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I Am A Boomer: Don't YOU Dare Blame Me or MY Generation!

The Boomer Generation did NOT establish the situation we are facing in America, or the world, today.

MY generation did NOT come into this world full of apathy. It began quite the opposite. We were attacked by the former generations just by being born.

How many times did I hear from the former generation, "We had to walk to school 10 miles in the cold rain and snow! We had no TV, and were lucky if we had a radio. We made our own clothes, and everyone had chores, while you kids have wash machines, and cars, and everything has been handed to you! We had to chop wood, and pump water, and many houses never had electricity. Turn off those lights! Turn off that terrible music! We didn't have phones! Get off the phone! We didn't have a bathroom! We had an outhouse and had to walk in the freezing hail and thunderstorms to us the potty! Get out of the bathroom!"

I attended an Eco Event my parents took me to when I was just starting High School. When you entered the event hall, they put us in a room, about 50 people, and they explained what the current population number was, and what we consumed, and three doors opened, and we were filed into smaller rooms, where there was less room, and they explained it was 20 years later, and what the expected population would be, and resources needed. And the three more doors opened into smaller rooms, and we were crammed packed in there, and it was 20 years later, and we were told what the proposed population would be, and the resources needed, and again, we were filed into smaller rooms where we could hardly breathe, and told by the 2060, what the population would be, the resources needed, and we all wanted out of those rooms. I've spent my life trying to get out of those rooms.

As they released us into the hall, my father turned to us and said, "This boomber generation is going to be a huge problem on the Earth."

In high school, the Nam war ended, students who wanted to go to Nam couldn't. Jobs were short time, paid about $2.15 an hour. It took me all of two weeks to learn I could not pay the rent working at McDonalds. What has changed? The war on drugs began, and it was a WAR ON BOOMBERS, and now a war on their children, and grand children.

People liked me protested from day one. We were losing rights while the former generation fought us with their rampages, "We didn't dress like that! Look at the long hair on those boys, they look like girls! This FREE LOVE is nothing but sexual orgies."

The women's movement was handed to us on a silver platter. NOW YOU ALL GET TO WORK. Wages dropped and women competed with men for a decent wage job. Where the folks house cost $14,000.00 the same house now cost $65,000.00 when we graduated, and few were making that, and the next two years it was $85,000,00, and although the house aged, it cost $135,000.00, 10 years out of high school. And by the time you were 30 that same house was $300,000.00 and the central bankers had us in debt for college, debt for cars, debt for everything the former generation could opt out, but we could not.

And as people do, boomers fell in love, got married, and had CHILDREN. When you have children, you stop protesting. You stop going to rallies. The LAW has you just where they want you. Every school became a, "Your kid is our "spy" program. "Good morning class, let's talk about drugs.. do your parents smoke marijuana?" "Do your parents spank you?" Our parents, and many of them would drink, BEAT, not spank, BEAT with belts, slam with closed fists, and tell you to shut up, or they promised they would "really give you something to cry about".

I watched the boomer generation, my generation, get beat down, over worked, underpaid, while our parents were making more money in pensions then many of us who were getting lousy benefit plans, lousy 401s.. and what happens next?

We've been HIT with the likes of ENRON, corporate bailouts, housing busts, mortgage busts, pension cuts, benefit cuts, insurance cuts, growth of prisons, and laws, and bigger fines..

I never had kids or got married, I was so busy, as so many boomers like myself, who have spent our entire lives fighting against what we now know as a UN Agenda.

Like the Eco event I went when I was just starting high school, it's as if the boomer generation was just the first.. each wall of doors cramming in "our" children, and their children, and future children, through a system that was DESIGNED, not by us, but for ALL OF US.

So let's stop blaming boomers, because the truth is, you're generation isn't any better or worse. Boomers care about YOU and your children, and at this point, many have been so beaten down they look to you for hope. They know they failed, but don't know how, because most were so busy working to keep up with making sure you had the latest greatest gidget, and gadget, from computers, to smart phones.. insurance costs HOW MUCH? And many are still looking for their parents to help, just as you do, not because this is what they wanted for themselves, or for their children, but because they love YOU and hate what happened to them.

And you should know this.. the boomer generation is divided. There is the boomer generation that went to Nam, and those who did not. And this to has been a huge problem because boombers were never able to get on the same page. There were the haves, and the have nots, and it had everything to do with AGEISM.. Senior citizen ages keeps climbing.. it was 55, then 65, then 72... we have been divided by ageism ever since I can remember.

I don't know any boomers that say things like, "If you love the war on drugs, thank a boomer". I don't know any boomer saying, "If you love having no rights, thank a boomer!" or "If you love abaortion, thank a boomer." Though there were some boombers, it was not the majority of boomers.

What I do see, boomer to boomer is, "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?" It's not that we are stupid. It's that most were busy raising kids, feeding the dog, figuring out how to make a marriage last, or a job, or how to raise kids and work and care for their parents, or if McDonald burgers were actually food.

