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I want to see Ron Paul debate Obama

Ron Paul could demolish any Democrat one on one in a debate. For that matter, he could demolish any Republican one on one, too. If anyone ever gave him a chance to respond to other candidate's ideas, the other candidate would be toast. I suppose that's why they keep him relatively muffled in debates, with eight other participants or whatever.
He would own Hillary, no doubt. But my favorite to watch would be Obama, because he has nothing insightful to say, and just waffles around looking for attention. He can't really think through things on his feet, and it leads him to say things like "I would invade Pakistan" and "I would put a protective tarriff on t-shirts."
Oh what joy that would be.

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It won't happen. Rudy will

It won't happen. Rudy will run like the wind. It will become so obvious to everyone how clueless Rudy is and how he never read the 9/11 report.

Ron Paul vs. ANYONE debate would be great

It would be soooo entertaining to see Ron Paul go on a 1 on 1 debate with any of the other top tier candidate.

I would pay 1,000 to go to a Madison Square Garden debate between Ron and Guiliani. I would want to see that the most.