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Conservative blogger lists top 10 campaign ideas for Scott Walker, Paul Ryan

Jennifer Rubin, a conservative blogger for the Washington Post, is optimistic that a Wisconsinite could be at the top of the Republican presidential ticket in 2016. The pundit, who spent much of the last election cycle helping readers understand the inevitability of President Mitt Romney, has compiled lists of advice for both Paul Ryan and Scott Walker.

Let’s start with Walker. Here’s her first piece of advice:

“Be the guy who’s already slayed the left. Tout his survival of the recall effort in Wisconsin as a badge of honor and evidence he has already shown the toughness to beat liberals.”

Anyone who has paid any attention to Walker would know that he has already figured that one out.

“Become better known. GOP insiders and political junkies know him, but most voters don’t. He’ll need to raise his profile with trips, speeches, TV appearances and maybe a book.”

Check. He’s got the book contract and he has a robust travel schedule (see our Where's Scott Walker? map).


...The final piece of advice Rubin has for Walker is the most bizarre:

“Solve the money problem. As a lesser known candidate without a huge national finance network, Walker will need to learn to live off the land before his candidacy takes off.”

Actually, Walker has raised a ton of money from a large network of national donors (see our map of his contributions http://host.madison.com/ct/news/local/city-life/data-visuali... ). It’s one of the main reasons he's mentioned as a viable presidential contender.

Read more: http://host.madison.com/news/local/writers/jack_craver/conse...

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