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The Truth About Circumcision

Stefan Molyneux breaks down the truth behind circumcision, including details on the procedure, it's history, rate of occurrence, claimed medical justifications, relation to masturbation, negative consequences and it's morality.


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you should be free to mutilate you're child's genitals

but it not a good idea unless there is a real medical emergency.

i'm also free not to do business with people who advocate infant genital mutilation.

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Welcome to the daily penis.

This post should be imbedded forever on the front page considering how important the penis is to liberty. Anyone who watched 35 minutes of someone giving their opinions on penises has serious problems.


This is a CHOICE, people.

I am SOOOO glad I was circumcised THEN, and didn't have to go through it when I was older and conscious.

I would HATE being uncircumcised. Honestly, it's gross.

Imagine having to clean that all the time.

This thread is very bigoted. If you don't want to your kid circumcised, then don't.

The fact is circumcision is far older than the mercury-added vaccines that are forced by the State onto children. The process is safe, and it allows for a safer, better sex life, and it is much cleaner.

Also, can't say enough... Women prefer circumcised. They want a penis, not a pig-in-a-blanket.

I mean how do you even pee? You gotta unzip two zippers, it's like. You need a stiffy just to poke your head out.

Seriously all the anti-circumcision Nazis need to hear these jokes, and take them to heart.

It is in my tradition, as a Jew, to be circumcised. If you don't want to do it your children, then don't. It's pretty popular, for a reason... And that reason is... More women bang guys with circumcised penises, so we re-produced a lot more.

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Ok, where to start with your

Ok, where to start with your lack of knowing. Did you have your butt cheeks removed so your ass would be cleaner? Now days they have something called antibacterial soap. The process is pretty safe, but every once in a while doctors make mistakes.

How does circumcision allow for a better sex life? If you never had sex with a foreskin, how could you compare? The foreskin is densely packed with nerve endings. How do less nerve endings make sex better? I never had a problem with premature ejaculation. Ribbed condoms are to simulate the missing foreskin, which is for "her pleasure".

American women find circumcision to be "normal" in appearance, because it is common in the U.S., but very abnormal the world over. I never had a woman who was going to sleep with me change her mind. They were usually curious more than anything. Yes the procedure is a choice, however if it's done to a baby boy, they didn't get the choice. Saying circumcision is the best, is like a person that has never rode on a jet ski saying they are not fun. Religious reasons are one thing, but mutilating a ding dong for fashion is stupid.

you lazy barbarian

please rethink your sanitation routine you filthy animal.

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I'm a woman, and

...I hate having to wash all that stuff between my legs. Ugh. I wish I'd been scraped nice and smooth when I was 7 or 8 years old. My parents were neglectful and now, I stink piss at the end of the day, unlike some African and Moslem women, who don't have this problem.

This was a video about ethnicly-approved child abuse

I think you may be watching a different video and may want to call someone and talk to them about it.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Not much I could do about it

Obviously, I didn't have any say in the matter when I was circumcised, but so be it. My parents are not to blame, so that is that. I have had a long life, lots of of fulfulling sex, no problems with having had the hose cut off.

Okay, why did nature include a foreskin? No doubt it was to help shield and protect the head of the penis from damage or injury. Damage being, we didn't always wear underwear and pants, so you can imagine running around in brush and how easily it would be to incur injury onto the head of the penis. Hence the foreskin helped protect it from injury. It is all about breeding and survival of the species, plan and simple way back when.

When my son was born, we choose not to have a "full circumcision". We did the "ring", which took off most of the "hose" but left enough to cover the head of the penis. The ring and the hose fall off after a few days, so the child does not suffer any discomfort. I do believe that it helps keep infection and nasty crud from forming, if one is not hygienic with proper and daily washing.

A question for you:

What do you expect females to do about all the "crud" that they accumulate on their un-cut genitals? Only the boys' cleanliness matters?

ignorance is bliss

many men who were cut as adults describe the difference in sensitivity as seeing in color (uncircumcised) and black and white (cut). they say it like touching the underside of your hand vs the less sensitive top of your hand.

also the "nasty crud" (Smegma) is said by researchers to contain contains anti-bacterial enzymes.

