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My Back to Eden Garden!

Just my experiment with the Back to Eden Gardening technique that seems to be working pretty good. No water, No pesticides, No crop rotations. I did use some Fish Emulsion fertilizer on it but other than that and the mulch it has done great. Have a look and let me know what you think.


Check out the documentary at www.backtoedenfilm.com if you want more information.

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Thanks for posting

The book Plowman's Folly covers some similar ideas.


Add to that the laws of Land Sabbath and Jubilee and you're really on to something.

this video was absolutely life changing

The back to eden method is incredible. Funny thing is that I was ready to buy an 8 HP tiller yesterday and backed out because it needed work to till our 5000-10k square foot garden area. After watching the returntoeden.com video, i'm going to add 3" of biomass instead and use a rake. I know a guy down the street who cuts down trees about 2 miles away, I traded some bulldozer work years ago to grade his huge piles into his loam. I already have ads on craigslist to get wood-chips.

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Back to Eden Gardens

I did both of my 20ft X 40ft gardens and some raised beds this year in the back to Eden method. I'm never tilling again! Everything is growing great, rarely need any water other than the rainfall. Weeding is 100% easier, I wish I had been doing this method for the last 15 years that I've been a gardener. If this method isn't working for someone they are doing something very wrong.

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Same here.

This experience has changed the way I garden forever. Even with my non edibles!

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nice garden


I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

Great song!

Never heard of him before.

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First let me say congrats on your garden. And thanks for the link to that video. I LOVED it! Already passed it on. I've known about the woodchip mulch idea but haven't seen it explained as well as this video does. The fact that you haven't watered amazes me. Didn't know it could help reduce or even eliminate watering which is a huge chore. I already know how important good soil structure and mulch is, but this has added a whole new dimension and I can't wait to put it into action. I'm like you, have raised beds, but that's because my garden gets very boggy. I'm also very fortunate to have found someone who will give me free cow poo from grass-fed cows. Keep us posted as you expand your garden, as I have no doubt you'll do. I started with 3 raised beds and now have 8 and looking to make more.

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Thank you for your kind words!

I'll definitely keep you posted. I have really enjoyed having it but I am moving next spring so I will be redoing everything on a larger scale with fruit trees included. Ill try and keep a more accurate log of how things are going once that gets started.

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