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Dave Barry has a new book out

It's a novel called Insane City.

Anyone else here a fan of Barry?

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I love Dave Barry!

He's hilarious.

I'll have to keep an eye out for his book.

I love DAVE too

I have bought at least five of his books. Great satire when your tired of government and the stupid things in life.

My newspaper used to include

My newspaper used to include his Miami column. It was soooo funny! I read it every week throughout high school and college and then my newspaper dropped him : (

I have one his books. But I need to revisit Dave Barry. It's been a while. He delivers clean humor and it's really funny. Now I mainly used to read his newspaper column and I never came across any vulgarity in his stuff--very unique for a comedian!

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He was on WBUR's OnPoint this morning

Here's the podcast / rebroadcast:

Some of it was pretty funny.