I really wish the age discrimination would end, and the age of HUMANITY with HUMAN RIGHTS would begin.

Can we at least try here on DP? Can we stop blaming boomers, or other generations, and see what we can do to make ALL of our lives worthy and wonderful?

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I personally don't remember

having EVER taken a cent from a future generation. The FED did, government did, neocons did, politicians did. I'm really trying to figure this out. Can anyone on this site explain how they had it so easy at the expense of future generations?

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”― Henry David Thoreau

(Boomer) Catherine Austin Fitts

The Looting of America (in general, and the baby boom generation in particular)


Chapter and verse.

Kind of thought we had won...

As a boomer myself, I don't think my or any other generation
deserves a free pass, responsibility-wise, for the decline of America.

Although I am critical of those of my generation (all too many) who are
content to sit back while the country descends in to totalitarianism
and bankruptcy, I know there are plenty of Boomer's who have never given
up paying attention and trying to be productive and socially responsible.

I would mention one thing that tends to be overlooked. There was a point
there where we thought we had won. I'm talking about, say, 1975 to 78 or so.

After more that a decade of social upheaval, war and protest, riots, asassinations, Watergate and such the civil rights situation seemed better, the Vietnam War was ending,
the revelations about Cointelpro, FBI and CIA abuses had come out in the Church Committee hearings, Nixon was gone, we still had an industrial base and, in general, it seemed like we had the country back, that most of the bad stuff had been an aberration and that we would have sense enough not to go back to the bad old ways.

Well, obviously that was somewhat premature. But, at the time, people understandably
wanted to chill out - figuring that whatever remaining problems there were could be dealt with sensibly.

Meanwhile, the forces of darkness, as it were, were retrenching, going independent - flooding the country with cocaine and disco. Once they were able to sink Jimmy Carter and get most of the old Nixon cabal back in power (with Reagan as figurehead). It was party on with everything from civil forfeiture, drug wars, star wars, Contra wars, tax cuts for big corporations and deficits stretching to the horizon...

Carter said stuff like this:

"I do not promise you that this struggle for freedom will be easy. I do not promise a quick way out of our nation's problems, when the truth is that the only way out is an all-out effort. What I do promise you is that I will lead our fight, and I will enforce fairness in our struggle, and I will ensure honesty. And above all, I will act. We can manage the short-term shortages more effectively and we will, but there are no short-term solutions to our long-range problems. There is simply no way to avoid sacrifice."


Reagan, of course, promised that nobody would have to sacrifice anything. Carter was out and well, we can see how that has worked out - we've pretty much sacrificed the whole country.

I know

for sure, the D.A.R.E. Program was indoctrination.

I don't blame my Father nor you

Since you were indoctrinated into The Powers that Are's manufactured lies.

Now I will hold the newest generation feet to that fire since they will be the first group that can break the Lie since they have access to more truth than any other time in our history via the internet, something us older folks didn't benefit from when growing up.

We were told how to Think, Act and Believe from our TV Radio and parents all whom are controlled by TPB as evident from the last 2 president elections.

You have found out you were lied to and that all you can do is watch. The real test will be when and if the youth do revolt against the man behind the curtains.


You're wrong. Boomers have

You're wrong. Boomers have maintained the status quo they inherited for their perceived self interest. Now the chickens are coming home to roost. I have no sympathy for anyone, young or old.

Bogus Argument

There is nothing special/better/worse about ANY generation. They are all people and any of them born in the same time would have behaved the same way under the same circumstances.

It's a bogus argument/thought.

If you want to blame a group

blame progressives!

Please subscribe to smaulgld.com

If there has to be blame

why not blame those who didn't vote, didn't get involved, shunned the whole system, didn't even try to run for office, just figure they would let someone else do it?


who knows if our votes even count. I could plug in Ron Paul and my vote could be maneuvered to Obama Who knows! Any more.

Good point, but how did it get that way?

I'd suggest that it was because too many people, as Granger
points out, were busy/tuned out/apathetic to notice that
the system was being corrupted.

There's no technical reason why we couldn't go back to
voting in person on paper ballots and tabulating them
by hand but it's not going to happen unless people demand it.

what is voting?

Voting is nothing more than mafia rule aka majority rule.

explain to me how voting is legit when someone does not consent to the particular vote taking place.

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.


happens in many levels and in many ways.. petitioning.. you apply your name, address phone number, goes to the secretary of state..

witing a letter to a congresscritter, anyone who has a government job, you need to put your address, number, dates.. you give a yea, nay: please vote susch and such.. it's a form or voting..

when you are on a committee.. council, board.. all these affect inniatives, resolutions, bills and acts.. all are forms of voting and they are more important that election.. election is a fundraiser, beauty contest.. "who do you want to tell you what's happening"...
on of the reason people told me they were voting for Obama is, "He's a good speaker" ( he reads a teleprompter well)..

the more local, the more power.. that is why local politics is MOST important.. why you need to be seated, because you CAN affect the legislation in your city and county.. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

That's how we got legalized medical cannabis 10 years ago and many claim it's our #1 industry. That's how we banned GMO.

