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Holy Schnikees! Snowden's father and Bruce Fein just issued a vicious beat down

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why would

an association with Bruce Fein be a bad thing?

I'm like you. I read a

I'm like you. I read a comment that said he has a bad track record and to do research. I decided to agree based on my own angle- of which is odd- but that I didn't make up. I merely observed several vid clips. You can follow the discourse and the ending below. To save time skip to I "understand about time" I assure you the dialogue is very taboo for politics but can't be denied with a case strong enough to stay in the background.

Hate to have to be the one to

Hate to have to be the one to say this but I keep seeing this trend on important national stories that effect the country. Um well, This is nothing against Edward at all. But if you look at this video starting at 2:15 watch his fathers eyes thru to 2:26.

I know its taboo but use this at least as a guide that says " I need to look at the entire system of control and move against the TREND and Fruits of Tyranny. Meaning ...

I saw a comment down below. that Bruce Feine should not be trusted and research his history. Block the trend of tyranny in whatever form it takes.

This happened on another clip that and I could not believe what I saw and it is in my history of DP. I got the idea from someone on YouTube to look for it.

If you pay attention on different news clips of important stories you will see it for yourself. You guys are smart. It goes without saying but think for yourselves.

I'm still completely pro Snowden look at his fruit. But something is extremely fishy.

UPDATE: I looked at his other clips and he does it on some of those as well.

Could you just say

what you mean?

My bullshit meter is pretty good. Lon Snowden does not strike me as a dishonest person even though he is doing his best to protect his son.

Maybe I am wrong.

Please just say what you are talking about. Thanks. :I

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

well I like to create mental

Well I like to create mental options open of all possibilities, kind of like a computer, only so that my mind is not closed.

At the same time I keep the same beliefs, and proceed as usual. I get alot of these skills since I'm a magician and have perfected a way at picking up on extremely difficult and baffling tricks. Side note I am really impressed by Derren brown A Psychology magician/Hypnotist from the UK. If you want to Try your BS meter on this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90xfZJQzAhc ( if you don't believe in hypnosis this may be unbelievable to watch)

I have this method of logic because I have been surprised by things I thought I knew. When I am investigating I guess I am coining it the back-burner method.

Meaning while I am investigation I will keep things in the back of my head and if it is true I will eventually figure it out and find a use for it. So if I responded to your question frankly.

It would be speculation and intuition mixed with my version of evidence. I am just concerned about being placed in a group and I cant think of that word Compartmentalized?

I have once heard that imagination is better than knowledge. All the greats like Tesla Einstein etc. And I've read in bible to be wise as serpents but gentle as doves.

The short answer is - it may not be him here and I don't want to bog the Daily Paul too much of this with strange words. But there are plenty of people explaining on youtube. But alot of crap as well that just wastes your time. which i think is on purpose.

Took me so long because someone pulled me away from the the computer


Could you just tell me what is making you paranoid about Lon Snowden? His body language doesn't seem suspect to me.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

The point is Look to focus on

The point is Look and focus on the person involved who is not to be trusted. Anything else is just helpful confirmation.

Go to youtube and type in "Best Evidence Live Superbowl" and watch how he reacts to his own face. This is key. this dispels the idea that the video has been altered. Its the same thing over and over on lots of other vids. That's why I knew to look for it.

The videos that are genuine are the ones that don't waste your time and show the person reacting to themselves. As opposed to others that just look strange with weird music and graphics.

like I said, Just use the backburner Method. You'll get it eventually.
And when you do, Your mouth will drop open like mine did.

Good thing is, there are already researchers on the topic. So you don't have to do that yourself.

no offense..

but you keep linking to shit that doesn't matter.

You make these profound statements and then expect us to 'get it' if we search for it. The problem is, YOU are the on making these vague statements.

Either make your point or go to your fkn room. I dont have time to debate intellectually dishonest people. Make your case. Allow it to be vetted or STFU.

I welcome an honest debate. That is what makes this community so damn awesome. Quit being vague or a shill.


'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I understand about time-

I understand about time- Here.
I made my point that its not him. And the Search term "Best evidence Live superbowl" I didn't give the link for that, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOIwH9H7XtQ is relevant because it shows what I am talking about. I don't like adding the R word for casual browsers to the site. Maybe the Derren brown Link threw you off, I could have done without that it was only to show How I research. He covers the Kennedy Assassination and how it probably was carried out. and is the best Magician I have ever seen.


