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I Am A Boomer: Don't YOU Dare Blame Me or MY Generation!

The Boomer Generation did NOT establish the situation we are facing in America, or the world, today.

MY generation did NOT come into this world full of apathy. It began quite the opposite. We were attacked by the former generations just by being born.

How many times did I hear from the former generation, "We had to walk to school 10 miles in the cold rain and snow! We had no TV, and were lucky if we had a radio. We made our own clothes, and everyone had chores, while you kids have wash machines, and cars, and everything has been handed to you! We had to chop wood, and pump water, and many houses never had electricity. Turn off those lights! Turn off that terrible music! We didn't have phones! Get off the phone! We didn't have a bathroom! We had an outhouse and had to walk in the freezing hail and thunderstorms to us the potty! Get out of the bathroom!"

I attended an Eco Event my parents took me to when I was just starting High School. When you entered the event hall, they put us in a room, about 50 people, and they explained what the current population number was, and what we consumed, and three doors opened, and we were filed into smaller rooms, where there was less room, and they explained it was 20 years later, and what the expected population would be, and resources needed. And the three more doors opened into smaller rooms, and we were crammed packed in there, and it was 20 years later, and we were told what the proposed population would be, and the resources needed, and again, we were filed into smaller rooms where we could hardly breathe, and told by the 2060, what the population would be, the resources needed, and we all wanted out of those rooms. I've spent my life trying to get out of those rooms.

As they released us into the hall, my father turned to us and said, "This boomber generation is going to be a huge problem on the Earth."

In high school, the Nam war ended, students who wanted to go to Nam couldn't. Jobs were short time, paid about $2.15 an hour. It took me all of two weeks to learn I could not pay the rent working at McDonalds. What has changed? The war on drugs began, and it was a WAR ON BOOMBERS, and now a war on their children, and grand children.

People liked me protested from day one. We were losing rights while the former generation fought us with their rampages, "We didn't dress like that! Look at the long hair on those boys, they look like girls! This FREE LOVE is nothing but sexual orgies."

The women's movement was handed to us on a silver platter. NOW YOU ALL GET TO WORK. Wages dropped and women competed with men for a decent wage job. Where the folks house cost $14,000.00 the same house now cost $65,000.00 when we graduated, and few were making that, and the next two years it was $85,000,00, and although the house aged, it cost $135,000.00, 10 years out of high school. And by the time you were 30 that same house was $300,000.00 and the central bankers had us in debt for college, debt for cars, debt for everything the former generation could opt out, but we could not.

And as people do, boomers fell in love, got married, and had CHILDREN. When you have children, you stop protesting. You stop going to rallies. The LAW has you just where they want you. Every school became a, "Your kid is our "spy" program. "Good morning class, let's talk about drugs.. do your parents smoke marijuana?" "Do your parents spank you?" Our parents, and many of them would drink, BEAT, not spank, BEAT with belts, slam with closed fists, and tell you to shut up, or they promised they would "really give you something to cry about".

I watched the boomer generation, my generation, get beat down, over worked, underpaid, while our parents were making more money in pensions then many of us who were getting lousy benefit plans, lousy 401s.. and what happens next?

We've been HIT with the likes of ENRON, corporate bailouts, housing busts, mortgage busts, pension cuts, benefit cuts, insurance cuts, growth of prisons, and laws, and bigger fines..

I never had kids or got married, I was so busy, as so many boomers like myself, who have spent our entire lives fighting against what we now know as a UN Agenda.

Like the Eco event I went when I was just starting high school, it's as if the boomer generation was just the first.. each wall of doors cramming in "our" children, and their children, and future children, through a system that was DESIGNED, not by us, but for ALL OF US.

So let's stop blaming boomers, because the truth is, you're generation isn't any better or worse. Boomers care about YOU and your children, and at this point, many have been so beaten down they look to you for hope. They know they failed, but don't know how, because most were so busy working to keep up with making sure you had the latest greatest gidget, and gadget, from computers, to smart phones.. insurance costs HOW MUCH? And many are still looking for their parents to help, just as you do, not because this is what they wanted for themselves, or for their children, but because they love YOU and hate what happened to them.

And you should know this.. the boomer generation is divided. There is the boomer generation that went to Nam, and those who did not. And this to has been a huge problem because boombers were never able to get on the same page. There were the haves, and the have nots, and it had everything to do with AGEISM.. Senior citizen ages keeps climbing.. it was 55, then 65, then 72... we have been divided by ageism ever since I can remember.

I don't know any boomers that say things like, "If you love the war on drugs, thank a boomer". I don't know any boomer saying, "If you love having no rights, thank a boomer!" or "If you love abaortion, thank a boomer." Though there were some boombers, it was not the majority of boomers.

What I do see, boomer to boomer is, "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?" It's not that we are stupid. It's that most were busy raising kids, feeding the dog, figuring out how to make a marriage last, or a job, or how to raise kids and work and care for their parents, or if McDonald burgers were actually food.

I really wish the age discrimination would end, and the age of HUMANITY with HUMAN RIGHTS would begin.

Can we at least try here on DP? Can we stop blaming boomers, or other generations, and see what we can do to make ALL of our lives worthy and wonderful?

