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I Am A Boomer: Don't YOU Dare Blame Me or MY Generation!

The Boomer Generation did NOT establish the situation we are facing in America, or the world, today.

MY generation did NOT come into this world full of apathy. It began quite the opposite. We were attacked by the former generations just by being born.

How many times did I hear from the former generation, "We had to walk to school 10 miles in the cold rain and snow! We had no TV, and were lucky if we had a radio. We made our own clothes, and everyone had chores, while you kids have wash machines, and cars, and everything has been handed to you! We had to chop wood, and pump water, and many houses never had electricity. Turn off those lights! Turn off that terrible music! We didn't have phones! Get off the phone! We didn't have a bathroom! We had an outhouse and had to walk in the freezing hail and thunderstorms to us the potty! Get out of the bathroom!"

I attended an Eco Event my parents took me to when I was just starting High School. When you entered the event hall, they put us in a room, about 50 people, and they explained what the current population number was, and what we consumed, and three doors opened, and we were filed into smaller rooms, where there was less room, and they explained it was 20 years later, and what the expected population would be, and resources needed. And the three more doors opened into smaller rooms, and we were crammed packed in there, and it was 20 years later, and we were told what the proposed population would be, and the resources needed, and again, we were filed into smaller rooms where we could hardly breathe, and told by the 2060, what the population would be, the resources needed, and we all wanted out of those rooms. I've spent my life trying to get out of those rooms.

As they released us into the hall, my father turned to us and said, "This boomber generation is going to be a huge problem on the Earth."

In high school, the Nam war ended, students who wanted to go to Nam couldn't. Jobs were short time, paid about $2.15 an hour. It took me all of two weeks to learn I could not pay the rent working at McDonalds. What has changed? The war on drugs began, and it was a WAR ON BOOMBERS, and now a war on their children, and grand children.

People liked me protested from day one. We were losing rights while the former generation fought us with their rampages, "We didn't dress like that! Look at the long hair on those boys, they look like girls! This FREE LOVE is nothing but sexual orgies."

The women's movement was handed to us on a silver platter. NOW YOU ALL GET TO WORK. Wages dropped and women competed with men for a decent wage job. Where the folks house cost $14,000.00 the same house now cost $65,000.00 when we graduated, and few were making that, and the next two years it was $85,000,00, and although the house aged, it cost $135,000.00, 10 years out of high school. And by the time you were 30 that same house was $300,000.00 and the central bankers had us in debt for college, debt for cars, debt for everything the former generation could opt out, but we could not.

And as people do, boomers fell in love, got married, and had CHILDREN. When you have children, you stop protesting. You stop going to rallies. The LAW has you just where they want you. Every school became a, "Your kid is our "spy" program. "Good morning class, let's talk about drugs.. do your parents smoke marijuana?" "Do your parents spank you?" Our parents, and many of them would drink, BEAT, not spank, BEAT with belts, slam with closed fists, and tell you to shut up, or they promised they would "really give you something to cry about".

I watched the boomer generation, my generation, get beat down, over worked, underpaid, while our parents were making more money in pensions then many of us who were getting lousy benefit plans, lousy 401s.. and what happens next?

We've been HIT with the likes of ENRON, corporate bailouts, housing busts, mortgage busts, pension cuts, benefit cuts, insurance cuts, growth of prisons, and laws, and bigger fines..

I never had kids or got married, I was so busy, as so many boomers like myself, who have spent our entire lives fighting against what we now know as a UN Agenda.

Like the Eco event I went when I was just starting high school, it's as if the boomer generation was just the first.. each wall of doors cramming in "our" children, and their children, and future children, through a system that was DESIGNED, not by us, but for ALL OF US.

So let's stop blaming boomers, because the truth is, you're generation isn't any better or worse. Boomers care about YOU and your children, and at this point, many have been so beaten down they look to you for hope. They know they failed, but don't know how, because most were so busy working to keep up with making sure you had the latest greatest gidget, and gadget, from computers, to smart phones.. insurance costs HOW MUCH? And many are still looking for their parents to help, just as you do, not because this is what they wanted for themselves, or for their children, but because they love YOU and hate what happened to them.