You've got to understand that Right? And why I am so careful...

Ill go ahead and send this and then just update its getting late.

UPDATE: Same Here Look at his face
But doesn't Scarborough's face look red and squinty? I was just telling a relative that when an important issue of dividing the country comes up in the news. The person that is causing negative ruckus, something is frequently going on with there eyes (at that moment).

I also find it interesting that the video is in a smaller window of the actual viewing area, making it even more difficult to see the eyes.

I watched the lady who he is frequently with on the show. She is on the opposite side of the screen, She's almost seems to wonder whats going on with him, as if she is thinking why is he picking this topic?. Or where is he going with this?

Or that's not like him. When she nods she's just going along but trying to figure him out.
On both videos he is hitting sensitive issues, and on both his eyes are doing this

Again Here.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z32QsI8r5lk I saw this last week.

I'm new to this as well. I'm not making this up I'm Just noticing it!
And again its with important stories That I pay attention too and then notice it!
I say research for yourself Because I really don't want it coming from me. If you can't do that I can't help you. I don't have an ill agenda. And I don't know it all .That should be vetting enough. It's important enough to bring it up and it is very strange.

If this was an attack on his father I would have said that he has ill intentions Did I say that? I said it wasn't him.

And a shill would go ahead and type up as much crazy stuff as possible and get into weird sounding discussions. I am attempting to avoid all of that.

logically and completely. Does that sound like a shill? How would a person who is telling the truth, say what I am suggesting if it were true? Just as I am saying it.
Now we have a post stating how good the father is as if that was the subject all along. Let me know where the BS is and I will come on your side.

So you're saying that you

So you're saying that you think Bruce Fein and Lon Snowden are lizard people, reptilian-like aliens taking on human form, and that's why you don't trust them?

You've got to be kidding me...

Well you've been here a year

Well you've been here a year so you should know about marginalization, Followed by personal attacks. With respect, you have to be more decisive to understand.

**Copy of Jill Booth Comment below**

(He rubs shoulders with the worst of the worst
Submitted by Jill Booth on Mon, 08/12/2013 - 01:45. Permalink

This guy doesn't ring true.
If Sibel Edmonds calls him to question, that is a concern to me.)*********

So do your research on that topic alone- The rest I just find fascinating

Succinctly, I said

1. look for anomalies in the vid above between 2:15 and 2:26.
and compare to how he https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOIwH9H7XtQ Opens his eyes to fix it.

2. Mathew 10:16 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in
the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as
serpents, and harmless as doves.

3. I don't trust Bruce. What have we been doing here
at the Daily Paul? Learning and taking over the systems of control in government. We are aware of tons of dirty tricks
which work- when they can say whatever seems plausible on either side- the people buy it and the same agenda continues. That's the SYSTEM. Therefore you can't just jump on the Bruce Bandwagon and hope. Stay alert Thats how tricks occur. They want to play both sides to win.

4. Have you looked at the evidence for yourself, more specifically at the you-tube videos? If you have not you may have enacted the same thought process of the people we marginalize as sheep. Just at a higher awareness.

5. If you HAVE seen the vids, that's okay, I'm plotting methodically.

6. This is a steep hill to climb and Concerns about the video being edited become important.

7. If the video looks edited then toss it
however why do the subjects then react to their own face confirming a reactional intent to avoid detection? when they don't need cover from someone present if they are looking at the camera- its hard to see the eyes.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djUsfKyYrmY take a QUICK PEEK
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z32QsI8r5lk TAKE A QUICK PEEK (1:55 You've got to say Scarborough looks menacing!)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPiNoJ28SDw Rep Jim Himes (45 sec to 1:15 trouble with voice) (3:13- 3:32 trouble with eyes)}

And each time its when it is an important issue or when we need someone on the other side speaking for us. All im saying is why does it keep coming up.
Pay attention to this during really important issues and you will see it yourself.

What is is the Point. Use this information and keep it on the back-burner and as a guardrail to tell yourself to "Pay attention to the system- and block it entirely". For that is what they do to us. Pay attention to associations.
Deceit hides behind associations and facades

Oh he is not recording me, he is talking on the phone.
She is not cheating she just has later work hours
He is not bailing on the date. He is just going to the bathroom.
I lost my dog, can you hop in this van and help me find him?