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Not this thread again! This thread is like a bad case of the clap that just keeps coming back! ughuhgughughughughgughugh.....


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for what?

Since the Greatest Generation raised the Boomers,

I guess the Greatest Generation wasn't so great after all. The generation who voted for the politicians who established the Federal Reserve and got us into WW1 raised the Greatest Generation That Wasn't So Great. Many of the generation who raised the ones who raised the Greatest Generation (GG's grandparents) were immigrants from Europe who were trying to learn English and raise kids, while working in coal mines and factories. It's all their fault that the Millennials are idiots!

How about don't you dare...

Don't you dare participate in this divide and conquer polarization of everything under the sun. There is voluntary collectivism, and involuntary collectivism. Individuals can participate voluntarily, and what your whole rant amounts to, is basically separating people into collectives, rather than sort though this whole mess, and treat everyone as an individual.

Ipso Facto, by the very same logic that you display:

I don't blame the "baby boomer" generation. But poorly thought out expressions like this are not helping your sentiment at all. I'm Generation X, I wasn't apathetic, and I was active. My elders encouraged me to jump into blind consumerism, I took the route of learning how to build, sew, and create everything for myself, before taking the easy route. I protested wars as well, I developed technology that is intertwined in the method you are using to even relay this message to everyone on the Daily Paul. Yet, I'm not going to blame Baby Boomers, Millenials, or any other generation for our current predicament. Then I WOULD BE PART OF THAT VERY SAME PROBLEM.

I'm sorry for speaking out of tone, but your venting of criticism displayed shows that you are unable to take all of that life experience, and promote effective solutions. Divide, divide, divide... that is all I see. Good day to you.

Seek and you will find

Seek divide and you will find divide.

This old post was written when there were a number of posts blaming boomers for everything, and some were pretty mean, and I just posted off the top of me head. Thank you for not blaming boombers.. I don't blame anyone, just take responsibility for my own sins.

Good posting day to you.

Thanks for sticking up

...for the "Boomers".
The ones who started "Protest songs" before there was a "Music Industry".
(We invented "The Protest Song")
But Then:
Programmed Radio Stations...spelled the end of DJs who raised public awareness about the wars and other social issues.

To combat this many went "Pirate"
GOOGLE THIS: Pirate Radio"...and don't believe the Hollywood version put out there by Hollywood...it was pure BS that film was.


So much for the Boomer-critics...spreading a false narrative on Boomers, that's all that is.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

The Generation Gap.

Saw this film many years ago (group setting) Morris Massey's "What You Are Is Where You Were When", really helped explain the differences in the thought process of the generations. Surprised this one is not on YouTube. (Oops, just found, 1984 for $895!!!!)
I see he has now completed a new one; rental $495. Would need a group to order if interested. http://www.enterprisemedia.com/product/00125/what_you_are_is...

All Generations Are Equal

...in the eyes of the gov't. Each consecutive one exists to be "milked". Besides, these supposed "generations" are stupid concepts to begin with. Just another technique to divide people from one another. Don't fall for it anymore.

To be blunt

Who the hell are any of us to sit here and play internet warrior and place blame while the government continues to piss on us and call it rain. Until the people in this country grow a set of nuts we will continue to lose. Voting, protesting, spreading information, educating, hoping and praying hasn't fixed the problem. I find it sickening how so-called poor and ignorant people in countless other countries have what it takes to stand up to tyranny, but the alleged beacon of freedom in the world is full of a bunch of whining, quitting, nay-saying loud mouths that want to do nothing but fight with each other on the internet instead of sticking it to the people who want a camera in your toilet to make sure you wiped your ass according to their regulation and procedures. There is no such thing as 'almost won' or 'progress'. We either win or we don't. If you want to continue doing the same thing over and over expecting different results; well you know what that is.

Liberty: Too big to fail


Ha ha this is hilarious, and true.

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.


Showing support for America's fail generation.
Self-haters who suicided the Republic.

Personally, and as a boomer,

Personally, and as a boomer, remembering a lot of this stuff, I really liked the article. Especially the whole first part. I do not think many read it with thought..Whether they believe it or not, it's pretty true. Many of us fought like HELL over what we saw coming. I can not believe the ridiculous attacks below. It really makes me question the innate intelligence of many of the users on the DP. No Kidding!

You fought, but you lost.

In the words of Peter Fonda, "you blew it".

And you wanna know why? Because you did not have the unshakeable rock of faith in Almighty God to sustain and strengthen you, the only way Liberty is actually ever achieved. Too much waccy baccy and free love.

You fell for the trap sprung by the likes of Timothy Leary, that the best way to throw off the fifties establishment was with paganism and hippy chaos. Uh uh, that only leads to destruction. It was in Christ.

However, we appreciate your efforts. Ain't none of us perfect.

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

Actually, no. Many of us were

Actually, no. Many of us were VERY much into God, and still are. The fight stopped, pretty much, when they killed 4 of us at the Kent State College Campus. They were ready to kill us all. Life became much more important than ideals, as we had no leader and no mainstream support, whatsoever. You obviously were not there..

