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Delete.. failed attempt


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When I was working

I was the best worker there. All the straight edges were horrible at the job. I never smoked weed on the job. I waited until i went home to relax. Does that still make me a bottom dweller?

Second, the man that got fired wasn't high on the spot.

passing drug tests


In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.

Urinalysis is easily defeated.

Herbal detox tea with dandelion root works every time. Just start drinking a few quarts of tea a couple of hours before your test and pee as much as possible before hand. I had monthly UAs during my five years on probation (I dared to possess a plant), and it worked every time.

If they drop on you unexpectedly, drink the tea and have your own test done at a lab, and then you'll have a clean test to refute their dirty test. It gives you leverage in getting your job back.

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Save the tea... :)

It's actually the liquid passing through your bladder, nothing more... :)

I have never failed a test in my life (on the few occasions I have taken them), despite having smoked weed the night before simply by...

Drinking as much water as possible, urinate at least 3-4 times which flushes the THC buildup which occurs overnight. When your pee finally turns 100% clear, pop a B Complex to make it look like urine again, and go take your test... :) Seriously, flawless. If you want to verify before risking it, pick up an over the counter Walgreens home test to prove it first. Though the Walgreens test is possibly not as sensitive (depending on the test type), it generally is for most screens.

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for the advice.

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It sounds like the guy got fired for bumping cars, not for smoking dope. Was he high when he hit the other car? That part isn't clear in your story.

In the car business, cars are inventory. They're the value that underlies the whole operation. It sounds more like an attitude issue than anything else.

"Hey man, it's just a little dent - don't worry about it!"

If he had that kind of an attitude, I'd fire that guy, too, whether he smoked weed, drank juice or whatever.

Bottom line is on a job, you have to have respect for the job you're doing - whatever it is. Even if it is being a garbage man, that is an important job.

Did he sign a contract saying he was subject to random drug tests? If so, then what is there to complain about?

If not, then he may have an issue to stand on.

But overall, I don't have much sympathy for the guy. The fact that he hit another car shows that he's careless, and that is reason alone to fire him.

Anyway - I don't know the whole story, so it is just blah blah blah on my end too.

Over and out.

He's the man.

Its a common

mistake at the job. Cars are every where. And some times another car gets in the way when you are backing out of the garage. It is a common mistake. I think you are picturing the car all smashed up from going 80 mph. It wasn't.

If he was high...

...he probably wouldn't have bumped the car. Numerous studies have shown that people under the influence of cannabis are better and more cautious behind the wheel.

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This sentence sums it up...

"But overall, I don't have much sympathy for the guy. The fact that he hit another car shows that he's careless, and that is reason alone to fire him."

Employer had good cause to terminate. But even if he didn't have cause, he had a right to. The problem is that employers so fear wrongful termination lawsuits that they use the drug laws as an easy out.

I had a friend in IT who accidentally dropped his laptop while climbing a 4 story ladder to do work on the computer. It smashed into a million pieces. When he got down, they popped him for a drug test, NOT because they wanted to, since it was clear what happened, but because it was standard policy and they had no choice.

He came up with weed in his system (he was not smoking on the job). That required an immediate termination, but they waived that (because they did NOT want to let him go, he was good), kept the whole thing hush hush, and put him on "probation" as a means around the official policy.

The problem isn't with drugs, it's with the fear in employers for firing people. Incompetence and competence are what they are, and the cause (drugs, idiocy, etc) are irrelevant.

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It's not our "country" nor

It's not our "country" nor anything public that did this to him. It was a private business. There are terms you agree to when a person is hired. A private business has the right to refuse employment or service for ANY reason.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.

Yeah but

i think you are missing the point. If the man was an alcoholic and bumped the car. He would still have his job today.

Not if he would have been

Not if he would have been drunk. There is no reliable test to determine if a person is actually under the influence of marijuana. Testing for alcohol is easy. While I agree that it's stupid, it's still the company's right.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.

But still...

My friend got fired after he was still under the influence of alcohol and bumped a car. Because alcohol can be an inhibitor.

His friends are smoking dope and they didn't get fired because they didn't bump a car under the influence of anything.

Get my point?

Having the freedom to do what you want isn't the same as taking responsibility.

He got caught out. I'm sure if the co-workers started bumping cars left right and centre the boss would start to question them too.

