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Are You a Left-Brain or Right-Brain Thinker? This Image Can Tell You

or not. heh heh.
Interesting to 'see' which way she spins when you FIRST look at it.

Want to change her direction?
I know how **tease**....
I'll let it stay up...
then tell you in a comment.

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she spins in BOTH directions

Nothing you do via looking off, staring at a focus point, or tilting your head will change this.

Great figure, though.

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Can someone teach me how to

Can someone teach me how to see this image spinning clockwise -or- counter-clockwise? All I see are nipples.


This using eye recognition or something, look up or to the right, she goes right, look down or to the left, she goes left, you don't even have to look at the picture, just keep her in your perifials.

The interesting thing

is that one cannot but see it rotating one way or the other, when in fact it is doing neither. The brain will see it spinning, and there seems to be no way to will it otherwise.

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how does she keep from falling and bustin her ass

is all I'd like to know!

Nice trick...

If you keep looking without blinking for a long period of time you'll notice that it changes from clockwise to counter clockwise... She rotates in one direction for a while and then eventually flips the other direction for the same amount of time and continues this pattern for as long as you watch... Don't take your eyes off her for at least 2 minutes or more and you'll see what I mean.


Okay, I finally got it to go counter clock wise

By looking only at the foot. I could get just the foot to go ccw, consistently, but it's very awkward. Her foot appears to slightly change shape as it spins ccw, pointing at a subtly impossible high angle.

The second I look at any other part of the image, it pops right back to full clockwise.

I think this image was constructed out of a clockwise (i.e.: standing on her left foot) spinning model, and all texture and depth clues were removed.

So, it can sort of appear ccw, but not if you have any awareness of proportion.

A simple internet search proves that the left/right brain thing is a hoax. So, since a few people seem to think that that 'works', I can imagine that when people see ccw their brain probably isn't integrating all the clues of the image.

That's why I asked if people wear glasses. There is such a thing as spatial intelligence.

I can close my eyes and think

I can close my eyes and think of the direction I want it to go in and it goes in that direction. There is a lot more to this than what meets the eye. I want to think about this for a while. Thank you so much for posting this. I found it on the web but give credit to you for bringing it here.

Well isn't that cool

She is a constant counter clockwise for me, and doesn't change. Hello all! Just had to drop in and say hi!

Flip her upside down.

Wow, that was neat. Just look at her feet rotate counter clockwise for a few turns and you will get her to rotate counter clockwise for about 20 turns, then it will change up on you. At first I thought it change changed position every so often but it is when you look at the feet going counterclockwise that your brain has you seeing something that is not there. Where can I go to find this image on the web. I would love to post this to my facebook.

Very interesting, has one going hmmmmmmm.

Chic only goes left for me.

Chic only goes left for me.

Was that an innuendo? ...

Was that an innuendo? ...

She is going clock-wise if viewed from above.

She is going counter-clockwise if veiwed from below.

If you care to notice, the artist has made the foot that describes the apparent circumference of her swing grow when it has reached the right extremity (viewer's right) and shrink slightly after reaching the left extremity.

The closer the viewer perspective is taken by the artist the more the degree of growth and shrinkage would be and the more obvious his intention.

I haven't seen it yet...

but I have spent less than 2 minutes trying. Looking at the image, apparently rotating clockwise... her ponytail is flowing to her left shoulder like she "should" be rotating counterclockwise.

Here is how you can get it to

Here is how you can get it to switch quick...

For me it was going clockwise

When I gaze down away from the image I tried to see it going the other way.

I kept My eyes unfocused and pointed down and only used my peripheral to see it spin.

Then all at once it seem to flip suddenly and I could see it in my peripheral going counterclockwise.

I slowly started bringing my attention up until I was staring directly at it, and it was still going counterclockwise!

But then after a few moments it reversed on me again!

I can get it to change by

I can get it to change by looking at her feet for a few seconds. It was clockwise for me at first thought.

If you think that you think with your brain...

... then how do you explain "out of body experiences" when the subject says "I saw my body on the slab, and thought to myself: "I hope the doctor does not slip and ...” . (Thousands upon thousands of unrelated cases).