And you should know this.. the boomer generation is divided. There is the boomer generation that went to Nam, and those who did not. And this to has been a huge problem because boombers were never able to get on the same page. There were the haves, and the have nots, and it had everything to do with AGEISM.. Senior citizen ages keeps climbing.. it was 55, then 65, then 72... we have been divided by ageism ever since I can remember.

I don't know any boomers that say things like, "If you love the war on drugs, thank a boomer". I don't know any boomer saying, "If you love having no rights, thank a boomer!" or "If you love abaortion, thank a boomer." Though there were some boombers, it was not the majority of boomers.

What I do see, boomer to boomer is, "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?" It's not that we are stupid. It's that most were busy raising kids, feeding the dog, figuring out how to make a marriage last, or a job, or how to raise kids and work and care for their parents, or if McDonald burgers were actually food.

I really wish the age discrimination would end, and the age of HUMANITY with HUMAN RIGHTS would begin.

Can we at least try here on DP? Can we stop blaming boomers, or other generations, and see what we can do to make ALL of our lives worthy and wonderful?

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Statism keeps me peaceful.. I believe a little statism is good. When I was a surfer, I was an anarchist.. I was a very good surfer, very powerful surfer and I owned the waves and didn't share, because I didn't have to share, and if you were so stupid to come to my surf, I would hurt you and your property, and all my surf buddies backed me.. and they would hurt you too.. and the best thing was for you to never come to my surf again, because if you did, you accidentially drowned. I had witnesses.

Wanna surf with me (anarchism)? Or think you might want a lifeguard (statism)?

Your a Bush republican

and you have about 2 braincells, I'd lay off weed for your own good, the biggest tyrants in history were all statists, you would fit well in a fox news blog not here :)

I'm not a Bush Republican

I voted Nader in 92, 96, Y2K and 04, 08

I'm not involved in the marijuana business.

I am a statist.. that is correct, but that's only because I'm not a globalist, because to me, the UN Agenda is the biggest tyrant ever.

You voted Nadar?

A statist is someone who believes problems can be solved by Government as opposed to the people, I'm not arguing for Anarchy or the UN which I despise, you voted for Nadar tells me you are a socialist that's what he is, maybe he has good intentions, maybe civil liberties would improve, but not our economics. I think he would be a fine person as Attorney General busting corporate criminals, but not as President.

I don't agree

In my case, I believe government is the people, and it's a means for the people to work together to corect problems so anyone who is interested can part take. When it is corrupt, as it is, it's up ti the statis to work harder to end and purge the corruption.

I voted Nader 5 times because I was a libertarian for 16 years, and we never won an election, and what was worse, Republicans were given the nominations.. on top of that, the major parties collaborated to prevent third parties from being in debates and and getting ballot access. Nader saw it and decided to do something about it. There were many libertarians, Reform Party Constitution Party,, 8 third parties joined in our efforts to END THE DUOPOLY. It had NOTHING with Nader being a socialist.. it wasn't about Nader.. it was about fighting the two major parties.

What we won were dozens of law suits in dozens of states and we lost every one of them. So I KNOW, NO Indy NO third party will ever be in debates or get ballot access.

My Mom is a Boomer

and I have already told her and her brother it is their fault more than any other. The wealthiest generation saw no need to pay the bils as they went.

Your parents were right - you had it easy and their worst fear are realized. Now we are all screwed. Whose fault it is the least important detail right now.

It is now about being responsible enough to prepare for what is coming. I like Rand but he will never become President. He fooled the establishment once and they will not let to happen twice especially after his patriotic behavior as a senator.

We all need to be ready for the economic hard times that are staring us in the face.


Liberty = Responsibility

My parents were right

I've paid into SS for 42 years.. It will be another 10 before I might collect on what was FORCED from me.

My Father didn't have to pay into SS because of his military standing.. he retired and made $117,000.00 a year from SS. His house cost him $14,000.00, and it sold for $750,000.00. My mother never worked, and she collected social security (1,400.00 a month).

I got a social security card when I was 15 at school. I have worked since I was 15. I have paid social security.

I don't know where you get this idea that the boomers were the richest generation. I didn't have kids. All the boomers I knew that had kids, both had to work to afford having a kid.

I sure would appreciate an education that shows me that boomers are the wealthiest generation.. seems to me, we are all products of the times we live in. each individual has their own cross to bare, eh?

