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Courts Quietly Confirm MMR Vaccine Causes Autism

After decades of passionate debate, parents probably missed the repeated admissions by drug companies and governments alike that vaccines do in fact cause autism. For concerned parents seeking the truth, it’s worth remembering that the exact same people who own the world’s drug companies also own America’s news outlets. Finding propaganda-free information has been difficult, until now.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield
At the center of the fifteen-year controversy is Dr. Andrew Wakefield of Austin, Texas. It was Dr. Wakefield that first publicized the link between stomach disorders and autism, and taking the findings one step further, the link between stomach disorders, autism and the Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) vaccine.

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From what I remember when

From what I remember when this story came out, only the MMR vaccine was the one with links to autism. When the measles, mumps, and ruebella vaccines were separate, the risk was much much lower.

I have not heard a good enough explanation about why one needs

I have not heard a good enough explanation about why one needs to be vaccinated. I have heard a lot of simple arguments but nothing concrete. If the vaccines are effective then why are children not being allowed to attend school unless they are vaccinated? Another question people should ask themselves if they believe wholeheartedly in vaccinating are they current on their vaccine schedule? Most vaccines require "booster" shots and do not carry a promise of a lifetime of protection. If anyone has time I would suggest reading "Vaccines are they really safe and effective?" by Neil Z. Miller. The book is full of studies and statistics. Just like labor unions like to take credit for improved labor conditions, pro-vaccine people like to credit vaccines with lowering the risk of certain diseases. The fact of the matter is the numbers where already dropping as sanitary conditions were getting better.

Had the measles and mumps in my youth

Can't remember the measles, but I can definitely remember the mumps. Only one side of my jaw swelled up, but it was quite uncomfortable. I also had the chicken pox. No one called the CDC or hazmat either. It was treated as quite normal and expected. Very few people did not experience these diseases and it was kind of known that it might lead to complications down the road if you didn't. Not that I'm an expert, but I do recall hearing adults allude to it being better to get these things out of the way.

I can't say that I'm a big fan of the MMR or now MMRV vaccines. I think we are endangering future generations through what appear to be good intentions. What happens when our natural means of fighting VERY COMMON diseases is erased? We become dependent upon Big Pharma to supply what once was created naturally.

Can't say I'm against all vaccines, but diseases like Measles, Mumps, and Chicken Pox are mostly inconveniences if dealt with early in life (and you're relatively healthy). I think there is good evidence that contracting these diseases early helps the immune system as well (not in all cases).

I saw a Science Channel (or like, can't recall) program a few years ago that discussed the roles of viruses in life and evolution that suggested that viruses play an important role in creating more robust life. It seems to me that over-correcting nature will simply lead to a more fragile existence.

Had the mumps and chicken pox

too along with the flu several times.

There is a show on the tube called NY ER (live Emergency Room - daughter who is a nursing student likes to watch it). A spring 2011 episode featured a late 20-ish guy who came in with flu-like symptoms and a full body rash. He was a Christian Scientist - no vaccines - he just came back from his bachelor party in Vegas mingling (sexual contact, his admission) with strippers (yuck).

Anyhow, he had measles. He recovered rather quickly, survived to get married and probably seek out extramarital fun in Vegas again when he gets bored.

I felt more sorry for the fiancé (who rationalized that his behavior was normal) than for the measles guy (who probably contracted the virus in an unsavory manner).

Point being - sounds like the virus is safer than the vaccine.

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The simple answer is

Big Phama wants the profit, and UN Agenda 21 wants depopulation.
Any questions?

Vaccines are not 100% effective. Nothing in medicine is.


And here is a review about Neil Z Miller's book.


She doesn't get into the specifics because every anti-vaccine claim has been debunked over and over again. If you refuse to acknowledge any arguments that don't support your antivaccine superstition then no explanation will be good enough.

The smear campaign against Dr Wakefield

Please get to know the real story behind this talented,passionate, amazing man.

Jill let me ask you a question.

One of my pharmacology professors did research in immunology and vaccines. I had a couple of long debates with him about politics (he is a libertarian leaning liberal), and the topic of vaccines came up.

His grandson has autism. He said to me "If I thought there was any possibility or legitimate evidence that vaccines caused autism in my grandson do you think I would be quiet about it?"

You might be tempted to call him a paid shill, and you would be wrong.

Do you know how many biomedical scientists and physicians who have/had children with autism? Do you really think that the most educated people in society would unanimously and deliberately harm their own families?

