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most companies can not decide

insurance decides not the owners

Here is some interesting info!!

According to the Drug Free Workplace Act in order for a company legally drug test you they must have a policy that is written out explaining in detail what can cause dismissal and it must be initialed by the employee. There are a lot of companies that do drug testing or have a drug free workplace environment and think that all they need to do is say they do not tolerate drug use. If they don't follow these guidelines they open themselves up to legal action and financial settlements. If your friend didn't sign a written policy then he has a case against this employer. I know this first hand!!

The thousands of these types

The thousands of these types of unnavigable regulations is why small business owners are terrified of hiring employees and therefore why it's so hard to find a job. What happens if I hire somebody the wrong way, fire them the wrong way, do something else the wrong way... I'll get my ass sued for everything I have.

Never submit to a drug test.

If you are "dirty" do not submit to the drug test.

Also I will say that you are right, and it is insane. Where is the logic that it is OK to have an accident and/or destroy property and/or kill someone as long as you don't test positive for some substance? Which means that it is OK to be reckless and unobservant if that is your natural state. There are so many things wrong with that thinking that it is more than just ridiculous, it is ridiculi.

I can't be upset because the owner fired the guy.

There is a good chance that this guy is breaking DWI laws. If the owner didn't fire him, he could be held responsible if the guy got into an accident and hurt someone. I'm sure they probably have a policy that if an accident occurs that the employee gets a drug test. Most places do. Your friend should have known this and planned accordingly. I hate the marijuana prohibition as much as you, but until it's over it is best to be cautious and learn how to beat the test. It's much easier than people think and there is a ton of information on the Internet.

I never was

fired for marijuana, but I just felt bad for the guy because now he has no job and the job he had was a real good one. And the mistake he made was minor. Nothing big that would put the company in danger.

If he had been working there for a while,

he should go ask for his job back and offer to submit to another test and pay for it. It's worth a try. I had a friend that did the same thing and it worked out for him.

It's really pretty simple.

It's really pretty simple. Don't get a job that prohibits something you want to participate in. A business gets to set what ever rules they wish and you are forced to abide by them or hit the door.

Somewhat like yourself... you get to make any rules you wish in your home. If someone does not want to follow the house rules they can hit the door (not force you to change the rule).


companies do it because they've been indoctrinated into thinking some one who smokes some pot is a bad person.

I was stating that companies have no idea that 60 percent or more that work for them are either drunk or pilled up anyways. And none of that will show up on a drug test. So in a way, It shows how most companies have no idea what exactly the drug test is actually testing for.

Private companies can decide

Private companies can decide what they wish to do. Workers can decide if that is the type of place they want to work at. And us consumers decide which businesses that we give our money to.

Just as there are places that will fire you for smoking there are others that will hire you after smoking a joint. It was most likely for the best anyhow. Take my example...i went to jail for having 1 ounce of weed. Even the criminals in jail thought that was weird. Note that it was mu first offense. Anyhow, because of that I ended up transfering into the best university in the usa for my degree and then met my fiance there. So the moral of the story is that good things will come to your buddy.


name me a company that doesn't drug test?



I really

hope it's not Mcdonalds?

Yeah screw that, a business

Yeah screw that, a business owner or manager shouldn't be able to terminate a contract when he wants. He should be stuck with you forever, giving you money because you need it.

But you should also be forced to keep hiring the plumber who
says creepy things to your girlfriend every time he stops by. You have to hire him every week, whether you need him or not. Maybe I care that he tracks mud onto my carpet and wipes his nose on my dishtowel, but you don't seem to care that he does the same at your place. You have some weird idea that he's going to assault your girlfriend, when he's just being friendly.

I guess

you are being sarcastic, because a business can get rid of you when ever they want. I'm trying to make it clear that they lost a 30 year employer who they liked for making such a minor mistake.

Mistakes happen...

Don't tell me you never made a mistake on the job?

It don't make it wrong

But wrong and stupid aren't synonyms