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Freemasons, I'm joining. Well, thinking about it. Your thoughts?

As simple as the title, I've been skeptical, and I've studied intensely for over a week on the matter. I think I want to be a part of the group that started the Boston Tea Party, had a large number of generals including George Washington during the Revolutionary War be Masons, as well as helping Gallieao against the church in spreading truth. That's a good track record. Plus, 9 signers of the Declaration of Independence, several signers of the Constitution and 14, I think, presidents of the U.S.

Why not be a member when their history lines up so well with what I believe in, based on things like I mentioned above.

There are obviously the occult symbols, so on, so forth, that I think are misunderstood, like much of libertarianism.

Your thoughts oh powerful Daily Paul?



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we meet again :)

Quote:"Since your fraternity is so good, and all they want to do is spread light, truth, and good... Why not teach people? Go public."

We do exactly that. We invite people to come to our lodge. We give speeches, authors and artists come to us. We have exhibitions from known and unknown artists. But most importantly we connect to the people in our area so that they understand what freemasonry is. When we have this puplic events we are almost occupied with reducing any prejudices that some of the visitors have.

Masonry is older than the roman catholic church, you are right, but freemasonry is not. The masons where the ones build the churches and cathedrales for the roman catholic church. Freemasonry started later. There is difference between Operative and Speculative Masonry. The later one became freemasonry.

You ask your questions in a very aggressive way. I am not trying to insult you in any way, please understand that it is very hard to have this discussion with you if you already think that you know the truth. Just go to a lodge and talk to them. Please be respectful. Don't start shouting "Illuminat-Scum" (yep, happend to us). Most masons will talk to you about any subject.

I saw that you posted that luciferian video. SOME masons regard lucifer as something completly different than what most christians do. If you want to discuss Lucifer and the mythology behind it, please tell me.

About Magick:
Yes, we have rituals, are these rituals magick? I think back in the day when freemasonry was created that was the intention behind the rituals. The rituals are now just a relict of these old beliefs. This is only MY belief, I don't speak for any other mason than myself. Lets say the rituals are STILL working, lets say there is still MAGICK in these rituals, I think this would be a great think. Why you ask? I am glad you asked: Well, the rituals remind you to become a better person, to be nicer,(I have to learn that) the rituals remind you that your time on earth is very limited and that you are only wise if you use your time to become a better person and thus improve humanity.

There is even a bible involved in every ritual and it's HOLY for us.

Again: Just go to a lodge near you and talk to them. Find out what events they have and ask them whatever you want. I hope I could help you. Sorry, have to go now, because I have to prepare my speach for the ritual tomorrow.

Btw, sry.


Freemasonry is overall a force for good.

I'm a fairly new mason. Those conspiracy theories are just that. All quotes about satanism and world hegemony are either not state by masons who were masons at the time or they are taken hugely out of context.

Masonry is in reality simply a fraternity of men who believe in self-improvement and charity to their fellow creatures.

I am proud to be a mason, and the kind of men found in lodges speaks to the quality of the organization.

PS Illuminati are not in any way masonic. They were formed from within a French lodge that was then shut down. American grand lodges do not even recognize the French grand lodge as being regular. It isn't really masonic, and illuminati are not really even connected to the French lodge.

Nevertheless some bastards, such as FDR, have been masons. Masonry doesn't guarantee the goodness of a mans heart, but it does develop that virtue and others in helping to make you a more fully realized creature of God.

If you will do what you can, you can do what you will.

I know Illuminati does not = Masonry

I understand the Illuminati did infiltrate Freemasonry in Europe and America, in the later half of the 18th century.

Even George Washington, Grand Master Mason, admitted his suspicions of this in his memoirs.

Please understand I have extensive knowledge on the subject of Masonry and secret societies, for a non-Mason.

I understand most folks do not, and that to come across someone who has fairly accurate knowledge on the subject(s) is probably rare.

I know that Masonry on the surface is a fraternal organization that provides fund raisers for charity and holds pancake breakfasts and benign functions like that.
The Hell's Angels do the same thing. And so do the Cops.

My point is that there is a seemingly sinister, inner core of Masonry. Albert Pike, Alastair Crowley and other Masons have expressed their belief that Lucifer not Yeshua, is god. Chapters/related groups like Knights Templar, Skull & Bones, Golden Dawn, etc. an be less than wholesome in their symbolism, and their (alleged) rituals.

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No women? Meh. Things are

No women? Meh. Things are more interesting when women are around and when it's just us men, we tend to say and do stupid stuff, like competitive farting or basketball.