You are kidding right?

The boomers didn't have the highest standard of living of any generation?

What Generation do you feel had a better standard of living?

If you didn't have children I would agree that your individual situation was not typical. Not having child is a form of poverty. ( that of course is nothing more than a personal opionon)

Really it is mute point.

what was, is most relevant to understanding what is, and what is, is a freakin mess. You are someone more prepared than others to deal with it and that is what will matter, hopefully sooner rather than later.


Liberty = Responsibility

What generation?

Your question had me do a little research.. it seems this generational thing is for the 20Th century. I can not find anything for previous generations.. and as I looked at generations.. it seems the lines get fuzzy.. the only generation that seems set in stone 1946-64 (which these folks have little in common.. 40, 50, 60.. all are different socially, influences, opportunities) and on wiki, it's as if a gex Xer can be a Gen Y if they want..

I'm now starting to think this generational thing is just another social engineering plan..

Can you find anything about American generations from 1776 to 1900?

So in other words, the boomer

So in other words, the boomer generation taught us how to not take personal responsibility.

Shocking. /sarcasm

Boo freaking hoo. You had it SO tough, "woe is me" and woe is my generation. That mentality is precisely why no one wants to take responsibility for ANYTHING these days. Where do you think the spoiled brats of today who are so dependent upon entitlement systems implemented BY YOUR GENERATION learned how to FAIL at taking responsibility for themselves? You deserve part of the blame whether you are responsible enough or NOT to ADMIT IT.

true but...

i think you are also placing blame on the wrong generations. entitlement wasn't implemented by the boomers; no, it's been embraced by them, as has the nanny state, but it and those ideas of their needs were introduced by their parents and grandparents. they are not bankrupting the system right now, their parents are / did. they are simply now in the positions of authority to deal with it. and we can see the results of this decline over time in our boomer leaders and their lack of courage, taking responsibility, and self-righteousness in the face of having no moral ground to stand on.

we can also look at them like a group, because unlike any other group, they alone can change it at this time. it is too much to have smaller generations who has fewer positions of authority, money, and power in media and government, to do anything.

to the OP, stop the self guilt posts, and do something couraegous b/c you're more likely than most to be in a position to do so. and ps - no one reads that much online, brevity is your friend.

What do you consider courageous?

I didn't see it as self quilt. I saw my past as drawing a line saying, "Don't place blame on MY generation", because I'm responding to posts that are blaming my generation, and I'm not buying it.

Personally, I think telling it like I see it is courageous. I'm not a writer, and I'm not making that as an excuse, but a fact. I'm not sorry if you don't like how I said what I felt needed to be said.

I don't regret saying it either.

No, that's not what I said

I take FULL responsibilty for what I have done, and failed to do, what I have said, and fail to say.. I'm not boo freaking boo hooing.

I'm very greatful to Ron Paul for inviting me into the GOP, where you generation is too afraid to get dirty getting to work.

Boomers did not implement SS. I've been paying onto SS 42 years. and I'm not boohooing.. matter of fact, I bet I paid more into SS than Ron Paul who took his SS. I know I paid more into SS than my Mom who never worked, or my Dad who SS didn't take since he was military.. that didn't stop him from taking $117,000.00 a year from SS. I don't begrudge him. He thinks he was entitled.

I'm told that because I'm not eligable for SS for 10 more years, I may never see it. So what if they took it by force? I'm not boo hooing. I'm independent, totally free, giving to charity, working as a volunteer so some kid might have a job. I didn't have kids, I worked so other boomers kids had MORE.

So what blame do you want to lay on me? Your own inability to be debt free, raise and kill your own chickens, plant and grow your own food?

Don't let me stop you. I'm far from boohooing, I'm telling you, don't blame me cause all that makes you is a blamer and that ain't gonna get you a damn thing but a place in line at the food bank, where you can boo hoo about processed food given to you by the boomer generation.

the issue should not be whether any generation is to blame

but rather which INDIVIDUALS are to blame
Blaming groups that define their membership solely by age, sex or skin color is I think a Nazi concept-one that goes against all principles of individual liberty.