To be honest with you,

autism and it's spectrum's maybe a"perfect storm" in some children, but the research shows that children born to mothers that had measles during pregnancy often had autism, or idiot savants as they were called back then.
Do I know any medical people who have autistic children? Yes, our own doctor has 2 autistic sons, and they, at all times are medicated to the eye balls.
I know (young) people who are involved in a range of sciences who totally believe in science, and that science is the way to treat and prevent illness. They refuse to entertain the idea that the vaccine science may be flawed.
As for legitimate evidence, I don't think that will be discovered until there is completely independent, long term research, and as things stand now, there certainly seems to be enough evidence to call for a well funded, serious look into the possible correlation between vaccines, autism, GB syndrome and auto immune diseases.

science is mostly evil

... due to the way it's funded and directed by the most evil sickening scumbags on this planet. Vaccines are a scam designed by eugenics to get under your skin. Vaccination doesn't work ... at all. Period. It's a fraud which has become a religion. No one should EVER get ANY vaccination again for any reason.









be skeptical, issues are complicated

Isn't there only one case out of 5000~ that the vaccine court has paid out that has been brought claiming a connection with autism? Not that court is necessarily scientific so doesn't prove much.

Science in general is good. Vaccines have helped a lot. It's a different matter regarding over marketing them and packing them with potentially dangerous preservatives (though I see no research proving thimerosal is).

But when people attack Bill Gates, they fail to understand basic science and disregard all the massive good he's done and is doing. This type of stuff justifies the harsh view people have of "conspiracy theorists". It's uncalled for and obfuscates the truth.

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" Vaccines have helped a lot." ?

All vaccines?

"Water has helped a lot." ?

All water?

(Yes vaccines have changed the world for the better.)

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Water and vaccines

are comparable?

Yep. People just

Yep. People just misunderstand "science" when Bill Gates says that with vaccines they can lower population growth. Forced vaccines through mosquitoes are going to be so wonderful and ethical.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.

Bill Gates is a Eugenicist

Look you can hero worship Bill Gates all you want. Free country and all that. But if you choose to then you aught to know that he a huge proponent of the global warming/climate change non-science and as result his whole charitable work is bent around reducing population. He and his wife promote abortions world wide and curiously promote vaccines at the same time.

Now no one has ever explained to me why he says that we need to reduce our carbon emissions to zero and to do that we must drastically reduce the world's population and to do that we need to use "health care, reproductive health services, and vaccines". I get that reproductive health services is abortion and contraceptives. But exactly how does he want to use vaccines and healthcare to reduce the worlds population. Aren't those things supposed to increase life span?

Bill Gates father partnered with Margret Sanger to start Planned Parenthood who's purpose was to reduces the population of black babies through abortion. They admit so in their letters.

Just know who you choose to promote as "doing good things"

the healthier and more educated have less kids

Bill Gates has done more than any individual in history to help the poor, both in education in America and overseas.

The answer to your question is there's a known correlation between infant mortality and birthrates. Poor people have more kids to have more breadwinners for their family. Vaccines reduce this by making families more healthy so they don't feel compelled to have 10 kids just to survive. (Consider watching Idiocracy!)

Intelligent solutions to birth control are reasonable and needed. Maybe some old documents or a few people said that about Planned Parenthood, but to confuse that as it's their sole purpose or current mission or conflate it with Bill Gates' motives is absurd.

If you think Bill Gates wakes up everyday wanting to kill people, there's no helping you. That's a delusional thought. Look at what he's actually done-

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I know a man who received his PH.D from Cambridge

who has 10 children. He doesn't need 10 children to survive, but he has them because he can afford them and he wants them. If more educated people of high ability and greater income had more children, like this man, the population would shift towards a greater percentage of that sort of person. If educated people don't start having more children to pass their abilities and knowledge and beliefs on to for the advancement of society, guess which sort of people will win 50 years out.

Bill Gates helps no-one if he can't help

Have you ever asked yourself what gives bill gates the "right" to interfere in other peoples lives?
Much was made of the fact that 4 polio "aid" workers were killed in Pakistan, but the media has been deafeningly silent about the destroyed and broken lives of 10' of 1000' of India's CHILDREN after gates' polio adventure. Maybe Pakistan didn't want "aid", but no-one asked.
Please learn all you can about UN Agenda 21, as that is also gates Agenda.

the world needs people like Gates

I'm not scientifically literate enough to understand the implications of what Dr. Jacob Puliyel is claiming but apparently you are. All I know is that there will be critics to everything and he primarily is criticizing the extreme cost by the Indian government.

