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AJ Spiker and the view from Iowa

Report from national GOP meeting: ‘Iowa is looking secure’ |
Des Moines Register Staff Blogs

The chairman of the Iowa GOP is keeping close tabs on national Republicans’ feelings about Iowa’s spot in the pole position of presidential voting — and he’s sensing no trouble.

“Iowa is looking secure with its early state status, and members are all asking me about who is visiting and may run,” Republican Party of Iowa chairman A.J. Spiker told The Des Moines Register.

The Republican National Committee is holding its summer meeting this week in Boston. Its 168 members – one woman, one man and the party chair from each state and territory – decide what the presidential nominating calendar looks like.

The rules would require approval from 75 percent, or 126 members, to snuff out Iowa’s first-in-the-nation status.

Iowa is on perennially shaky ground. There are regular complaints that the GOP caucuses here are too much about pleasing the most religious and conservative voters rather than other varieties of Republicans. Critics blasted Iowa for fumbling the counting and reporting of results of the 2012 GOP caucuses, which brought a record turnout and an extraordinarily close vote.

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This is "our man" in Iowa.