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The First Episode Of The RP Channel

Was awesome. Greenwald was the guest via satellite from Rio I subscribed obviously and thoughly enjoyed it. Thanks for the Mox News/CNN link, GBAmerica.


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Update: Received an Email from Dr. Paul.
To celebrate our first month of broadcasts, all Founding Subscribers will receive a limited edition Ron Paul Channel car magnet
Ron Paul Channel First Episode!! - Interviews Glenn Greenwald - August 12, 2013


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10 dollars a month?

Thats way cheaper than any cable subscription. All i need is the internet and RP channel!

Im signing up too

The first episode should be

The first episode should be free so people can see what the channel is like. Maybe even a free week or month trial. That said, it seems like this channel is just going to be preaching to the choir.

Agree. I actually went to the

Agree. I actually went to the website assuming that there would be a preview episode.

...I'll probably still end up subscribing.

I voted you upward because

I voted you upward because your sentiment is true. The primary benefit of creating a subscription-based channel is money. I don't need to hear another sermon as I'm a believer. ;) The unclean masses need to hear the sermon from the man himself, not through one of his disciples. ;)

Give me a license which allows unencumbered redistribution on my LPAM station so I can broadcast the man's words to the unwashed masses in my area! :)

Yeah. I think a subscription

Yeah. I think a subscription to get the episodes ad-free or maybe a couple days in advance of everyone else might be a good idea, but to not allow people to see the content for free seems like a mistake IMO.

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Im sure they put much thought

Im sure they put much thought into all of the things you all are suggesting and there is probably good reason they are doing it the way they are. How long have you all been in the media business?

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This is the most exciting thing since the campaign. It's great

to see the Doc being able to talk uninterrupted and freely on any subject he wishes, and to see him interviewing other people after years of others interviewing him!! We've been wishing and waiting to just be able to hear and see him again on a regular basis, and now we'll get to do this 3x a week!!!


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The Judge needs to have his

The Judge needs to have his own show on the RPC!! Fox Business Network cut his show Freedom Watch and now FNC has him pinned up as a Senior Judicial Analyst. The world needs more Judge Napolitano. Come on!!!!

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Awesome. I would love to see the two warriors back in action. The Judge's is ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED material for any Constitutional Libertarian. (that should be the name for this whole thing)


Infowars has been on a LOT LONGER time and offers a lot more than this for the same money. JUST TOO MUCH. Quite frankly, I am surprised at this.

Get advertisers but don't make people pay! Don't you want attract potential converts?

Bought myself a birthday present today--

the Ron Paul Channel. The first show was great! Do you think Ben Swann will air any of his shows on this new channel?

Maybe Ron should consider

Maybe Ron should consider giving a free trial. Maybe even a free month or two for anyone who donated to his campaign.

No doubt. I guess it cost

No doubt. I guess it cost money for the studio and streaming. I am guessing he may be raising money for a Rand Paul pack as well.

Will the money raised preaching to the base be better than expanding the base? I guess they are counting on the 5 minute attention span of the public meaning they will raise money now and build the base during Rand's campaign (5 minutes before the ballots are cast).

I see the channel going free during the election.

I'm torn on this...

On one hand, I want anything that involves honest discussion about important issues and issues that aren't covered by the MSM to succeed. Anything that RP is doing that promotes our goals I'm gonna want to get behind.

On the other hand, unless you can share this video with others who have yet to be convinced or informed about Liberty, I think it a bad idea to charge a subscription fee. I do not think it is realistic to think that people would:

1) Pay for news that isn't MSM and

2) Pay for news that they are not going to like or want to believe.

But...I am also aware that it costs money to provide this news platform that we all really want to have. So I guess like I said, I'm torn on this.


Agreed. I do NOT mind funding

Agreed. I do NOT mind funding projects such as this one with one condition. Once I pay for the content, I MUST be allowed to rebroadcast it on my LPAM station in any format, text or audio, that I deem appropriate. You see. I want to reach those local people who will NOT pay for this information and I can't do it without an appropriate license.

Many folks in this movement are shooting themselves in the foot by not allowing redistribution of content where appropriate. Rebroadcasting content on a LPAM station will NOT materially affect profit at all, but it will certainly help to spread the message at MY expense.

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That YOU deem appropriate?

