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Naked juice is not so naturally naked after all =o


NAKED the product that sells itself as “100% juice,” “all natural” and “non-GMO” doesn’t want you to know. Like that it contains genetically modified soy. And synthetic compounds such as calcium pantothenate, produced from formaldehyde. And Fibersol-2, a synthetic digestion-resistant fiber produced by Archer Daniels Midland. Naked Juice probably doesn’t want you to know that it’s full of fructooligosaccharides, a synthetic fiber and sweetener, and inulin, an artificial and invisible fiber added to foods to increase fiber content without the typical fiber mouth-feel.

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do your own research

This has a lot of misleading and uninformative scare tactics.

And synthetic compounds such as calcium pantothenate, produced from formaldehyde.

Sounds super scary doesn't it? Calcium pantothenate is vitamin B5 and is found and produced naturally in a wide variety of foods you consume every day.


Super big word huh? Must be something made in an aluminum factory right?
Not even remotely, it's a naturally occurring sweetener that is found in barley, wheat, bananas, onions and other foods. Side effects include good digestion and good bacteria growth. IT'S THE DEVIL.

I don't mind outing bad companies doing bad things and this well may be a misrepresentation of the product they're offering, but it certainly isn't cause to try and cause a scare over things that aren't nearly as bad as the author makes them sound.

I'd have a lot more respect for the author if they would have just said the product certainly isn't just natural juice, it contains vitamin b5, artificial sweeteners, and dietary fiber. I guess when you have an agenda, what's the truth matter, right?

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Water - the universal beverage of both man and beast

And also my preferred drink (after beer, whiskey sours, Manhattans, margaritas, Pinot Grigio, and bringing up the rear, Merlot).

fructooligosaccharides and inulin

Why wouldn't they want you to know it contains fructooligosaccharides and inulin.

They are prebiotics that exist naturally in nature. You find them in most probiotic supplements as well.

Having said that, no pasteurized juice with all the fiber removed is really healthy no matter how natural or organic it may be.

Bolthouse Farms is where it's

Bolthouse Farms is where it's at. But screw all that. Food that's good for you is expensive. I don't even like the fact that I'm living, so I find little point in working hard to afford food that helps me live longer.

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Nonsense. Food that is good for you is cheap, cheaper than the

junk with expensive chemicals added to it.

In many cases, such "stuff" shouldn't even qualify as "food" because by the time it's all done and processed, there is little if any nutritional value in it at all.

You can eat wood pulp too, and it might fill your stomach, but that doesn't make it "food" for humans.

One can always grow their own for mighty cheap, and if that isn't an option, you can buy from someone who does.

Even if you have to pay twice the price for a home grown apple from your local farmer's market than the GMO pesticide sprayed version from your local grocery store (let's not even get into pre-packaged "apple slices") you will still come out cheaper over all because you won't have any medical problems that are untraceable and uncurable but only treatable with expensive medicines, hospital visits and surgeries.

Sorry, I don't buy processed food. I stick to certified organic, or grow it myself. I spend way less on food now, and eat more than I ever did. And I feel better on top of it.

Eating healthy is NOT expensive - as long as you stick to real foods and not pre-packaged nonsense. That is, don't buy pre-made and processed "organic" or "all natural" dinners, cans, etc. Buy the actual RAW ingredients and cook. Not only will it be better for you, it will taste better too.

And if you don't have time to cook or learn how, then you are saying you don't have time to care what you put in your body.

Either take responsibility for what goes in, or don't complain when you get sick because of it.

Nope, it isn't. It's cheaper

Nope, it isn't. It's cheaper to eat junk food than to try to find non-GMO organic ingredients that didn't have pesticides used on them. I think about costs right now, not what supposed medical costs there will be in the future. People can refuse medical treatment...I would be one of them.

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I'm telling you - I spend less on food now that I buy raw

ingredients than when I bought processed junk and I eat more now than I ever did.

You also have to compare apples to apples - not apples to something resembling an apple in shape or flavor but which has little if any of the nutrients contained in a real apple.

My homemade strawberry preserves will be cheaper than your store bought jar any day.

My personally grilled hamburger even accounting for size/weight will be cheaper than the one from BK and not only that - mine will be real food, not "meat-like protein" or be full of "pieces-parts" instead of actual ground muscle tissue from a cow.

Certainly, because I'm not spending as much on food, I can then here and there splurge where others can't - for example, I'll use a better grade of beef, or throw in some deer or bison. So in the end, yes, I might spend more total, but on an exact comparison - I'm cheaper using real ingredients.

Another example would be raw potatoes that you bake and mash compared to flakes out of a box.

To make the same amount of mashed potatoes as a box of flakes that cost $3.50 you need about $2 worth of raw potatoes. And with the raw ones, you don't get additives or chemicals thrown in as lagniappe.

It's cheaper to make your own pasta fresh than to buy it already made and dried.

The difference in all of this is TIME.

It costs you more TIME to make dishes from scratch.

But that is your trade off - less disease and healthier living in exchange for faster life-style and high medical bills.

Your trade-off isn't on the food itself at the checkout counter - that's a win-win for the raw produce camp every time and it is immediate.

The full cost savings kick in as you trade your TIME that you spend to grow/prepare food now with less medical bills later in life. (sometimes, not as late as people think either)

I agree with you that natural foods are best

but, you can get a gallon of "milk" at the store for about $2. Fresh milk, if you can find it, is running around $5/gallon. Not cheaper, but better for you. Vegetables and fruit is generally cheaper, but again you have to hope the grower did not use any pesticides while growing it. Ground beef? Do you know the person who raised it? Did they use any antibiotic cattle food? Did they use BGH? If you don't know them personally you are still taking a chance. As for eggs, I have my own chickens. I know what they eat (to an extent - they are free range and eat all the insects they can catch!). The thin shelled, bleached out eggs at the store do not appeal to me any more!

After all that, in general people would be better off if they bought from the farmers market and the local butcher than they are eating the mass produced foods from the "grocery" store. And that includes me!

It's cheaper to eat crap, and

It's cheaper to eat crap, and I will stand by it. I eat crap and I am not diseased, nor will I ever be. I don't eat anything you listed except beef. It costs time and energy to make food. Energy costs more for a person than it does for some company grilling up like 20 patties at once. I don't cook, nor will I ever. It's too much work for a single person, and it doesn't save any money.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.

Wha - ? You mean a corporation lied?

The first lie is that it is Pepsi Cola trying to push itself off as "Natural Juice." That should be the first red flag. After that it is all downhill from there.

BTW - Coca Cola owns Odwalla, though its Orange Juice subsidiary, so be careful about that one, too.

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