And his other claim is that polio would be weaponized in a lab and thus its use as a future bioweapon would negate the vaccine. But isn't this true with every disease?

I also realize his is a minority opinion against a large consensus. And I'm sure Gates had professionals look into it -- he is not an evil guy. Also medical doctors are largely unregulated in India and there's a ton of sketchy doctors claiming all sorts of things.

The BBC wrote about it here-

And stated that in regards to the polio vaccine causing AFP: "But polio is just one of many causes, with other viruses and bacteria also responsible. Public health officials also point out that monitoring of cases is now far better than in previous decades."

And yes I know about Agenda 21, I've been reading this stuff since the 90s. I'm not some "sheep" that just needs to wake up.

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If gates wanted to truly help

eradicate polio in India, and was truly generous with his wealth, he would use just one of his 65 Billion, and ensure communities had clean water.
The whole vaccine industry is starting to come under real scrutiny because of the damage it is doing to untold millions of people.
As the BBC was at the forefront of the Dr Andrew Wakefeild character assassination I don't trust anything they have to say about vaccine injuries, and in fact fully expect them to white wash it.

I agree that sanitation and

I agree that sanitation and water seems like a worse problem, but Gates is smart and likely has (benign) reasons for his actions. Although I don't really know the details. India did start their Pulse Polio project in 1995, before Gates, so perhaps he just wanted to help ensure its success.

He did give ~$264 million to http://www.agra.org/ for Africa's Agriculture.

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47,000 Indian parents would disagree w/ your statement

Bill Gates and his FORCED polio vaccination program has caused the deaths and paralysis of over 47,000 children in India.

Where is the OUTRAGE? ....Did you hear those numbers 47,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let that sink in real good.

Oh and by the way.....why does Bill Gates want to give GMO cotton seed to India?? No, its not because he is generous its because he is one of the LARGEST shareholders of Monsanto!

Bill Gates is no hero.


Jesus is the saviour of the WHOLE WORLD, "As in Adam all die, so too in Christ ALL shall be made alive." (ICor.15:22) All means all. The pagan 'hell' of literal fire & eternal torment is a lie and is SPIRITUAL TERRORISM. http://www.hopebeyondhell.net

You act like that's an

You act like that's an absolute fact. It's not. As I posted above.


Dr Puliyel blames the polio vaccine for a sharp rise in India of cases of Acute Flaccid Paralysis - weakness or inability to move limbs.

But polio is just one of many causes, with other viruses and bacteria also responsible. Public health officials also point out that monitoring of cases is now far better than in previous decades.

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like a hole in the head

bill gates and his foundation does far more harm than good.

Did you read about those kids in India paralyzed from a polio vaccine?

How about the CDC admitting that millions were injected with vaccinations contaminated with a cancer causing virus?

How about the women in Africa who got aids after being vaccinated. They proved the vaccines were contaminated.

How about when the world health organizations gave tetanus to women that was laced with HCG which resulted in the body rejecting fetuses causing them to abort.

What about the GMO that gates promotes all over the world? Killing sheep and livestock. Farmers in India losing entire herds and eventually commuting suicide over it.

We need more people pushing vaccines like Bill Gates like we need a HOLE IN THE HEAD

You need to do some research yourself

Look up American Eugenics Society, where it came from, what they did, who were members and what Eugenics morphed into after WWII. Then look at those who were in power and those corporations that were heavliy involved with funding and promoting it. Look at those same people who are in charge today. Look at Eugenics across the world and how many who are affiliated have been rewarded Nobel Peace Prizes.

Look at what the agenda of the global warming crowd is, and where it developed...what did it used to be. How long have these same people been calling for depopulation?

Look answers are there for the researcher. It's all hidden in plain sight if you choose to read and research.

Bill Gates father was the head of planned parenthood and his son has picked up the torch.

If you don't have time to research now, then at least keep your eyes open. Depopulation propaganda is everywhere. You will at least see that there is a concerted effort to reprogram a nation.

I have read all of that. No

I have read all of that. No offense, but you have to be insane to think Bill Gates is intentionally killing people with vaccines.

So are you saying birth control is a plan for eugenics?

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That's how it started

eugenics is defined as controlling who is allowed to procreate.

I believe Bill Gates THINKS he's one of the good guys that is here to "save the earth". And he thinks he's doing it "humanely" at least how he defines it. The question is....who is he saving it from and who is he saving it for?

He is just but one actor. There are many others out there too.

You have to be crazy to not see these same themes of "population management" throughout history. It is why democide is the leading cause of death in the world and occurs all throughout history.