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Join Us in Creating an Internet that's Safer from Surveillance

If we want to defang surveillance programs like PRISM, we need to stop using centralized systems and come together to build an Internet that's decentralized, trustworthy, and free "as in freedom."

The good news is that the seeds of such a network are already out there; as we (fsf) wrote in our statement on PRISM, ethical developers have been working for years on free software social media, communication, publishing, and more...

We have the tools to build a better Internet.


Page also features a What you can do bullet list.

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Is this a joke?

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Link fixed.

The link looked correct, yet clicking the link didn't work. Now the link is fix.

Thanks. -g


For local or global, privately owned.

Free includes debt-free!

Link is broken

The link to fsf.org takes you back to DP Article

Do your best have no expectations

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Here :

Here :



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