If you call it "delusional" then you have fallen for the NWO originated, modified and controlled subjects of psychology (from Bismarck; via Wundt; via G. Stanley Hall, John Dewey, et al; to state legislators who legislated to introduce eugenics and to schools who started thereby nullifying spirituality and religion in your schools. And, from Bismarck; via Wundt; via Sir Francis Galton to do the same damage in Britain. And, from there to Hitler who bragged about how he implemented the principles of eugenics as applied in both countries to bolster his more direct receipt of the flawed and diseased subject.) And psychiatry which has performed mainly as a political weapon for the duration of its sordid and rather savage existence. Also you have fallen for the scientific dogmas of "modern science" which are further designed to wipe out any thought of psychic or spiritual phenomena by the same masters.

If you don't, and you track it down relentlessly you have the path for reconciling what the scientists and religionists argue about constantly and for exploding the 10 dogmas of "modern science" (note the oxymoron) as laid out here http://wariscrime.com/new/the-ten-dogmas-of-modern-science/ per Rupert Sheldrake. His list is probably not complete or totally embracive but makes a good starting point.

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Had my wife and boy and myself all watch it

All three of us watched it simultaneously and it was going different directions at the same time by report, just to confirm that it is illusion and not the animation sequence.

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I had to stare at it for about five minutes but then she started reversing. Can't quite control it though.


Currently consuming: Harry Browne, Free Domain Radio; JT Gatto and Holt; Wii U

I can see both ways, I think ?

Just need to concentrate to change direction.
But clockwise is default for me.

I have a method that works for me

I can make it reverse direction if I flutter my finger over the image like a shutter


I see a clockwise spin. I tried a couple of the techniques to get her to change direction but they seem kooky to me. Is it really possible to get her to change direction? If so - wow!

it's looped going one way

it's looped going one way then changing direction...I say BS

I can... but I can't...

I can now change her at 'will'
I CANNOT do it without diverting my gaze.
If my eyes are focused on the image..
I cannot 'will' her to change..
I HAVE to cut/divert from the visual input/stimuli to 'change' my mind.

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I have a different test...


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Tilting my head from side to side

will make her change directions. When I tilt my head to the left,
in a few seconds she turns counterclockwise; tilting my head to the right, she turns clockwise. Sometimes there is a slight pause before the change but she invariably does change directions. I have no idea what that signifies other than maybe there's more blood going to the tilted direction thus more sensitivity there. Maybe I just discovered a cure for writer's block when I am at a loss for words.

My professional opinion

This is messed up! I had the same problem. She was spinning counterclockwise until I moved it down, then she started spinning clockwise! I am also ambidextrous! Came in handy when I was a general surgeon.

I am also an amateur musician. I guess I have a non-non-dominant hemispheric brain!LOL!! But, they say that the practice of medicine is as much an art as it is a science.

But, my brain must be a mess. I got criticized for practicing "cutting edge medicine" in a small southern town, when I was shortly out of my residency program! Glad I don't practice medicine and swim with the sharks, any more! Good luck to you all! You are doomed to a lot of mediocre medical care!

Non-non-dominant hemispheric brain

is a very good scientific description. My understanding is that music is a creative variant of mathematics. My biological sciences/chemistry in college with business career and interest in music (piano) may also indicate a similar disposition. I agree, the medical care picture isn’t good. With all the toxins to which we are subjected, keeping our immune systems functioning as a good defense becomes a real challenge.

So....if I more likely see it

So....if I more likely see it as spinning clockwise (viewed from above) does that mean I'm right-brained or left-brained?

Although the OP says that this image will help me find out, you don't actually say which perception equates to which dominant "brain hemisphere", and none of the comments have yet to ask such an obvious question.

Like with too many threads on the DP any more, so many posters immediately get off topic into idiotic debates and no one else reminds us of the originally stated title of the thread.

Where are all the thinking people? Hopefully they're out doing something useful, since there are too few on the DP any more.

It's in the first comment / post... here ya go :)

According to the Mind Motivations test:

►If you see a clockwise rotation, you are a right-brain thinker.

►If you see a counter-clockwise spin, you are a left-brain thinker.

Left brain is analytical/critical thinker.
Right is art/image/'free' thinker.

the right side controlled creative tasks,
while the left side was where logic, language and reasoning

No way to create a poll on DP...
►when you comment... tell us which way she spins when you first looked.