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Startling Comments From Judge Nap (On Today's Peter Schiff Show w/ Tom Woods Guest-Hosting)

On today's Peter Schiff show Tom Woods asked Judge Napolitano about what specifically Ed Snowden revealed to us that we didn't know already.


Judge Napolitano replied (and I transcribed his response):
Well we knew from the NY Times revelations in 2005, which they sat on for 18 months, if they reviewed it when they learned it, John Kerry might have defeated George Bush. Nevertheless, [slight chuckle] we know from their revelations in 2005 that the NSA had been spying on Americans. What Snowden told us is that the NSA and the Obama administration were validating that spying by actually getting warrants for it from the FISA court.

What we also learned is that it was not selective spying as we thought it was in the Bush years. It was dragnet. What turned out to be "let me having your billing records Verizon" really was "we now have the content - emphasis content - of every telephone call, every email, and every text message sent by one person in the United States to another, starting 2 1/2 years ago. And this was approved and authorized by a secret judge in secret by judges in a secret court. So secret that the judges themselves are not allowed to have iPhones or Blackberries or pens and pencils. So secret that the judges themselves don't have records of their own decisions. What Edward Snowden revealed back on June 6th, a copy of an order signed by judge Roger Vincent - an otherwise good guy. One of the first judges to find Obamacare unconstitutional on commerce clause grounds.

Nevertheless when he signed an order directing Verizon in April of this year to surrender the billing records of all 113 million of its customers - that's about 200 million households - *HE* didn't even have a copy of the order that Snowden did. That's how secret this court is. So about 20 members of Congress knew about it. They weren't, under the law, allowed to say anything. 11 members of court knew about it. They weren't, under the law, allowed to say anything. The NSA lied about it in public when testifying before a committee on which Senator Widen sat. And apparently the NSA lied about it in private in their briefings to the members of Congress.

So in order to support the program, the NSA began doing, what the Justice department is prosecuting Edward Snowden for doing. It began leaking. So the NSA leaked that it "stopped 50 plots". And then the NSA leaked that it caught these crazies in the Saudi Arabian Peninsula this week in their so-called conference call of 20 people. That sounds absurd and I don't know how anybody can believe this but that's what they want us to believe.

What they can't answer is how invading the inalienable 4th amendment right to be left alone of 330 million Americans helps them capture bad guys in Saudi Arabia. They can't answer that other than to say "well it's a little easier if we have the whole haystack and we're looking for a needle." Well the constitution has built in values in it that intentionally make the government's work *not easy*. Because the government has to protect our freedom while it does it's work in looking for the bad guys.

It's interesting that Obama defends the spying program by reassuringly saying it has "congressional oversight". Interestingly Obama doesn't trust the discretion of those 20 congress people who knew about the program to legally blow the whistle on it should they deem it necessary.

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The Judge is such a great

The Judge is such a great speaker. I love listening to him.

if the congress can no longer

if the congress can no longer do their jobs to their oaths, then they are no longer the congress in my eyes, they are impotent, the people have no protector in the official capacity, they are curcumvented, the good will be run in circles, and the very good will have a higher chance of getting to meet the "resources" up close and personal......as with the spying revelation, we strongly suspected it, not until the detail and the proof did people really start to care, as i beleive the same thing will happen when the light is shun on their reaction in a way that everybody gets, with proof..........i think youtube has it already, im just waiting for the person who comes along to start making the general public understand, the road to caring, the one way street to, THE, journey, an escape from the chains, the chains you hadnt noticed before.......so to ..kinda..speak,

Stage 1"Turn off" the law

Stage 1
"Turn off" the law that "prevents" them from giving their "constituants" propaganda

Stage 2
Release a bunch of "leaks"


They deal in plausibility, give info only when asked and give as little as possible, take every worded questions literally or in the most beneficial way, in the way a word can be used to mean multiple things, to lie without technically lying i.e. plausibility for questions they dont want to answer or dont know if its ok to answer
If i see any signs of these, and by their nature, they are self evident, until they think of another strategy that is, then i will hold no trust for "leaders".....

actually i think its too late to go back, i do not seek a leader, i seek a voice, our voice, REPRESENTED.....oh wait, thats what were SUPPOSE to already have,

Last statement bugs me

"Because the government has to protect our freedom while it does it's work in looking for the bad guys."

And of course, the government is going to create as many bad guys as possible, so they can justify spending more money looking for them.

Keep bombing and occupying and propping up dictators, etc, etc.

Why didn't we need all this surveillance 50 years ago?

Why doesn't Brazil have to work so hard to find all these bad guys?

Because they mind their own business!

"America does not go abroad

"America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own". John Quincy Adams

Used to Could

No Mo.

His closing statement is one

His closing statement is one to remember.

"If you don't get the president on the line..."

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Should be

Attorney General