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My lovely Constanze

Should I have known no other,
and have but one chance to see,
you standing by my side,
When I went across that sea,

Were I to have ten fathers,
who would have bade me not to see,
such a beautiful maiden like you,
my Constanze by the sea.

My voice is heard this moment,
in a room far from me,
had it not been for my Constanze,
I would have died and had no peace.

You were there that very moment,
I went to where we all shall go,
with your sister by your side,
telling you she loved me so.

And when I speak to him there yonder,
and tell him what you done,
he will know by then it was you my love,
who lets me live on and on and on.

David Infinger

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My wife is my Constanze. She

My wife is my Constanze. She comes from Mannheim also. She lived right down the street from where Constanze's family lived.