Right now we are going up against the UN Agenda.. have a big town hall meeting this tuesday, and in MY county there will be thousands of people there because WE KNOW WE CAN AFFECT LAWS.


Our sheriff is the highest elected official.. he is THE LAW.. and he protects us from the state, and we expect the state to protect us from the feds.. and if the state messes up, we SUE the state.

Presidential elections are not the most important ones.. the election coming up next year will have ISSUES, and people don't get it, so they don't vote.. but those of us who do get it.. we will be writing letters, signing and passing petitions, and getting the vote out on ISSUES important to us.

Sorry Granger, you're wrong

I don't blame YOU. I do blame your generation.

Look at the 2012 election. Which candidate had the greatest youth vote? Ron Paul. Your generation voted for the Santuroms and Romneys. Voooooomit.

Sure maybe you voted differently, but your generation did not.

Pottawattamie County Iowa

"Capitalism should not be condemned, since we haven't had capitalism." -Dr. Ron Paul

No she didn't

She voted for mittens romoney..

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

How do you know

Got any statistics on that youth vote? NO??? You mean the states didn't count write-ins except as "Write in"? Wow.. you say you wrote in Ron Paul and you can't prove that you did. You have NOTHING to show but you feelings. Snatorum was not in the general election ballot.

The Youth Movement wa nothing but a fan club.


You are pissing in the wind here. You are talking to young people that read the rules ALL over the country. They don't need statistics of HOW the blue hairs voted, it's obvious.

I'm a BABY BOOMER and paid a lot of my personal money to get the courts to make the OTHER Baby Boomers follow the election laws.

You know, instead of yelling

You know, instead of yelling about people blaming each other, perhaps it is better stated that at this point, it only matters that we learn from the mistakes made and try to correct things in the present.
Do I think the generation before mine is at least partially to blame for the mess we are in, sure I do. Do I go around yelling at people and being angry at them for it? No, most definitly not. That solves nothing.
Notice I only say partially? Well a this point, its not any one generation's fault for this mess. Alot of the mess we are in has come about in the last 10-20 years. Only 15 years ago, the national debt wasnt out of control etc etc.

Opinions, opinions, opinions. People can have all the opinions of whose to blame they want, but in the end, only the facts of what went wrong and how to fix it will matter.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

You know instead of being an authoritarian

You are free to IGNOR.

I don't think anyone is to blame, nor do I think it's any generation. I think people as individuals, even with the best intentions, make mistakes, and whether they learn from those mistakes or not is again, individual.

Some people learn from other's mistakes..
Some people never learn.

I can't say I really like you but

I agree with your title. What will be funny is when all these young college educated "liberty lovers" turn 70 years old and realize that they are completely enslaved and nothing has changed for the better. I wonder what group they will blame then?

What I don't get

is the blame in the first place.

Of course!

Your purpose here will have been accomplished!

America and Freedom will be gone.

My purpose here

has been entertainment and education.

What's your purpose here? Waxing apathy and inciting a civil war?

Hey Old People

Stefan Molyneux offers a deal for old people. Problem is that even if the younger generations wanted to pay for boomer's retirement, there is no way we will be able to afford it.


Sounds about right to me.

Sounds about right to me.

I think he's sick

Guess what? Where I live, we have control of our government, we got involved, we stood up and were counted, so you're off the hook SM!!! KEEP YOUR scant income as a philosopher. DON'T NEED YOUR scant wage! Worry about youself mate. From your vids you're going to need a lot of help. God help your children!

Granger, you're usually more

Granger, you're usually more thoughtful. What control over your government do you think you have? Why are you active in the liberty movement? What do you disagree with? The man is simply trying to point out the hypocrisy of anyone who supports the status quo and expects to be paid in the end. I think you are letting SM's atheism get in the way of an honest opinion of THIS video, which has nothing to do with his atheism.


If you scroll down, you will see a long post by me, where I respond to a vid SM made.. please read that.

Where I live our control is LOCAL.. our sheriff is THE LAW and we are very active here.. our sheriff protects us from the state and we expect the state to protect us from the feds.. and that's why and how we have laws that NO ONE anywhere in the USA has.

We old hippies (not to be confused with long hairs) have fought for freedom and we are still fighting for freedom and we are more free here than anywhere I know.. we don't need his scant money.. he can keep it.. hope he does better for his children than his folks did for him.. he's ANGRY and spiteful.

Please read my comments about him in the post I made below..

Sheriff is the law?

The Sheriff in not the law he upholds it, we are a nation of laws not of men, pretty basic American history if you don't know that, no wonder your a Statist.