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Fox News covers suspicious crash of Michael Hastings' CIA connection

Journalist Michael Hastings reportedly working on story about CIA chief before death (That's the title of the article.)

Journalist Michael Hastings, who was killed in a fiery car crash in June, reportedly had been working on several big stories including one on CIA Director John Brennan before his death.

San Diego 6 News reports that Hastings had focused his latest project on Brennan, the former White House counterterrorism adviser and current CIA director.

Hastings’ wife Elise Jordan also told CNN that a Brennan piece from her late husband will soon be published in Rolling Stone magazine...


Recap with videos and earlier stories:

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I want to know who the idiot

university professor is who estimated the speed at 35mph.


Ridiculous. If you look at the original video you will see that Hastings covered a distance of 230 feet in 1 to 2 seconds which would allow you to estimate the speed of 160mph to 80mph respectively.

My original analysis.

There was no explosion prior to impact. If you watch the video you will see his tail lights go out. I will claim that this was the time of impact. The first flash you see is probably the electrical system arching and the second "explosion" is the fuel igniting.

That would be totally true...

if it wasn't such a blatant lie. The WITNESSES said they heard an explosion that rocked their houses. The WITNESSES say that the ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION were thrown 100 feet BEFORE the crash. The Palm tree sustained NO damage. The VIDEO shows the car did NOT hit head on with the palm tree. The VIDEO shows the car was traveling at 35 to 45 mph. NOT 160 to 80mph. which makes absolutely no sense, btw. And, btw, cars don't explode on impact. So go slam your head into a critical thinking book, and a physics book.

When did common sense become a super power? –Patrick F. Holman

Blatant lie? Critical thinking?

You are calling the kettle black. Obviously you have not even bothered looking into this on your own. You have just listened to "Witness" accounts and the false information thrown around. They heard an explosion, the did not SEE an explosion. And know you are absolutely WRONG about where the engine was found!!!!. It was actually found 175 feet past the crash site on the NE corner of Clinton Street and Highland Avenue.

The palm tree sustained NO damage? I saw burns and scars indicative of a car hitting it. Palm trees are incredibly dense and strong. They can sustain hurricane force winds without sheering off.

You have the gall to even throw out the word physics. Everything in all the readily available videos and pictures screams of a cause and affect of a car traveling at a high rate of speed hits and unmovable object.

"cars don't explode on impact". Hmmm...you may have me on that one. Oh wait a search of Youtube has dozens of examples of cars exploding on impact!!

Don't come here with your I read it on the internet so it must be true attitude and insult someone who actually spent a few hours digging through the information and sorting out the "blatant lies".


I suggest you read this thread and do your own research and stop listening to things coming out of inforwars as they are often wrong.
I am the first one to believe his death was suspicious. I am holding onto three theories I can make from all this. His car was hacked and driven out of control, Hastings was fearing for his life and running from someone and lost control of his car, Hastings was drunk and fucked up and killed himself.(Although if it does come back he had alcohol in his blood I will find that suspicious as apparently he gave up drinking 10 years prior).

BTW...if you have any books on critical thinking or physics, please sell them at your next garage sale.

Since you did not bother to read my personal analysis I will post it here.

Pizzeria Mozza. From this video you can identify the wall of the property across the street from street view on google maps. The movement of the camera can be explained by the fact it is mounted on the underside of an awning(wind?). From google maps, this video and other crash photos you can determine he hit the fourth tree past the camera.

Google earth gives a distance of 235 feet from the camera to the impact site. Reviewing the video it looks as if he covered that distance in approximately 1 - 2 seconds.

Rate x Time = Distance

X x 2sec = 235 feet

235ft/2sec = 117.50 ft/sec
117.50 x 3600 = 423000 ft/hour
423000/ 5280 feet in a mile gives and estimated speed of

80.11 MPH

At one second his speed would be 160 MPH

From the video you can see that it looks like his lights turn off just before the first sign of the impact. I suspect that is the time of the impact. Perhaps someone can download the video and determine the exact time in fractions of a seconds so we can come up with his exact speed.

This video dispels the myth that his engine was found prior to impact in the direction of travel. From crash scene photos you can determine the motor was located at 602 Highland on the NE corner of Clinton Street and Highland Avenue.

you won

that one, big time!

I think not

enough said.


with what? It certainly wasn't the palm tree.


How do come to that conclusion?

You stated

there was an impact...what are you discussing?

Yes with

a palm tree.

That makes sense

Don't most cars blow up when impacting a palm tree? If you watched the video, the explosions took place while the car was still on the road.

If his death is not suspicious

enough people have to embellish the facts. I see things differently. I see a car angling off jumping a curb and hitting a tree at a high rate of speed. Simple as that. I do not see any explosions until the car comes to a stop. You see what you want to see. In fact I think I saw a tractor beam from a drone shine down on the car just prior his car being picked off the road and thrown into the tree.

From the original article....

A CIA spokesperson told San Diego 6 News, though, that "any suggestion that Director Brennan has ever attempted to infringe on constitutionally-protected press freedoms is offensive and baseless."

And the cow jumped over the moon...The End.

It must be true!

If it wasn't such a pathetic lie.

When did common sense become a super power? –Patrick F. Holman