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The glans is supposed to be

The glans is supposed to be an internal organ. That's why we're born with foreskin. Cutting it off is immoral and cruel. I don't care if you're circumcised and you like being circumcised. Some slaves liked being slaves - does that make slavery OK?

If it's your choice that's one thing. If it's forced upon you because you're only a few weeks old and incapable of defending yourself, that's another story.

Agreed. And another thing to

Agreed. And another thing to note: ribbed condoms simulate what sex would feel like for the female if the male had a foreskin.


That is the most absurd thing I've heard yet.

A book for you.

Then try reading Sex as Nature Intended.

Haven't heard this heated of

Haven't heard this heated of an argument about penis shield since it was brought up for a vote in Ol' San Fran in 2012.

I literally have not given a shit about the appearance of my groin since day 1. This seems like faux outrage to me, but you can throw a party about it if you want.

Southern Agrarian

All three of my older brothers

were circumcised. I guess my parents didn't want to go to the doctor to have me circumcised. I'm glad of that! Oh, neither one of my sisters were circumcised!

My main complaint was that no one ever talked to me about what was different between me and most of the other boys. When I was a young boy I thought I was some kind of mutant. I was almost 20, and in the Navy, before I learned what circumcision was and why I was different. This did affect my willingness to try to date when I was in school. So, having a foreskin did affect me when I was growing up, but it was because of not being informed.

If you have children and don't circumcise the boys, be sure to explain to them and make sure they know that they are like boys are supposed to be! As for the girls, please teach them about the menstrual cycle! Don't let them get scared half to death when they start bleeding!

That site is run by a guy who

That site is run by a guy who has a personal grudge against Stef and wants to bring him down. It is full of nonsense and misinformation.

Stef needs to be brought down

He is a sociopath, who rejects duty and kinship in the name of liberty.

Philosophy is the love of wisdom. Stef subjugates wisdom to liberty, and so is no philosopher.

He gets his "defoo" ideas from his therapist wife, who he has called "the brains of this operation". His wife had all podcasts she took part in removed, because she was at risk of losing credibility, perhaps even her license.

The man is destroying lives with his sophistry.

I read a bit of this to see what you mean.

I can see how his advise could be very bad for a lot of people, but it may be good for others. Not all family relationships should be preserved at all costs. Does he go too far and undermine the importance of family? Yup, but so what? His advise isn't going to reach people who have family relationships that are predominately positive and he may be right for those that have predominately negative relationships.

I think you misunderstand

I think you misunderstand his power. He is speaking to young men who have put liberty first in their souls. He takes this idea that consumes them and then twists it against their parents.

He tells them that they will never be truly free until they defoo. He is more akin to a cult leader than a philosopher.


Your criticism may be quite warranted for the cultism, but I'm not going to condemn his opinions just because they undermine my ideals of family values. If young men cut their parents out of their lives, I don't see a calamity unfolding. That's kind of what young men do on their own accord anyway, even if their relations with their parents are good, it's part of independence.

Defooing is the best idea if

Defooing is the best idea if you have an abusive family. Why would you want to associate with your abusers if they continue their abuse? Just because you're related? That is insane.

As a liberty oriented person, you should know government licensing is a racket. That is no reason to discount Stefan, just because his wife's material had to be removed because of the government's ridiculous license regulations.

The problem is that Stefan

The problem is that Stefan thinks that all parents are abusers. In fact, he believes that many actions necessary in parenting are abuse, namely discipline itself.

Stefan is a liberty oriented person, and as such, he takes liberty too far. He doesn't understand duty to others, or the justice of authority.

Your relationship with your parents is different from other relationships with fellow adults: Your parents are your superiors, and you owe them a debt of duty and honor.

It is a good man who obeys, aids, and protects his parents.

I am not a liberty oriented person. That is to say I'm not deluded by the idea that liberty deserves primacy in the soul. There are things far more important than absolute personal liberty.

Molyneux often says things he doesn't fully understand, for instance it is normal for him to say "freedom breeds tyranny". He is right in this, and yet he still places freedom first, and even looks to make anarcho-capitalism viable.