Its easy to blame groups until someone starts blaming YOUR group-you will start with the very rationale 'it wasn't me' defense, but by then you'll already be finished and your defense will fall on (collectively) deaf ears because with your help the proposition has already been established and validated: that groups, not individuals are responsible.

And you will be deemed guilty by group association. Sorry.

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no deed to blame it on any one specific generation

Just blame it on the herd mentality made up of 80 percent of any generation.

It is not the fault of any particular generation.

Actually two of the most significant laws that enabled the destruction of freedom, the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and the Income Tax Act of 1913, were enacted 30 years before the first baby boomer was even born.

There are natural laws that govern the growth of socioeconomic organizations like cities and governments. This has been studied by Professor Geoffrey West, and his conclusion is that these organizations grow at exponential rates that are unsustainable, eventually leading to collapse. Because they are growing exponentially (compound growth) they eventually reach the impossible point where they must grow infinitely fast to continue.

If you look at any growth curve that shows this hockey stick characteristic you know collapse is inevitable after you enter the more vertical portion of the curve. Money supply, federal debt, and human population are examples of growth following this pattern. This are what they looks like if you are not familiar with the look of an exponential growth curve (compound growth curve):



These socioeconomic entities gain efficiency up to a point but once they reach that point further growth has the opposite effect and they become more and more inefficient; the growth must then continuously accelerate to offset the loss from more and more inefficiency; this is what leads to collapse.

The baby boomer generation simply is a large group which happen to be standing too close to the accelerated growth phase of the federal government and its unavoidable collapse.

No matter what we do, any government will grow until it collapses. The land will survive, some of the infrastructure will survive, some of the people will survive, but the government will always die and be replaced by yet another government that will then follow its own path to destruction. Perhaps people are not aware of these repeat patterns because they often take periods longer than the normal life span to unfold.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

It's offensive and antithetical to principles of liberty that

an entire generation of INDIVIDUALS can be collectivized and be blamed (or praised) for anything.

“You have to remember, rights don't come in groups" Ron Paul

and by extension blame can't be ascribed to a group (unless the group is formed by a voluntary association of individuals-so you can blame the Symbionese Liberation Army for kidnapping Patty Hearst-but you can't blame those born between 1945-1960 for her kidnapping)

This group collective characterizing is no different that the "society is to blame" mentality that attempts to exonerate individual criminal behavior.

Many of our ills today can be blamed on individuals and groups that brought about the situation and many of those individuals and groups were of the boomer generation.

But to blame an entire generation for the misdeeds of a few is a most dangerous proposition.

Indeed it leads to one mob (non boomers) vs another mob (the boomers)and the concept of liberty and individualism vanishes. You are judged according to which group you belong. If you are a non boomer you are judged prudent, kind, if you are a boomer you are judged imprudent and selfish.

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We are not talking about rights, we are talking about responsibility.

If we are a nation of the people, by the people, then of course all mistakes are squarely on the shoulders of the people.....

Rights are as deep as responsibility, if the people are not responsible they will capitulate what God granted them.

The last few generations have drenched their posterity into debt and war, and now should hide from the truth because we dont want to face the truth.

IF, the government and their cronies did this, who let them do it ? Who contributed by either participating or apathy ?

Let me get this straight, we cant blame the free people for letting their government steal from their posterity but we can trust the people to elect a benevolent dictator ? Thats BS, if the free people are capable of self government they have to accept the burden of authority, or they have none.

"The big bully took my lunch money, I'm a victim"
"No Johnnie, you let him and now suffer your fate"

Freedom is an animated conquest.......

"are not talking about rights, we are talking about responsibi"

Correct and no one has individual responsibility for the actions of his/her entire generation!
They have responsibility for their own actions and that's it.

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Using that line of reasoning entire generations

consisting of individuals are to be condemned for the atrocities of other individuals.
Take a look at the myth of a guilty nation

An individual of ANY generation is relatively powerless to stop certain actions of determined individuals. Therefore you can't blame an entire generation for the acts of a few individuals.

Were the generations (of individuals) born in Europe in the 1820's responsible for imperial conquests and occupations of non european nations. Did they "let it happen"

If the boomers are ruining society, are the millenials "letting it happen" and therefore have collective responsibility for their plight?

Blame for actions needs to be ascribed to individuals or groups acting in concert.

To look at things and individuals as groups is dangerous and antithetical to the principles of liberty.