Well, good for you

but I think you have to admit that the great majority of your generation were very much against God. If they had not been, things could have been different. As you know, God awards all victories, and all defeats.

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

How Dare You Generalize MY GENERATION?

...From WHAT?
Something you read in a book?
Or heard while talking to "friends"?
You'd be surprised at the many BOOMERS who have a deep conviction, a deep belief in God and Christianity.

Your statement:"As you know, God awards all victories, and all defeats." reeks of an arrogance that's pathetic.

I suppose you are just another "know-it-all" who lurks here.

Does God speak to you?...just wondering.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

How dare I?

Um, as a free person with a right to my opinion. I don't know it all, but God does, and all the glory is His and no-one else's.

"Your statement:"As you know, God awards all victories, and all defeats." reeks of an arrogance that's pathetic."

So, are you denying this statement?

You give yourself away with your name: Danton. Danton was a pagan genocide and proto-communist.

Don't really understand your apoplectic outrage. The point is that the boomers' 'revolution' against tyranny failed because they moved away from God, not towards him. That's a fairly simple point and a valid one.

You can take offense if you want, but it only makes it look even more like it hurts because its true.

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

This Should Be Posted In The Humor Section.

This is satire, right?

-37 votes....

not exactly warranted but you raise emotional points so what do you expect...good job Granger!

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

Another divisive post

From a self-serving, attention seeking individual, with a long history of the same.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

McDonalds burgers are GMO food

if you fool Californians would have voted for prop 37 you would have confirmation of it by now with a big fat GMO label on it.

But instead you, voted for the BT gene to run rampant in your gut.

voted for virus infected food!

voted for bacteria in every bit!

voted for an antibiotic dose in every bite!

voted for a side of nerve agent pesticide with every bite!

My father in-law just died from colon cancer, My mother in-law died from the exact same thing 7 years earlier, and a neighbor had to have a kidney transplant. I never seen so many sick people ever. Most people are dying from organ failure or colon cancer. 30 years ago I heard very little of colon cancer, today everyone is getting it.

What has changed in every diet? GMO FOODS!

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

Sadly I think you are right

My grandfather also just died recently from colon cancer as well. Given the information I have become aware of there is little doubt in my mind that the GM food he consumed daily was related.

Boom Boom

Heck yah, I raised alot of hell in the 60's. Sure didn't stand around holding up an apathy sign like so many of the most recent generations.

JFK assassination, LBJ, RFK, Martin Luther King, Nixon, the Vietnam War, Kent State, don't forget people, we were there and protesting.

Well Granger, I'd say this thread has been a bit of an own goal!


Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

I have called myself a 'boomer' to make a point about what . . .

age I am and what I have seen happen in the world, but I don't identify myself as a boomer, because I don't believe in collectivism--

Yes, the times in which I grew up HAVE had an impact on me--

but if I can't sort things out myself, without being told how to think and feel, based upon my age, then shame on me!

AND I don't blame any other generation either.

I feel that my parents' generation was 'taken'--

and they were asleep; they were used by the establishment, but I don't blame them--

my generation was used by corporations and bought the 'if we're rich, we're happy' lie--

though I fought it--

quite successfully; I'm poor--


Live a simple life--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I blame any statist supporter.

If you are not a statist supporter, then why worry? Some of my BEST mentors were Baby Boomers who know the ins and outs of the local politics, strategies and tactics, but they were few in number compared to us younger rabble rousers.

THAT IS THE PROBLEM. You may have to come to grips not of your legacy but of your generation's legacy. I believe you whole heartedly (heck your on the Daily Paul) that you are not at fault.
Your generation may not be like you, and we need your numbers to go beyond just being in the tea party.

Spread the word to fellow Baby Boomers on board that we NEED their help to throw off these chains since they hold the keys and stand at the doorways.

Never forgive a Boomer

BOOMERS saw their friends go off to Vietnam and NEVER come back, then you got into politics and sent Millenials to die face down in some worthless far away desert.

BOOMERS got into finance and made banks too big to fail.

BOOMERS are greedy

BOOMERS are liars

BOOMERS, since the day they were born, have screamed "My Daddy fought the Nazis! So give me free stuff for life!!!"

BOOMERS are the WORST Generation and I will NEVER forgive them for sending my generation to Iraq.

"First rule of Government Spending: Why build one when you can have 2 at twice the price?"
-S.R. Hadden

The troops in Iraq were there voluntarily.

The troops in Vietnam were forced.


Agreed. Boomers will slit your throat for a dollar. The WORST of my generation are as good as the best of theirs.

Ventura 2012

This mess

has been a group effort...including the boomer generation and including this generation. You could blame the last 3-4 generations.

Lets be honest....when it really comes down to it government is just a representation of the people. If people were paying attention to what the heck is going on in the world and what they're government was doing the representation would change.

Prime examples:


The daily paul is a different breed of human......don't think because many of us younger dp'ers spend our time reading monetary, military and economics books and watch documentary after documentary in our spare time...that the rest of the population is doing the same. The majority of the younger people that I know couldn't point to a map and tell you where Afghanistan is. This mess doesn't ride solely on the boomer generation....they're just a piece of the puzzle.