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SWAT Ties Up Students, Blows Out Tires During Bus HIJACKING Drill - VIDEO

SWAT Ties Up Students, Blows Out Tires During Bus HIJACKING Drill - VIDEO

“Then he started tying everybody down and it just got really scary”

Julie Wilson
August 15, 2013

Just when you think you’ve become numb to terror drills, a drill emulating a school bus hijacking leaves you shocked and speechless.
Officials in the small town of Rossford, Ohio, with a population of 6,293 as 2011, felt the need to run a school bus hijacking drill on students who were en route to an event.

School teachers, administrators and transportation directors set up chairs in an empty parking lot as if they were at a social gathering about to watch some sort of entertainment. The “entertainment” that they were about to witness, was a live feed of their town’s schoolchildren being held hostage during a school bus hijacking.

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Teaching the kids how to be victims. Teaching the public that

safety ONLY comes with a Police State.

Bunch of local police officers playing "dress up" (Good thing they all dressed as army men this time. Last year three of them got the dates mixed up and came dressed as fairy princesses.)

Next thing you know, they will be burning down schools for fire drills. (Lets hope they local authorities come dressed as firemen. That taffeta in those fairy princess costumes catches fire so easily).


If they did this to my kids I'd end up in jail.

My brother in law is the principal at my kids school or I'd be homeschooling this year for sure!! Instead, I'm out searching for a job after 6 years at home... sigh...

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

While this is completely batshit insane,

Can anyone else make out that 'gun'? Its hard to see, but it looks like a Tippmann 98 to me. If so, its too bad there weren't any paintballers on the bus. I would have loved to see the audience's reaction (Coloseum of Rome, anyone? Let's watch our children get hijacked!) when all the kids started laughing at the masked douchebag.

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I'm just waiting for them to try this on a school

Where kids decide to just shoot the instigators, who has time to be tied up and detained? School drill gone wrong, and maybe cops will learn their lesson.

You know, if they fire back, they would be shooting on an innocent who is trying to protect themselves or others. What justification could they say in their defense?

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The Kids were Terrorists (..sprinkling a little crack on them).

..and crack addicts.

Just a terrible thought and a Dave Chappelle reference. :)

Now imagine if what the spectators witnessed...

...was the students fighting back.

Imagine them seeing the students beating the crap out of the hijacker, strangling him with his electrical tape, stabbing him with their pens, pencils, and of course scissors (remember the infamous DHS video), and throwing him out of the moving bus into traffic.

Those who keep planning these insane drills obviously anticipate the victims will be compliant.

Wha -?

This is insane!

The Diamond Dog is a real cool cat. | Reporting on the world from an altitude of 420.

yup, but by now, isn't insanity, what is PRECISELY expected,

of/from govt terrorists, in all shapes and sizes?

LOL...er.. .o/ [that's my gallows humor, 'laughing at my own comments'-dismayed 'sigh' for ya]

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul