation requirements are (required courses and credit hours).

MOST IMPORTANTLY --> enjoy your baby-girl. Spend gobs of time outside exploring, talking, looking for what interests her and feeding that passion. You will never regret it.

PS. We never participated in co-ops. We enjoyed the freedom to take mid week field trips, go hiking, do science labs at our own pace at home, etc. Didn't see the need to be controlled by other people's schedules, etc. Too much like institutional schooling.

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So you never had any specific

So you never had any specific spelling instruction? Every homeschooling curriculum has one but
I was wondering if its totally necessary. I always learned how to spell through reading and phonics.

Apologia is frequently recommended for science. Is it very Christian based?

The library thing is a great idea. I'll check it out ;)

The co-ops seem like I would get annoyed quickly by them too.

Thanks for the insight.

Columbus, Ohio

I've homeschooled my kids, 10

I've homeschooled my kids, 10 & 8 from the beginning. I guess we follow a loose Classical style. We've always used Singapore for math with both kids and found it to be excellent. Glad it works for you too!

For History we read from Story of the World (which has a Christian perspective), use Usborne and Kingfisher reference books and read books related to whichever time period we're studying. We tackle geography by finding/labeling places we're learning about on maps. For reading, the kids read books at their levels relating to what we're doing together. Sonlight curriculum and searching Classical Conversations sources provide great reading lists.

I use Shurley English for grammar. It seems to cover everything I want it too, with the bonus that it's all scripted. You just open the book and go, but can still be modified for your own needs (I skip things I know my child is proficient at). I amazed at my kids' abilities to label parts of sentences and the writing assignments are very straight forward. We play lots of Mad Libs for fun:)

For Science, we are trying Noeo this year. I hear you about the over abundance of Christian Science curriculums. Noeo is from a Christian perspective, but other than the instructor's guide, the resources seem pretty secular to me (Magic School Bus science kits).

We use Sequential Spelling. I don't have much more to say than it works fine for us.

As far as socially, look for the secular or inclusive groups out there. They exist. One very large co-op that we were a part of began due to several moms that had children with life threatening allergies. Not everyone homeschooling does it for religious reasons...obviously! In many of the places we've lived, I've found HS groups that just did field trips and other get togethers. if you cant find something that fits your family's needs, go and create it, start a Meet Up, start a Facebook page. I guarantee there's someone else out there in you area in your same situation. i'm amazed daily how many of us are stepping up to the responsibility of educating our children. Best of luck to you!

Noeo looks interesting. Did

Noeo looks interesting. Did you just get the Bio one? I see there's chemistry and physics too? What did you use for science before?

SS is highly recommended too.


Columbus, Ohio

We're actually doing Physics

We're actually doing Physics 2, pulling up the 8 year old, so as to not to do "baby science," as my daughter would say. We really have't done a formal science curriculum, just experiments, projects and library books relating to whatever we were studying at the time. I've always emphasized the scientific method and really liked how Noeo just kind of formalizes what we've already been doing. And it keeps me from having to track down all the resources. I just felt it was time to be a little more legit going into "middle school" level stuff.

Forgot to mention before...a great resource for used home school materials is Homeschoolclassifieds.com. I've purchased quite a bit from sellers there and have yet to have any issues.

Try this

Start googling for homeschool groups or homeschool activities

In Michigan we have many local groups. Sure most may be Christian'ish but if you're looking for social outlets you can find them and they're typically not about Jesus, but more about zoos, museums, play-dates etc.

Also look into local Karate/Martial Arts schools - you get to meet new parents and your daughter learns a valuable life skill. (might be good for you too ?)

Check out "Oak Meadow"

Please look into unschooling. Curriculum can drain a child's

desire to learn faster than about anything.

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

Curriculum can do that if it is used unwisely

by the parent. Unschooling can result in no education if a parent relies it without discernment. I have seen that happen, too.

Well, I'm not too keen on "education" which is really just

another word for indoctrination.

A child raised in a loving family with no education is still infinitely better off than a child schooled using John Dewey's methods.

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

Beware of Common Core

I hear that this socialist education program known as Common Core will also affect home schoolers. You may be stuck using texts that teach the Common Core junk and will need to deprogram your kids from that nonsense. Also be aware that the SAT is being rewritten to be Common Core centric. So even if you get your kids a good education they will need to know the BS of Common Core to do well on the SAT.

Fight Common Core in your state!

visit OhioansAgainstCommonCore.com for some scary info on this "redikulus" (misspelled on purpose) program.