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Serious question..Why would a libertarian vote Richard Cash over Nancy Mace in 2014?

As you know, the biggest election for the libertarians next year is the one that involves Lindsey Graham.

Richard Cash has been officially running for 4 months. He has $275,000 of cash on hand (but $200,000 of that is his own money).

Nancy Mace was the latest to announce; announced this past Saturday. In 5 days she has already raised $55,000.

There is a third, unannounced, libertarian-Republican.

Nancy Mace has clearly shown she's very receptive to the liberty movement. She's mentioned Ron Paul's name in the past as someone to learn from, and has clearly stated she wants to represent the tea party and liberty movement (much like Rand Paul), and her platform clearly aligns with Rand Paul's.

Cash has a very concerning foreign policy background because of his past. Obviously people can change, but the foreign policy platform on his website is very grey. In the fact that he's very careful not to rule out his neocon ways, but careful not to sound too interventionist as not to lose the "Rand Paul Republicans". THAT IS VERY CONCERNING. I have no confidence that he would stand up to pressure from the military industrial complex. Also his very hardcore social conservative views of using force and coercion, is not liberty-minded. Even Rand Paul says, you can be socially conservative but also be a libertarian. Cash didn't get that memo.

So here's my question... how could any self-proclaimed libertarian vote Cash over the other options? This is not a question to mock somebody. I really want to know.

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Or was the pro-Richard cash

Or was the pro-Richard cash article I saw on here the other day just an exception?