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The Truth About Circumcision

Stefan Molyneux breaks down the truth behind circumcision, including details on the procedure, it's history, rate of occurrence, claimed medical justifications, relation to masturbation, negative consequences and it's morality.


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All of a sudden, we're too serious to make penis jokes???? Glad there is SOME humour here.


i think you upset a few individuals sporting the anteater

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Perhaps it was some angry anteaters

Perhaps it was some angry anteaters who are downvoting the comment. Think how they must feel being compared to an uncircumcised penis!

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No more needs to be said.

I actually become very angry (rare) with women, who when confronted with the facts, and asked if it would be OK to circumcise their daughters still insist on circumcising their boys.

In this case, in this regard, I don't believe women are capable of making this decision for boy children as a general rule. There are many "enlightened" women, who rightfully oppose circumcision, but far too many, otherwise good mothers, who insist on it.

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This is such an important topic

I looked into this when my son was born, and thankfully, chose NOT to circumcise. I didn't feel I had the right to alter his little body without his consent, and my pediatrician said there were very few reasons to do it, and many reasons not to. I am so grateful for his honest input which led me to make, what I feel was, the humane decision.

Yeah I didn't do it for my

Yeah I didn't do it for my son either. I remember my mother accidently zipping "myself" when I was a tyke. It hurt sooooo badly and she didn't understand why I was in such pain. Well, I imagine the pain is MUCH worse with circumcision so it was an easy no deal for my kid.

Wow, that was extremely

Wow, that was extremely informative. I never heard such a detailed discussion with all the statistics!

Thanks for posting.

This is some bullshit, I am

This is some bullshit, I am still bitter that when I was just born I was held down and fucking mutilated against my will and I cannot get it back. Fuck that, I am never doing this to my kids when I have children. Just another blight on the constant idiocy in Western Medicine. How can doctors do this knowing there is little benefit? They are useful idiots that cant think for themselves like so many of the other seething masses of idiots running rampant in this country.

Now with hormone mimicking plastics our kids are having fucked up penises to begin with then when they are born we cut it up to further mutilate them and then we wonder where all the real men are?

Welcome to the world little son- you are misformed, we cut you up and injected all sorts of vaccines before you even had a chance to experience physical reality. Now go buy some useless shit and vote for Red or Blue like the good little tax serf you are and dont worry, we have plenty of drugs to try to counter all the fucked up things we did to you already...

Im pissed at my own parents for being fucking ignorant to do this to me in the fist place. Just another biproduct of the great usless Baby Boomer generation that was too busy ruining their marriages with affairs and staggering divorce rates and trying to hold on to some perceived value of the 60's not knowing it was subverted into marketing hype and social conditioning. Yeah your fucked up but your a special little flower and everybody wins no becuase competition hurts feelings.

FUCK THAT. I cant have my real fucking dick back but at least I can try to take my freedom and dignity back.

end rant
(apologies for the rampant use of profanity, this is a emotional issue for me)

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

I'm pissed like you are

I completely agree and sympathize with you.

If you weren't aware (I wasn't until someone linked it to me the other day) here is a growing number of people "restoring" their foreskin. They basically stretch what little foreskin they have and allow mitosis to grow more foreskin (like what happens when someone gets fat - they grow more skin to contain the fat). It won't be the same as never having been circumcised as you will not have the nerve density that was originally there, but at least you can have what is supposed to be an internal organ (the glans) back to being internal.

The downside to this process is that it can take years to fully restore your foreskin - mitosis is a slow process. The upsides are many - sex is apparently orders of magnitude better for you AND your woman, "chafing" at the beach is eliminated, etc..

Thats pretty sick man I gotta

Thats pretty sick man I gotta look into it. Even if its slow its more the fact I can heal myself of what was done against my will. You can elevate your spiritual game above the conditioning and brainwashing if you try hard enough but regrowing body parts is another story...

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

Your emotional response is warranted...

no need to apologize. I understand completely, and would feel exactly the same way if I were in your shoes.

For the record, I am a "Boomer" but chose NOT to circumcise my son, who is now 27 years old. It's no recompense for your pain, but maybe there is some small solace in knowing that at least a few of us did the proper research and chose not to follow the "accepted" medical protocol.

I am truly sorry that you, and so many others, were subjected to this mutilation without having a say in the matter. It breaks my heart.
Truly....breaks my heart.

Much love to you.

I'm circumcised

and I'm glad my parents chose to do that. That video is a load of misinformation.

Me too.

Who are these wanna-be social engineers who are trying to tell me how I can or cannot raise my child?

Oh, they are socialist liberals like the ones in San Fran pushing the same issue.

Their solution - Make it illegal

When SHTF and modern medicine is no longer readily available, good luck if you get an infection there.

As for now, it's just easier to deal with.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I'm glad you're glad because

I'm glad you're glad because there's nothing you can do about it now which is why it's wrong to do a surgery on a baby for no good reason.

Wouldn't you have preferred to have it be your own choice?

"That video is a load of misinformation"

Sorry but this is not an argument, prove it!

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No it's not.

But even if there was no evidence that it was harmful, even if you ignore the science. Preventative mutilation is wrong.


How about if we save all of ourselves time, headache and medical costs by doing preventative masectomies? Great idea! Think of the saved medical costs!

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I wish all women saw, like you see.

It baffles me, why so many refuse to see.

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