You've got to be able to see what Im saying by the association. The same way you would a magic trick.
Why is the vid pix-elated low quality?
Why is the viewing window smaller?
Why can i connect with the message but not with the person talking? etc
Who put out the video?

This information only serves to have you think more comprehensively in specific instances

When the entirety of the situation outweighs a stream of information that IS possible to believe, pay attention. That's where you find trouble.

The information should be debated and not the sender. I'm seeing what you see and find it weird. I decided to say something. And that was tough to do. If you don't address the information, then its not a rational debate. Can I have an explanation please? ( not you specifically)

Keep quoting

Keep quoting those founding fathers...Loved it when you quoted what Madison had to say about "a patriot saves his country from the government"...they don't like it when you quote those founding fathers. Keep quoting, you guys are doing a great job educating MSM and the sheeple.

Who Is More Un-American Than Clinton, Obama And Biden?

Hypocrites, all of them!

Don't know if these are *more* Un American, but Bush I & II ....

Romney, Graham, McCain certainly are as UnAmerican............

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Putin, Castro, Kim Jong il, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei

oh wait, they're anti American.. my bad

Spoken like a true idiot

I have come to expect nothing less.

At least we know Putin cares about one American's life - more than I can say for the aforementioned fellows.

So what are you going to do

So what are you going to do when the Republicans nominate Jeb Bush in 2016? This has every bit as much of a chance of happening as Rand receiving the nomination. Do you ever reach a point that leads you to stop towing the republican line? Do you go ahead and support Bush?

It's not going to happen

When RP asked me to join the GOP in 07 I refused. He didn't have the people on committee.. when he said he needed delegates in 11.. I joined.. he didn't have the seats, but he had more seats.. and ewe have been filling seats.. and people like Rand.. my whole committee is RAND.. I was the only one for Ron.. so you can see, it's VERY different for Rand.. he has people on committees.. Ron had a fan club that didn't want to get dirty. We got dirty for Ron, and we are ready for Preibus and the silencer for Rand.

It looks like Bush is getting

It looks like Bush is getting ready to step in. I wouldn't be so quick to discount him. It's good to hear your committee is pro Rand but, will they all still be pro Rand when they have new choices? A few weeks of Rand bashing on Fox can change the outlook in a hurry. 2012 was the flavor of the week campaign and it shows just how easy it is for the GOP to change front runners. I have a feeling the establishment GOP will want a Bush vs Clinton ticket. I guess I am asking a question you can't answer on the recorded (depending on your answer). I hope your answer would be that you will dump the GOP and support Rand or another Liberty minded third party candidate before you would tow the GOP line for Bush.

I don't discount Jeb Bush NOT at all

Why wouldn't we be for Rand? What has Jeb Bush got but a name connected with evil? A few weeks of Rand bashing absolutely can affect those who are isolated and dependent on MSM for social life.

Fox's problem comes when they are up against human beings who are on committees and KNOW why, and what they want, can debate in person, can knock Fox, who has no recourse because they're not in person, and it's this personal passion with us .. when you see real people with personal passion, it's very impressive.. so Rand has the edge over fox now that there are many of us who stuck in the committees..

How many of us do you think will "sell out".. Jeb would have to buy people, and we're not the sell out type. We're in this to change the direction, not make a buck, like Fox.

2012 was shopping candidates because they knew Ron Paul was THE MAN, and they weren't going to go Ron Paul because the committees were folks for sale.. Romney paid many of his delegates to be in FL.

I hope your feelings about the Bush-Clinton is wrong.. could be that you're right.. If I wanted maximum voter apathy and surrender of the American People to the UN Agenda.. that's what I would do.. so maybe you're right. And maybe American are too apathetic, too lazy, too stupid, too cowardly and not willing to get dirty and fight in the GOP to restore the republic..

The reason I will not dump the GOP, is, I only joined the GOP in 2011.

I was a Libertarain from 1976 - 92, got our asses handed to us every election.