The man is half-baked at best, and a con man at worst. His long study of philosophy has come to nothing for his inordinate love of liberty.

It's a multi-million

It's a multi-million (billion?) dollar industry. The baby foreskin market that is. They call the discarded foreskin 'neonatal fibroblast' and sell the tissue to companies that turn it into cosmetic products.

Yep, when your lady puts on that Oprah face cream, its actually something shockingly different.

"In Mothering Magazine in the Winter of 1997 issue Paul M. Fleiss, MD stated that "the marketing of purloined baby foreskins is a multimillion-dollar-a-year industry." With inflation and the growing number of cosmetic companies using foreskin fibroblasts that number is surely even higher today." - http://voices.yahoo.com/human-foreskins-big-busin­ess-cosmetics-201840.html

"As Dr. Peter Charles Remondino wrote in 1891 in The History of Circumcision, “for skin-transplanting there is nothing superior to the plants offered by the prepuce of a boy.” " - http://www.sdcitybeat.com/sandiego/article-7356-the-$140-million-foreskin.html

I can just see the occult elite taking that type of information to a whole new level... Drinking 'neonatal fibroblast' shakes by the gallon trying to attain immortality... Just kidding.


Fleiss initially trained as a pharmacist and osteopath. He relocated from Detroit to California to take advantage of 1962 legislation allowing an osteopath to convert his degree to an MD.[3] He earned his B.S. in pharmacy from Wayne State University, his D.O. from the University of California, Irvine, and his M.P.H. from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Fleiss is the father of "Hollywood madam" Heidi Fleiss. In 1994, Fleiss pled guilty to charges of conspiracy and bank fraud. He helped Heidi launder hundreds of thousands of dollars by lying on her loan application and falsely claiming that she was an employee of his medical practice.[4] He was sentenced to one day in prison and community service.[5] Following the felony convictions, the Medical Board of California placed him on probation for 1 year and publicly reprimanded him for "unprofessional conduct" and "dishonesty".[5]

Fleiss was the subject of a 1996 made-for-TV movie entitled "The Good Doctor: The Paul Fleiss Story". In it, Fleiss (played by Michael Gross) was portrayed sympathetically, as the victim of his daughter Heidi's machinations. The New York Times noted that "the sweeping inaccuracies in 'The Good Doctor: The Paul Fleiss Story' evidently didn't hurt its ratings", and the film was subsequently retitled "The Making of a Hollywood Madam" and shown on cable television.[6]

Fliess lost respectablity as a father and human being LONG AGO

a 3500 year old tradition... But it's all about the money... ok


Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Not that rediculous

It started as tradition, but once it becomes about about money, it's ALL about the money.

Traditions fade when enough people think its unnecessary or ridiculous.

A nice infusion of reinforcement advertising of the tradition secures the supply resources, so it becomes about money. Once that happens, it rarely goes back.

It's a fine line between capitalism and tradition that's hard not to cross. I cite Christmas as an example. ;)

Just open the box and see

I was circumcisede by a Mohel, in my grandparents home.

Not by some doctor, without permission.

I would agree that doing any procedure without the parents' consent is definitely wrong.

Again, I am glad my parents had it done, per our tradition, when I was young and don't remember.

The facts are, that it helps keep clean, which helps prevent disease.

When Israelites were travelling in the desert, they didn't exactly have medical clinics or hospitals. They had to re-produce to become a powerful nation, so they needed their penises and couldn't spread diseases to the women.

It may not be necessary today, but I find it practical not to have to constantly clean an extra 'closed' area. It makes access to my head easier for women, which is a plus for me too. Foreskin is NOT the pleasure center for men, the head is.

Lots of reasons to do it, and a few reasons not to as well. It is up to the parents. I for one, again, am glad it was done. I definitely wouldn't want to have to do it as an adult, but wouldn't want to NOT be circumcised now.

That's my opinion and those who don't like it can GFYS, for all I care.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

more ignorance from you

"Foreskin is NOT the pleasure center for men, the head is."
it's actually both.

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