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McCain's nickname should be T-REX

McCain has short baby arms much like the T-Rex. Also his war mongering is very reminisce of the deadly dinosaur. What do you think.

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The name T-rex is good

Jus look at pictures of him with his very short arms(much like the t-rex) and then you have his bad temper and his hostile disposition(much like the t-rex)

how about...


Eastern Oregon is Ron Paul Country!

his toothy smile is much the same

but I like t-rex better

t-rex was actually tough...

mccain just acts like he is...

i like FLIPPER better...

"win one for the FLIPPER" could be his new campaign slogan...

Eastern Oregon is Ron Paul Country!

I like ...


That fits his personality.

I know I don't want some half crazed prisoner vet with their finger on the button.