That YOU deem appropriate? That would be piracy. This is a news network, not a project. RPC is no different than the The Blaze, RT News, and any other web based tv service and they are in the business for profits. There are thousands of other ways to spread the Liberty Movement other than scamming off the Ron Paul Channel.

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Only piracy if they don't accept his demand

What "tpreitzel" stated isn't piracy.

His statement was "I do NOT mind funding projects such as this one with one condition. Once I pay for the content, I MUST be allowed to rebroadcast it on my LPAM station in any format, text or audio, that I deem appropriate."

So he is saying, "Hey Ron Paul TV guys I'll freely offer you $10/month if I can use you content as I see fit." They then can choose to respond with "Sure, send us the money." or "No, it's against our terms of service." Whatever the case, it would be 2 parties discussing terms of a potential exchange of resources.

Piracy would be if he said, "I don't accept the terms of service, but I'll still click "I Agree" when I pay the $10 and then do what I want despite whatever contract I just pretended I was agreeing to abide by."

gotta love the Message of Liberty

I was hesitant on purchasing a subscription but decided to anyways and IMO the RPC is really a breath of fresh air. Its soo good to see Dr. Paul provide his own feed back. further more the Interview with Glenn Greenwald was awesome. the topic of the dollar made me feel worried tho. The truth maybe ugly but it will certainly set you free.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Carol Paul should have a

Carol Paul should have a cooking show on the channel.

There are so many possibilities

aren't there. Seeing Carol in the kitchen would be fun.

with a credit score of 220

I'd have have to issue an I O U much like the SSA does
other than that I'd participate

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Let me know.

I saw you can comment and post original content on here. I'd take the RP TV thing for a year for you, even more so if you have visiting people around you who'd be interested to get the same sort of clues.

I don't care about $10 or 20. Spreading the truth while we can is too important. Always has been.

I'll be honored to help. Just let me know by PM.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

I have a tendancy to foist facetious comments

from time to time. but not in this instance
I spoke truthfully. This economy is no friend to me and mine.
I was blessed to participate in the mancession so orchestrated by
the illustrious ones.
I'm touched by your act of kindness and generosity.
It speaks volumes as to your character.
Thank you for considering me worthy

and finally I'm not sure as to PM ?

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Private Message.

Private Message.

( http://www.dailypaul.com/faq#contactuser )

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

me email is

don't figure anything as private anymore
not with the big skanky eye n da sky

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LOL... Ok.

LOL... Ok.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

I will admit

I have no idea what it takes to put something like an online news channel together but on the surface it appears he won't be able to broaden his base of supporters unless we will somehow be able to share certain clips for free via fb and twitter. The viral aspect of the web is why it works. A pay for channel seems so 2003. I hope he proves me wrong.

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Still very open to all sorts of bets

Well, very very few things are ever written in stone forever, you know.

Who knows. What if the number of early adopters and initial subscriber base would be enough to go way beyond a timid kickstart, attract the attention of liberty-minded capitalists and angel investors especially sick and tired of today's status quo (as we all are), and willing to invest a bit in it with a tiny drop of advertising much smaller than the regular, yet able to lower the subscription to a ridiculously low figure for a broader subscribers base?

My best wish, anyway.

It's still very open at this point. I subscribed immediately because I can afford of course, but more importantly, especially for I know it's precisely the early support which is crucial when you make the choice they made.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

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To anyone out there hesitating or griping because of the $9.95 subscription fee, I say this to you:

First of all, please support the free market by voting with your fiat dollars for something beneficial. Come on, some day it might be supported via another method that can get the key stories out there for free to wake up the two party zombies!! Open your mind! Try to imagine what this venture's success could do in attracting capital from liberty minded businessmen to partner with the effort to acquire operating revenue via a different method while improving upon what it provides to society at the same time!! Capitalism works people, but not without people freely participating in it!

Who of you out there that gave $120+ to RP during his Pres campaign would hesitate to pay $10 a month to have a new service that serves to equip us to spread the message and debunk lies in a manner that the CNN, MSNBC, FOX junkies can understand?? The persuasive arguments for constitutional liberty that will be embedded in the channel's news stories are there to be ammunition for us to reuse!!!

Second of all, the interview with GG was worth the $10 alone!!