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Top Iowa Evangelical: Rand Paul Can’t Hire Ron Paul’s Aides for 2016 If...

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Drive by media shooting to

Drive by media shooting to demonize Rand Paul...

"...saying he wanted to let the process take his course."

His course, of course...what an ass can of an article.

Is Ron Paul running in 2016? No...but his son is, and the National Review is doing their best to smear Rand Paul.

Attention National Review...if you want to exist in the near future, articles like this will only temporarily sustain your firm grip on the 65-85 year old demographic.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

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This guy is a piece of sh*t! On the

one hand you may lick it to get the nomination Rand, but you may not suck it! Lol! Use them as they have used the American Public for the last 40 years. Screw the Evangelical Co*ksu*kers and the Demo/Libertarian/ Repub a'holes. They deserve what they have foisted on the population of this country.

Rand will do the right thing for this has been planned for many years.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

Both Hillary and Santorum both got money from eventual nominees

As I recall, Santorum agreed to drop out of race and endorse Romney for help from Romney campaign to retire Santorums campaign debt.

Hillary received help from the Obama campaign as well, for dropping out, endorsing and retiring campaign debt.

I really see no problem with matching salaries or funds when jumping ship for campaign managers.


The story for me here...

is not about Rand but about how far downhill the National Review has plummeted. Sure the Review has always propagated hawkish dreck, but at least when Buckley was alive they could find and hire staff writers sufficiently trained in grammar and adequate command of the English language...

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Rand can do whatever he damn

Rand can do whatever he damn well wants to do. He hasn't gotten this far by taking advice from people like this guy.

so he doesn't need the evangelicals?

In an interview you will only see on The Brody File, influential Iowa evangelical leader Bob Vander Plaats, head of The Family Leader organization says that Rand Paul could be a, “force to be reckoned with" in 2016 if he is able to fuse both the evangelical and liberty movements.

He needs evangelicals, but I

He needs evangelicals, but I doubt he will get Vander Plaats endorsement.


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I remember Santorum being a big evangelical attractor. Thing is, I never heard of "Catholic evangelical"s, until they come out in support of Santorum, the Catholic. I was raised Catholic. I still don't understand the evangelicals pushing Santorum! So, if Iowan evangelicals are this confused, to begin with, I don't have much "faith" in them! It is a little early to be taking them too seriously.

And did it say Santorum won the caucuses?! He did win the beauty contest, early vote. But, the caucuses went for Ron Paul! But, like all of the other Republicans, they could not overcome the establishment Republicans at the national convention.