It is also very attractive and makes one feel better if there is a collective to blame so I understand the fascination with the concept.

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Did those Europeans live under the USC where it is government by the people, for the people ?

Apples and Oranges

not really do you think you really have a choice

to influence United States policy? What can you do or could you have done to stop the recent wars, droning and spying?

Are you to blame for them because you live in the "USC where it is government by the people, for the people?"

If it continues are you as an American guilty?

Seriously-blaming groups instead of individuals leads to totalitarianism.

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Yes, I do

Yes, I can resist fiat credit, government charity and live beneath my means with personal savings. Sure, you bet an individual can change things.
I am guilty, for I am a boomer...

Yes, I am to blame and I accept my burden, do you?

Free people is who should be blamed, the whole darned group. The longer they have been here the more burden of blame.

Blaming groups...like government oligarchs and the PTB......

Are you suggesting a nation that has plundered the world and borrowed against their posterity is harmless ?

Does the eight year child saddled with others debt carry the same burden as the seventy year old ?

I can resist what ever I want

but I will not be responsible for what YOU or any group does not resist.

"Does the eight year child saddled with others debt carry the same burden as the seventy year old ?"

Perhaps if that 8 year old is one selfish little child and the 70 year has fought his entire life for what he believes in.

I refuse to accept group responsibility for actions that I have not taken. I will gladly accept responsibility for my own actions.

That means I won't take blame OR credit for what my involuntary "group" has done.

If you want to join a boomer commune and self flagellate, go ahead but I won't be joining any group based solely on my age, race or gender

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Lyndon LaRouche blames the Boomers, and so will I!!

Lyndon LaRouche blames the Boomers, and so will I!! According to him, ever since the assassination of JFK, the world has been doomed to global mass extinctions through any number of cataclysms, all of which are attributable to failure by the Boomers to carry forth JFK's tremendous program for elevating mankind to the next level of energy flux density which should carry the human species to Mars and beyond.

But really. Just blaming the boomers is good enough in my book.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"


Blaming one specific generation for all the problems of this nation is the most immature, selfish, irresponsible thing I have ever read on the DP.
Like the generations of World War I and World War II had nothing to do with the problems today of central banks, fiat money, income tax, Wall Street, Pentagon,Social Security, etc. - which the boomers inherited. Please remember, that the oldest boomers were only around 17, 18 when Kennedy was assassinated - then they were sent to Nam.
At least they stopped that war, what war has the energetic youth of YOUR generation stopped?
And wow, that younger generations of X and Y are so intelligent, hard working, selfless, moral and politically savvy.
Yep,only the boomers screwed up. Interesting though, at least the boomers don't "blame" any previous generation. That's the special privilege of YOUR generation
- the one they call the "whinny" generation.

Good point

If someone does not step up and pay for the sins of our fathers, we are damned to hell.
Each generation will continue to follow the lead of their ancestors, until someone steps up says we were wrong, dont do this. Until free people take responsibility, the viscous cycle will destroy us.....I dont see anybody stepping up saying "I will do it"...I will suffer our fate so my posterity does not have to.

56 of the wealthiest men in the colonies, with everything to lose, gave it all so we could be free. 45 died broke, most in poverty.

“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

Ok so let's just line up 40-50 million people

of an entire generation put em in stadiums around the country (or Fema camps) and make them "step up and pay for the sins of our fathers"

We could have mass rallies and mass trials (all televised), they would all admit wrong doing on behalf of their generation and the torch would be passed to a new pure generation and we would have utopia.

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YES! YES!! Forty years in the desert to punish boomer sins!

YES! YES!! Forty years in the desert to punish boomer sins, with NO REPRIEVE and no escape till the bones of the last wicked boomer lay exposed to the merciless sun!

Twas good enough for the chosen people, when they opted to follow a shiny cow. Its more than good enough for the generation of leeching vipers who swore they'd never be like their parents but ended up being far, FAR greedier, wasteful, and avaricious.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"


That is what many on Wall Street and K Street would like to do.....For the free people to throw their arms in the sir and capitulate.

So to you blame means punishment, for some of us it means power to solve our problems......does personal responsibility scare you ?

I leave a quote from a second generation American and you respond with that........seems rather odd.