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There should be no more debate about Jesse Benton. His "holding my nose" comment is all you have to hear

Tired of still being attacked by supposed fellow "libertarians"? Could you smell rat but did not hold your nose only to be accused by others on the Daily Paul of being a "shill" or whatever clever words they had for saboteur? Well it is "finally on the chalkboard" we know who the real saboteur was...lets get over it and lets move on.

Jesse Benton needs to be as far away from any future libertarian candidates as possible.

I donated and volunteered for Ron Paul 2012, nothing against Rand Paul but I was not expecting to fund Jesse Benton's long range political agenda.

Let's stick with the facts;

1. Ron Paul was a political juggernaut in the weeks before Iowa.
Even main stream media admitted he had the best ground game, and the money was pouring in. They (the main stream media) was even doing the "Iowa does not matter" propaganda in preparation for the Ron Paul blowout.

2. Days before Iowa volunteers were told to stay home "by the official campaign" and there was a major rift in whether we should monitor the votes at the precincts.
Iowa was close to being a disaster, and this is when the splits really began to show in the Paul campaign. Romney and Santorum were fairly well prepared in more populated areas with signs and canvassing, but anyone who was in Iowa will tell you that we should have been better prepared.

3. This is when branding and image became part of the selection process for volunteers.
Volunteers were (on paper) told to be "clean shaven" tattoos were to be "covered up" etc. etc...... It all makes sense now. Ron Paul supporters were ordered to stand down so that our image would not bleed over to the 2016 Rand Paul campaign. Hey you with the dreadlocks, beat it! You are not welcome here, we are running a "professional" campaign and all of you Ron Paul kooks need to stay in the closet...we have a master plan (Rand 2016).

Paul's bread and butter donations were actually peoples bread and butter money. I know for a fact that people went without food to help the money bombs...and for what?
So that Jesse Benton can live out his Lee Atwater fantasies?
I say let the progressives have him!