There's a degree when I question: are you arguing for the marijuana or your friend?

p.s. Go smoke it if you want, you are free to. Just be sure you are ok in the morning for work.

Insurance is also a factor. If it reduces risk, it reduces price

If it doesn't reduce risk and it eliminates productive employees, then it's time to shop for better insurance.

It's government intervention that can impose costs without benefit leaving the employer stuck enforcing a wasteful political agenda.

Market competition tends to maximize quality production while eliminating waste.

The business man hires me so that we can make money together. That'w why we do business.

Free includes debt-free!

Oh, I thought

you got fired because you worked for the government and you refused to guard it or transport it in from Mexico.

My mistake.

One thing to look forward to...

If the job market ever picks up again, employers in pot friendly states will be quick to eliminate the pot test from their usual testing. They won't be able to afford to lose employees over something so minor, and the market will create a that opening for employers desperately seeking employees.

I don't believe that for a

I don't believe that for a second. It will continue for the vast majority of jobs that drinking or using nearly all kinds of drugs on the job will be prohibited. Businesses don't need the added liability.

Who suggested

drinking on the job? Pot is already going the way of drinking from a governmental standpoint. Why would you think the same wouldn't apply to the market. As it becomes more and more accepted, the needs of the business to be able to hire/not fire employees over pot will create the market. An enterprising insurance company will fill the void that currently exists in the 'liability' of smokers. A decent test to determine if you are high right now, or high last night is the only piece of the puzzle missing (except a good job market). The only hold up will be pressure from our dictators.


Pot is already going the way of drinking from a governmental standpoint???

No its not. People are being thrown in jail and losing jobs daily over Marijuana. Just because two states went legal, doesn't mean things are changing. In fact, the Government is raiding the stores in Col & Wash.

Two down votes for

a totally non controversial comment..lol

It is "going the way" not "is the way". 2 states are recreationally legal, 18 or 19 are medically legal, with more likely on the way. Also, Feds aren't raiding CO dispensaries. If you don't think we have made massive progress against the drug war with the direction of marijuana law, then you are just a pessimist.

I was

never called a pessimist before.

I still think you are dreaming if you think things are changing.

I was just at my uncles house today who has cable.

I flicked through the channels and saw like 3 channels bashing Marijuana. Just today alone.

I see people every day getting busted for Marijuana while cops walk around in confidence like they did something good for the community.


Perhaps you are just in the wrong area. I can literally walk down the street and buy some weed from a store next to the Wendy's. Even if the cops are chillin at Wendys having lunch. I don't know how you can't count that as anything other than progress.

I have no idea

where you live but in my state that doesn't exist.

Probably just looking for excuses to fire folks

Jobs are in short supply and the demand is great. That pushes the pay-rate down... but not for someone that has been on the payroll for 30 years. So, they might be looking for excuses to fire folks and replace them with cheaper labor.

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Or just looking to hire workers who can drive

It could be that, too.

He's the man.

I am a long time smoker

with a medical card who lives in a state where cannabis is now legal, but frankly, I believe a privately owned business should have the right to test and fire someone for whatever they please.


the whole country has gone insane. The business will never know if he or she is on others drugs. That is the whole point. So your gonna make it ten times harder to find a job because he or she smokes weed.

Its a joke. This whole country is a joke. They would rather have me turn into a junkie on pills.

Its hypocritical when the business drug tests.

Sure they can do what ever they want.

Marijuana is not a drug. When are you people going to realize that.

Listen man

When you speak of liberty, remember, it's not just about your liberty. Someone owns that business and has the right to succeed at it or to fail at it, but to do so on his/her own terms. If you don't like a companies drug testing policy don't work there. Its really that simple.

Listen man

Every damn job drug tests!!

I give up on you people. Grow up already and get over your selves.

The whole country is drugged up. But yet again all those companies look the other way.

Oh but not for Marijuana. MARIJUANA IS THE DEVIL!! RUN!!

And if that is how you think. Then I have the Freedom to bash your business and post a status like this.


"They would rather have me turn into a junkie on pills."

Who are 'they'?

"Its hypocritical when the business drug tests"

How so?

"Marijuana is not a drug."

Yes it is, by several definitions of the word.

If I own a business, then I can and will fire anyone based on whatever I deem fit. Don't like it? Then work elsewhere.

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