I don't have a problem that there are men's groups,

nor women's groups - nor any other exclusionary policy for an organization or business within the private sector.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Just not my preference is

Just not my preference is all.

We're all entitled to our opinions. Btw,

I don't have an opinion on whether things are more interesting when women are around vs men-only gatherings, never having had the opportunity to experience the latter. As to what else you said, that may be true. But it doesn't seem like the presence of women here at the DP has taken the wind out of anyone's sails, metaphorically speaking, in expressing themselves, as a search of this site will confirm. :)

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir


said brother

If you

-like to discuss with intelligent people
-are not fanatically trying to convince everybody that your religion or view of politcs is the right one
-like symbolism
-like history



then freemasonry is for you.
Freemasonry is about improving the world by improving yourself!
One of many mottos:
Freemasonry; Making Good Men Better

Yes, I am a Freemason, and no, I am not evil. One of the many reasons why I joined freemasonry is because they are extraordinary good people. My brothers helped me and I helped them. We donate money to certain organisations who are in need of financial help. The most evil thing that I ever experienced in our lodge was the bad breath a brother once had.

Can you please explain your admittedly occult beliefs as a Mason

Can you please explain how your Masonic membership and your (in another thread) admitted occult beliefs are related?

Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, etc., openly tell the world what it is they believe in. I am a Messianic Jew, and I make no bones about what I believe. Why is it that Masons are so secretive about their religion?

You expressed in that thread your interest in the teachings of occult mystic Helena Blavatsky. Most people do not know her, but she was a Bohemian occult mystic in the early 20th century who heavily influenced the occult religion that Adolf Hitler, Dietrich Eckhart, and the Nazi 3rd Reich subscribed to. She founded the VRIL Society, which spoke of a 'hollow earth', and of the superiority of the Aryan race, and of the Aryan race's supposed origins being the lost city of Atlantis.

Do Masons subscribe to the same occultism that the Nazis did? Serious, honest question. And please provide an honest, complete answer.

See, I understand that the Knights Templar discovered something under the Temple Mount, that allowed them to essentially blackmail the Pope, the Church, and all the European Monarchs who derived their 'Divine Right' to rule, from the Pope.

They discovered hidden, 'esoteric' knowledge, and possibly artifacts that the ancient Masons of Tyre who helped construct the original Temple of Solomon, had left behind. This is where the link between the Masons and Templars begins, though not the only tie.

Later, the Church, backed by Philip IV of France, who owed land to the Templars who were returning from the Crusades in the Holy Land, declared the Templars heretics, and out-lawed them in most of Europe. They fled to Scotland (hence Scottish Rite Masonry), were safe under a new name (Knights of Christ) in Portugal & parts of Spain, and their great sailing fleet disappeared, rumored to have gone to the 'New World'. (Could that possibly be the true origins of the Scrolls Joseph Smith discovered? That would explain the Masonic links, and some of the beliefs in Mormonism.) Templars also allegedly founded the nation of Switzerland at this time, as legends of White Knights helping the local peasantry ward off the Austrian army, are consistent with that. The Swiss flag is an inverted color version of the Templar cross, and the Knights were famous for being the first International Bankers. The Swiss banking system is exactly how the Templars did things. Don't forget the Swiss Guard of the Vatican... The Templars were the Pope's personal guard. Coincidence? No way.

But the group that relates to you, GermanRPfan, is the Bavarian Knights, who were charged with one particularly unusual charge, that was unlike the usual "worshipping of the devil, and performing sodomy" charges the Church was known for popularizing.
They were charged with "Worshipping a severed Head". Now multiple famous paintings by alleged Templar, Mason & Illuminati artists were painted during the renaissance period, one particularly famous one was a gift to the Grand Master of the Order of Malta. These were paintings of the head of John the Baptist. I believe they are commemorating the Templars original worship of that severed head, which was Johh the Baptists head. Templars were known for carrying the bodies and parts of fallen saints in front of them in battle, for power, so this is not a stretch, by any means.

Anyway, these Bavarian Knights Templar were tried by the local townsfolk, but showed up in full armor and weaponry, on horseback. Needless to say, they were found not guilty, because if they were found guilty, they would've charged and killed the townsfolk.

I believe it is clear that this surviving group of German Templars became the Skull & Bones society, which originated in Bavaria Germany. They worship skulls, and have similar rituals and symbolism.

Further, you have the ties between the Skull & Bones, and the CIA. The CIA, and skull & Bones are tied with the Nazis, who also began in Bavaria Germany. See where I'm going? Yes, of course you do.

To save time I won't bother going into further detail connecting the Nazi's, the CIA, Skull & Bones, but believe me I could. Union Bank of New York, is all I will say.