I was an Indy working with Nader to open debates and ballot access for Indy's and third parties from 1992 - 2010 got dozens of law suits in dozens of states 5 elections in a row, never won one law suit (Ron Paul's campaign was a cake walk by comparison).. I am absolutely positive (be a hard working Indy political activist in several states) NO Indy, or third party, will ever be in the debates or president. I KNOW most the laws, I watched the loopholes get closed up tight.. I FOUGHT HARD, and we were defeated. So if you think after our efforts in FIVE elections, with 8 third parties and an army of professional Nader Raiders.. ACTIVISTS,, you can beat us.. Go for it. You won't.

Meanwhile, Ron Paul's invitation to join the GOP was brilliant! Absolute BRILLIANT. The GOP was shutting down. a MSM facade, and Ron Paul and the rEVBOLution blew the doors off, and why they are so pissed. We know who, and what, they are, and we're taking this party.. it may not be by storm as Ron Paul and we hoped.. too many Ron Paul fans don't want to get dirty in the name of principle.. but those of us who are willing to get dirty, willing to fight from the inside.. we are actually doing well.. so who knows?.. now that we've made it pretty kushy in the GOP with liberty committees, those who didn't want to get dirty MIGHT (because I for one won't depend on "the youth",) Maybe the youth MIGHT agree with get in the GOP for Rand and win one for Ron Paul as well.

I think when Ron endorses Rand.. there will be a change.. as it is, not everyone is as tough as those like me on committee seats now.. and that's not a put down.. I took a lot of hard knocks to get where I am.. you may need hard knocks, and why you want to stay out of the GOP.. which at those point.. I'd welcome you... no one welcomed us. That's the BIG difference, GOP affords us opportunity, built in.. so we can make this easy.. the hard part is trying to get the youth to "get dirty", break the, "I don't want to be connected to the GOP because they're dirty",, YEP, and we're the clean up crew. That's how I see it.

I understand loud and clear

I understand loud and clear frankly there is no other game other than to take over the democratic party. These are the only two roads to the White House under the present system.

Here in CA with 53 electoral votes

There's no way we are going to take the Democratic Party.

Oh, I Don't Know...

Henry Kissinger? Zbingnew Brezinski? Chris Matthews? General Limon Lessinger? Bill Ayers? Nancy Pelosi? Well, I can name a few others!


OK I know I'm pissing into the wind here....

but Bruce Fein is NOT LIBERTY'S FRIEND.
This is one sly fox guarding one fat hen.
Wikileaks is almost 99.9%, a CIA front.
I am just asking people to do some serious research..to look into bruce fein's zionist connections, his 2 faced approach to civil liberty and the Armenian genocide.
Down votes don't worry me ay all, but the people on this site who want to bury the filth of bruce fein do.
There is so much information about Mr Fein and Wikileaks, that any libertarian should be asking some very serious questions about him and his involvement in the Edward Snowden case.

you know

there is much I agree with you on until you get to the zionist part.. that when your arguments fall with me, of course you know that.

Did you ever watch that vid.. a legal case for Israel? It's non-fiction.. seems you might appareciate non-fiction.. only reason I ask

Hi Granger,

I'm not painting fein as a Christian Zionist, but as a NWO wolf in sheeps clothing zionist...or maybe a better term would be a Judus zionist.

Judus Zionist

It's appropo!

Well, The CFL..

Apparently doesn't know about your, um, thingie regarding Bruce Fein.
I have, saved in my picture library, a couple of pics of Mr. Fein at the first CFL event, 'Rally For The Republic', in August 2008 (which I attended, and listened to everyone speaking, also photographing all the speakers. Barry Goldwater Jr. was pretty cool, but Jesse Ventura looked old and bald, I think).
SINCE Mr. Fein is 'allegedly' involved with Wikileaks (as you seem to state), this gives me further reason to doubt your statements regarding him. Didn't Bradley Manning send Aussange the world-famous VIDEO of the murder of the civilians and Rueters reporters that ended up creating the SH&TSTORM that you are all aware of?
I DO remember 'GODLIKE PRODUCTIONS', back before they were compromised by, um, certain PTB, several years ago. There was this time they were hacked in to...
The Ecuadorian Embassy in London MUST be a 'CIA STATION OFFICE', I suppose.
Mr. Fein sounded quite good, by the way. His speech took place around 10:30 in the morning OF the Rally.


Please just pretend that

the CIA is NOT, and never has, in any way or form running drugs out of South America.
And I didn't in anyway tie Fein with Wiki, two separate entities, but most likely one head.