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I need some help with homeschool questions.

I have some friends that are thinking of homeschooling their son, he is in 7th grade.

The questions they asked are.

# 1 : Where do you get the courses, test etc...

# 2 : Does he get a diploma when he graduates?

# 3 : Can he be involved in public school activities?

# 4 : Is it different in every state? They live in Florida.

# 5 : Do they send his tests to the city or state?

# 6 : Who grades the tests?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Check out Abeka Video Schools

Abeka video schools are based in Pensacola. We have kids graduated from their program with great results. Although personally I don't like video schools, but it can be one way to homeschool if the parents feel the need to do so.

With Abeka Academy, you school at home, but do receive a high school diploma from them and so there's no need to take GED. Still, the student needs to take SAT or ACT if going on to college.

Every state has their own requirements. You may have to do a little research on that, but I think if you contact Abeka Academy they will be able to answer your concerns for the State of FL and the requirements.

I know in CA and GA we don't have to report test scores. In GA we have to declare our intention to homeschool and keep attendance, but don't have to send it in.

Parents will be grading the tests in most home school situations.

Best way to start is to find local home schoolers, support groups, co-ops and they will be able to answer all the questions pertaining to the locality.

As an ex homeschooler, I'll answer what I can.

# 1 : Where do you get the courses, test etc...
There's tons of small stores that specialize in homeschooling books, courses, and lessons. My suggestion is Google for those things and I'm willing to bet there's tons of sites dedicated to providing detailed information on coursework and where to buy it.

# 2 : Does he get a diploma when he graduates?
Parents have the ability to provide their children with a diploma. I'm not certain what the requirements are.

# 3 : Can he be involved in public school activities?
Yes and no. It depends on the state laws.

# 4 : Is it different in every state? They live in Florida.
Yes, every state is different. Check out http://hslda.org

# 5 : Do they send his tests to the city or state?
Which tests are you referring to? Coursework tests are the business of the parents and their children.

# 6 : Who grades the tests?
The parents. Almost all courses come with a answer keys for the homework and tests, but obviously the child can only be taught what the parent knows. So, if they want junior to master trigonometry, they better start teaching themselves =P


Go there. They will answer all your questions. Here is what you need to know:

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HSLDA should definitely be your first stop

like the poster just said

Here are the laws for Florida. Yes it is different in each state.

You have three options:
1. File directly with the superintendent (county)
2. become involved with an umbrella school - associated with a private school. The rules look a little different than what we have in TN) Here in TN, the affiliate private school will issue a diploma and transcript.
3. Use the private tutor law - not sure about this one.

All of these options lead to a high school diploma, or they wouldn't be legal.

Standardized tests are only required with option one. They are typically given in the school that you are zoned for and graded by the bubble form reader machine.

Curriculum is chosen by the parents and the ordinary school tests are administered by them (spelling, math, etc.) I get my stuff from christianbook.com, although secular folks probably have their own source of curriculum. The Calvert School has a complete curriculum plan that the Swann family used (Ben Swann).

The Craig Dickenson Act of 1997 states that homeschoolers have access to public and private school sports in the state of Florida.

Home School Legal Defense Association

Your friends may want to consider joining the Home School Legal Defense Association: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Home_School_Legal_Defense_Asso...

Here is their web site which has more info about how to homeschool:

They will provide lawyers if you run into homeschooling legal issues, and provide help in other ways as well. Here is a quote from their website:

"HSLDA members receive unique services, special discounts, and personal advice to support and equip their family's homeschool program. Members have direct access to:

Lawyers who specialize in homeschool law and are homeschooling parents
Preschool–8th and high school consultants
Special needs consultants
Forms and sample letters for your state
Advice for DMV and work permits
PerX discounts on nationwide products and services

Membership Pricing

1 Year: $120
2 Years: $230
5 Years: $500
Lifetime: $1000

Note: Special pricing available for HSLDA group discount program, full-time pastor or missionary, and active, retired, or disabled military. "

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Thanks for posting

this b. I have a daughter with two small children that she is going to be homeschooling and it sounds like a great resource to have. I will pass the info. along to her.


Have your friends check out The Oaks Private School. It covers all the bases for homeschoolers.

It's different in every state

The answers to some questions will differ from state to state, or even district to district. Especially if we're talking about what can be done in practice as opposed what the official requirements might say. And for courses, etc., the range of options is very very wide. It depends on what your friends are trying to accomplish.

In our city there are several very active homeschooling groups, ranging from those that try to follow something like a traditional curriculum to "unschoolers." Your friends would get the best information for their area, and also get to meet some like-minded people in their area, if they could find mailing lists, meetup groups, etc. as close to them as possible. Good luck!

I know in some states

If they choose religious preference they do not have to take the state standardized test. As for getting a diploma, as long as they are accredited then their diploma should be accepted.

A lot of it is state based. some are friendly to it and some are not.
Tim Te bow was Home schooled in FL and he played on his local football team. I believe his situation changed some of the laws in FL.

Bet if www.startpage.com "tim tebow home school" you will find tons of info.

Might seem obvious but maybe start here:


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One possibility is

The Freedom Project Education at fpeusa.org

They offer a solid curriculum, if you have a decent internet connection.

I am sure there are many others.

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Will have them check it out.

Will have them check it out. Thanks.