Considering what I have just stated, can you answer the question I asked you at the top? Thank you, I look forward to your honest, well though-out answer(s).

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sorry for the late reply

there is no relationship between my occult beliefs and my masonic membership. I was into the occult before i joined freemasonry. my brothers in the lodge don't care about the occult and most of them say freemasonry has nothing to do with it.

Quote:"Why is it that Masons are so secretive about their religion?"
Because we don't have a religion. Freemasonry does NOT replace your religion. In my lodge we have christians, jews and muslims. Again freemasonry is not a religion, it has religious elements. We don't have a god which we worship. That is up to your own religion, your own belief. Regular freemasonry just expects the brother to believe in a higher power, freemasonry will never tell you what this higher power is and what you should believe, because we don't like dogmas. In regular freemasonry we don't allow atheists to join us, so it is necessary to believe in something, but we will never tell you what this belief should be. That is up to your religion or worldview.

About Blavatsky: She has NOTHING to do with freemasonry! when she talked about an Aryan race, she meant enlightened beings who would care for each other and love each other. When she said that they are superior she didn't mean that they should rule or conquer. she didn't even talk about the germans! I urge you to read her books. It's not dangerous to read her books.

Quote:"Do Masons subscribe to the same occultism that the Nazis did?"
No, the nazis closed ALL masonic lodges! They didn't like people who would think for themselves. They closed our lodge too and stole our money. We don't have the same beliefs as the nazis, thats just absurd. AGAIN: We are not even a religion, so we can't have one belief. Most of us believe in the good that is in every human being. Most of us want to help each other. The Nazis are completely the opposite.

About the Knights Templar:
There is no HISTORICAL connection between masons and the templars. There is however, a lot of myth regarding that subject. The masons are not the offspring of the knights templar. there are so many mistakes in the things you said about the knights templar, that I am not sure what to say or where to start :) Anyway the knights templar are not of importance for "real" freemasonry... they have a MYTHOLOGICAL meaning. Please understand that there is a difference between mythological and historical. Anyway, if you want to know more about this mythological connection you should check out this video about the york rite:


Btw. I don't agree with everything in that video...

If you want to know more about the origins of freemasonry you should check out this movie:


If you want to know more about freemasonry, feel free to contact me.

With all the information on

With all the information on the web about this cult organization. You want to join? Okay that's like saying after reading all the bad things in Obamacare. I think it's great!
Go figure?

. . . . . . _ . . . _ _ .
. _ . . _ _ . . . . _ _ . . . . . . . _ . . _ . .
. _ . . _ _ . . . . _ _ . . . . . . . _ . . _ . .


...that's all I'm gonna say.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Do families have...

Secrets, prayers and oaths? Do they believe certain things others do not? I am not a mason, I know people that are. Many people fear what they do not understand, nor for that matter, care to. Virtue, truth... these are things that my friends stand for. Although... i did over hear their plans to take over the world once... shhh... ;)

To Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Luciferian Masonry, WW3, and the destruction of Israel in 10min.


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LoL...down-votes with no responses, already.... Tools.

Start the above video @ 6:25, if you don't have 9 1/2 minutes to spare, which you very reasonably may not.

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"Brother" Mason admits Masonry is Luciferian....?


Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

don't you have to be invited by another member?

call ron paul and see if he can invite you. ;)
i wonder if the rumors of rp being a mason and cp being a rainbow girl are true? from what was posted here years ago i tend to believe they were. hell even my family has some Freemasons and they aren't evil new world order people, just simple country folks.
back in 2009 i was talking with one of the first mmj dispensary owners in colorado springs and mentioned something about a guy i know named mason and he misunderstood and asked if i was a mason too. i said no but inquired further and he said the mayor of cs asked him to join. it was really weird because mmj dispensary's were still new, just getting started there and had a ton of opposition from the political class.
they're pretty big here in co, the airport has lots of Freemason symbols and acknowledgments and there's a huge lodge for the Scottish rite downtown. i have also seen a few cars with the symbols around town. if you're trying to make business connections then it sounds like a good scam to be a part of. the good old boy network can definitely be good for your business at the expense of the most qualified, least connected. it's like affirmative action for folks with money.

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If Your a Christian

I would take the words of Jesus seriously: "But I say unto you, Swear not at all; neither by heaven; for it is God's throne: Nor by the earth; for it is his footstool: neither by Jerusalem; for it is the city of the great King. Neither shalt thou swear by thy head, because thou canst not make one hair white or black. But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: For whatsoever is more than these COMETH OF EVIL." Matt. 5:34-37. how many times due masons swear to oaths? over and over, so you'd be sinning every time you attended, not to mention they worship a false God, "Great Architect," they do not worship the God of the Bible.

