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Ron Paul: "There dangers in taking vaccines. There are also many blessings with vaccines."

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Here's An Idea

I should really charge the pharmaceutical companies for my time analyzing this problem, but what the hell, here's a free idea.

Make vaccines that don't cause autism! Amicrazyorwhat?

Ron Paul gave a medical fallacy here, I should add.

I adore the man, but I strongly believe he is wrong in his claim about "giving too many vaccines too soon and overwhelming the immune system."

Our immune systems are exposed to tens of thousands (and greater) pathogens at any given moment. Our adaptive immune system can create practically infinite combinations of antibodies.

5 vaccines at once might sound scary, but that is nothing compared to what the immune system can handle. If anything it is better to combine vaccines so that less excipients and less doses are given.

I agree fully with Ron Paul about voluntaryism, however.

Let me opine...

That I don't think the Doctor believes that the risk of exposure to too many pathogens is the risk we are worried about. It's not pathogens (micro-organisms or fragments) but adjuvants, like thimerosol and aluminum, that are most harmful to a plastic and under-developed newborn brain. The body has no defense against these types of attacks. There are simply no antibodies for things that are not bodies, but rather base elements or chemicals that can be highly reactive to our organic tissue in ways that we do not yet understand.

You see, while true of most adults, you should admit that a newborn's immune system has NOT been exposed to tens of thousands of pathogens yet, and it is not as strong as an adult's. Furthermore, all those pathogens that we are processing are entering our bodies through our respiratory and digestive systems. They are being filtered by complex, fully-developed organs that actually just block nearly all of the pathogens before they reach the bloodstream. Vaccine injections bypass these natural defenses which play a role in the proper creation of appropriate antibodies and go straight into the bloodstream. Formaldehyde, animal cells, toxic chemicals and metals, all completely foreign to our physiology in that configuration.

Of course, such an attack does trigger our immune response, and antibodies are created for the disease presented, but the immune response does not usually eliminate the threat of the other ingredients. They can build up and can cause serious damage or death, especially if a baby's immune system or neorological development is weaker than it should be, and especially when 4, 5 or more vaccines are given on the same day. For many babies it is a lethal injection.

Just trying to be helpful. Using vaccines is as much an act of faith as not using them. I'm sure many vaccines help the majority of the population, but there are vulnerable populations that are not being tested for, and as a result, thousands of children have serious preventable side effects to vaccines that outweigh the benefits of the particular vaccine.

A good portion of this is gibberish.

You used scientific terms but in ways that mean nothing. Many people on the DailyPaul are scientifically illiterate, so don't let the upvotes give you false confidence about these claims.

You are claiming that the adjuvants are the source of the problem, but there is zero legitimate scientific evidence to support this claim. Thiomersal has not been used in childhood vaccines in more than a decade, but autism rates have not decreased. The quantities of aluminum in vaccine are lower than many foods and baby formulas. The causation or even correlation isn't there.


"Vaccine injections bypass these natural defenses which play a role in the proper creation of appropriate antibodies and go straight into the bloodstream. Formaldehyde, animal cells, toxic chemicals and metals, all completely foreign to our physiology in that configuration."

I don't even know what point you are trying to make here. Vaccines are injected into muscle, FYI.


This claim about being foreign to our physiology in that configuration is nonsense. Sorry to be blunt, but seriously it sounds like you have somewhat of a scientific background, just enough to have no idea what the hell you are talking about. Formaldehyde is a normal part of human biochemistry, even in infants. In the amounts it is present in vaccines it is harmless and easily metabolized in the body. The whole point of vaccines is to create the antibodies. You are basically claiming that vaccines work the opposite of how they work. Do you have any evidence for this extraordinary claim, or are you just making this up?

I respectfully disagree.

There is a great deal of difference with exposure to small concentrations of pathogens in the environment and large numbers of pathogens which have entered the body through tissue trauma, especially when the carrying agent includes nerve damaging agents, such as mercury.

The Amish don't get autism. Further, polio did not proliferate until the huge growth in flush toilets, which delayed exposure to the polio virus, which is carried in feces. "Baby-boomers," the first generation to receive mulit-pathogen inoculations as infants are becoming handicapped at an alarming rate and their mortality rates are higher that those of their older siblings and their parents. Infants used to receive most of the necessary antibodies while breast-feeding.

As for vaccination,I am the first one in line for a tetanus if I receive a deep puncture wound and would be the first in line for a rabies shot if bitten by an infected animal. One must measure the consequences of infection against the risk of the vaccination. It should be noted the ONLY recorded cases of polio in the US since the introduction of the oral vaccine occurred either in those who received the vaccine or an un-vaccinated individual exposed to the feces of a recently vaccinated infant.

"If you don't take the vaccine you are no danger to me"

"you are a danger to yourself."

-Quote from Ron Paul.

Darn, that makes good sense.

Dang, I can't argue with that logic.

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Upvoted you, but that isn't absolutely true.

It's mostly true. (It's true enough in that mandatory vaccination is not justified).