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Are You a Left-Brain or Right-Brain Thinker? This Image Can Tell You

or not. heh heh.
Interesting to 'see' which way she spins when you FIRST look at it.

Want to change her direction?
I know how **tease**....
I'll let it stay up...
then tell you in a comment.

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mine keeps getting kicked back and forth

what does that mean?

Not thinking with my brain

Once I stopped looking at her boobs, I was able to see her spinning ccw.

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Can somebody

please tell me how to make the darn thing spin clockwise? I've been trying for several minutes, it's all counter-clockwise. I know for a fact I'm left brain as I write computer code.

When I pictured the Mona Lisa in my head, it went

clockwise; and when I did simple math equations, it went counter clockwise. Try thinking of a great work of art. Let me know if that works for you.

BTW, the damn thing just keeps going left then right then left again, etc., without my really thinking of anything in particular, except the nausea I was starting to feel.

I did an

image search and stared at the Mona Lisa then back at it. I think it almost worked but still no luck. I'm going to keep working on it though.

heh heh

try this:
(1) THINK first.. her spinning in the Opposite of what you 'see'...
look straight ahead away from the picture...
use your peripheral vision, moving your head until you can see the picture keeping the 'opposite' version in 'mind'.
try it again... with your head facing the other side
until you capture it with your peripheral vision.
it should work... one way or the other.

(2) THINK first.. her spinning in the opposite of what you 'see'...
refresh the screen...
see if she changes!

I tried

both, still nothing. I'm doomed. The funny thing is I can't even seem to imagine her spinning clockwise. Every time I start to picture it the motion doesn't complete, even with my eyes closed.

try looking at the shadows

The shadows helped me... I've actually got it almost to where she is not spinning at all, just bouncing left and right a half turn.

Although, I think they were saying counter-clockwise is left brain... I'm assuming counterclockwise if looking down at her.

I write code too, but I just saw clockwise (looking down)... finally saw both by looking at the shadows

It doesn't

work for me. I can program computers but not draw a lick. Definitely left-brain.

How is it that different legs

How is it that different legs are planted when it goes different ways? Counter clockwise and the right leg is planted. Clockwise and its the left.

very good!!


I see now it is the same leg,

I see now it is the same leg, obscured by a lack of detail. By the way, this is the third time tonight I've come back to this damnable thing. LOL. Nice post.

finally proof

that i have at least half a brain.

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It will go both ways for me. Anyhow, blast from the past. This is from 2003(I guess it's new to someone).

I'm told sometimes

I think with my middle brain.

That is a trip!

Thanks for posting. I can make her change directions almost at will now. Though I think I am primarily left brain, because that's how she appeared to me at first.

Lol, she is spinning

Lol, she is spinning clockwise, and after reading all the comments I still can't see how one can say she is spinning counter-clockwise. In the words of the Geto Boys, "My mind is playing tricks on me."

Yeah, what he said...


Ok, I can now see it ccw, here's how...

I tried the powers of 2 exercise; got to 16384 and had to think a bit for 32768; still turning cw. Looking at the shadow further convinced me that cw was the only possible way. Then I *imagined* the shadow going right to left which took some doing, but once I did -- after several seconds of staring at it, she was turning ccw.

It was much easier to get her going back cw.

She's spinning counter-clockwise. Here's why...

A magnificent optical illusion indeed but what determines the true direction is the path of the oval shadow/reflection on the floor. It only makes sense that the shadow/reflection of the raised foot comes into view when it's furthest from the viewer, consistent with the counter-clockwise direction. Likewise, when the raised foot is closest to the viewer is when the shadow/reflection would be at the lower and unseen portion of its oval arc path.

That's my theory and I'm sticking to it. ;)

EDIT: To those who only see it one direction... This is an optical illusion. YES, she does appear to spin in a different direction, to different people at different times. If you can't it I suggest you look away for a few minutes, imagine her spinning in the opposite direction and try looking again.

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Nice theory, but wrong.

There is no "correct" answer to the direction of turn. To understand why your explanation is incorrect, ask yourself what you would be seeing if the image were a mirrored reflection of the "true" image -- it would turn in the opposite direction, yes? And the shadow would likewise invert. Is there any way to tell whether you are looking at the "actual" image, or the "reflected" image? There is not. So . . .

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Hmmm... interesting, but wrong!

There is no "correct" answer to the direction of turn because there is no direction or turn at all. To understand why your explanation is incorrect, ask yourself if what you're seeing is an "actual" image, a "reflected" image or just a two-dimensional image of varying pixel brightnesses in rapid succession -- it could give the illusion of direction or turning, yes? Is there any way to tell whether this is a serious post? There is not. So...

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

That's also true.

But you've managed to contradict your previous comment twice: once in your explanation of the turn direction, and once in "that's my story and I'm sticking to it."

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition, http://www.amazon.com/Most-Dangerous-Superstition-Larken-Ros...

I think you just nailed

I think you just nailed it.

Don't look at the girl spinning, look at her shadow beneath at the bottom and the way in which it travels...to the left.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I this a joke to waste my time?

I watched this thing for 3 minutes, turning clockwise. I see no possible way that the image could be seen turning the other way unless the position of the arms and legs changed. Is there anyone that actually sees this thing turning counter clockwise? Seriously


It changes

Refresh your screen until you see it. I'm pretty sure it isn't always spinning in the same direction. I noticed it change while I was watching it. Wasn't even trying to make myself think of it going the other direction, it just did.

try this.

Stare at the very bottom of the image. watch the space or the relation between her foot and the shadow of her foot. As you relax and watch the rotation of her body with your peripheral vision, you can kind of 'make' the foot shadow go in the opposite direction. When you see that, then lift your gaze and you will see her switch directions.

Yes, I see her turning

Yes, I see her turning counter clockwise. Just look at her right leg, the center of rotation. It's a fixed point, and she's spinning to the left with her left arm and left leg in the air.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Try doing 2+2=4, 4+4=8, 8+8=16, and so on until you have to

think about it. Then look again. It worked for me. Seriously.

Oh that is cool !

I took me a few minutes but now I see it both ways.