Pledge of Allegiance

is an oath, right?

Did you translate that from Aramaic, pretty sure that's King James' translation...

The Pledge is no comparison to Masonic oaths

You must not know anything about Masonic oaths, for example they swear that if they reveal anything to non masons that they are to have their throats cut from ear to ear, or hung and their bowls gutted sound like fun to you? they also are taught to lie for a fellow mason, they are a cancer on society, he is a christian himself so I appealed to what should be his true allegiance Jesus Christ. You obviously are not christian because no christian that is saved would mock the King James Bible. The pledge I don't particularly care for, but I think it's nationalism not a secret society.

Pipe down Eagle Scout

My hubsy is a Mason, I'm speaking from experience. FM is a fraternity, much like Rotary International. Each lodge is different; it's global.

Oath is simply something you pledge to uphold: testimony, terms & conditions, matrimony, HIPPA, etc...

RE: King James Bible (I really don't like those who mock others' religions, allow me to clarify)

I wasn't mocking your Bible; I was pointing out that it's a translation from a language that existed over 3,000 years ago; afforded to a King of England (the place we left) and the fruit of his belief that he is more divinely anointed than you or I--so much that he'd enforce a new translation of the Bible to be issued throughout England.

(That particular translation--albeit very popular in the Western world is the product of censorship and propaganda that it "fixed conflicts between other translations", he was not a huge proponent of freedom of religion.)

It's a legitimate discussion of Christian Heritage, and I intended for it to spark thought, not hostility or reprimand. Sorry for that.

Hubsy is a Mason?

So that makes Masonry a Benign organization like the rotary club, no it does not, it is Luciferian at the high levels, read Albert Pike and Albert Mackay. You are talking out of both sides of your mouth, you say you aren't mocking my Bible? Your history of King James the 1st is a joke, "is a product of censorship and propaganda." who are you to say it censored anything? who are you to say it's propaganda? what did it censor? how are you qualified to make that assessment? Is translating an old language impossible? Your New Age Masonry comes out in your writings your not fooling me "I wasn't mocking your Bible." Liar!

just like, ya know, reading and like, whatever

...I'd hope the 2 semesters I spent in Christian Scriptures, and Christian Heritage at a supremely Christian University would qualify me to explain to you that King James did not like non-Protestant religions, including Puritan and Catholic; the Bibles of whom he "outlawed" and replaced with the King James Bible.

Whatever Masons are in these "high level" degrees that are sooooo satanic certainly aren't frequenting around our gang running the lodge. I'll keep my eyes peeled, but I'm confident my husband is not a devil worshiper.

2 semesters?

Your "supremely christian university" couldn't even tell you the difference between Protestant, Catholic, or Puritan? or that King James himself had nothing to do with the translation? He only allowed it to be translated, he wasn't involved in what Words were to be translated, he had some of the most intelligent scholars of the day involved in the work. I think you need to demand your money back.

you are speaking in tongues?

this makes no sense, they are 3 separate religions ---> "Your 'supremely christian university' couldn't even tell you the difference between Protestant, Catholic, or Puritan?"

I went to Baylor, which is a Protestant Baptist school. I'm not quite sure why you're being so aggressive about common teachings in the Protestant faiths about King James banning Catholic and Puritan translations of the Bible; it's heritage 101.

Banning books (any type) = censorship
Promoting one religion over the other = propaganda

There's really no room for complex debate. Prettttty basic.

I'm NO Pentacostal

If one is a real christian then they will care about the REAL Word of God not a false version, however if one worships the "Great Architect" and serves and gives money to Luciferians what would they care? I guess your going to have to call Jesus a propagandist because according to your definition he promoted one religion over the other. You have proven my point Masonry and Christianity are not compatible and I hope the author of this post takes heed.

Fair enough

That's just like your opinion man.

I can dig.

Sure why not,

Get yourself a suit and vest. Put on your little apron, wear a ring with the square and compass, a pendant on a necklace, and dont forget the cute little white Micheal jackson gloves you have to wear. For one of your masonic rituals be prepared to strip down butt naked in a room full of mostly old men while the proceed to stare at your nakedness and ask you very personal questions. Then pay your yearly dues and every wednsday or thursday night(depending which lodge you join) you can go meet in a windowless building and wear your cute little gloves and apron to impress your worshipful master. Don't forget to pray to their grand architect of the universe....

Seriously, I could think of a hundred better ways to spend a weeknight that would be far more productive and benefcial to humanity. And what the hell is the apron for anyways, what are they cooking in there? I probably don't want to know.