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Neighbors warn parents of girl with cerebral palsy: Lose the handicap ramp

Neighbors in a Fountain, Colo., community are demanding a family remove a ramp they installed outside their front door for their handicapped daughter, saying the structure threatens property values.

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show some LOVE for the fine f*cks in CO.

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Think of the Source

Remember how we complain about journalism? They go looking for controversy, and they'd rather cover this one than drone strikes all over the world (though, who can blame them; it's the market at work).

Few people would complain about a ramp when they know its purpose. Some will. They deserve about 2 seconds of news coverage to make sure those who oppose them, rally.

After that, it's just a tempest in a teapot. Just remember when you read such things, that "two sides" to a story may be a completely false way of describing the reality, but that won't stop the ambitious from trying to make something of it.

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What the heck

... is their problem? That's a nice lookin' ramp.

But if you still hate it, put a hedge around it and you won't even see it from the road.

Hard to believe people can be this cold

You can see the plant beds all around the railing. Give it 1 season to grow some shrubs for fucking crying out loud. Who honestly sees a handicap ramp and thinks "I don't want to live here because of what it means to have handicapped neighbors"? Really? Where the @#%!@ are they going to move to where there aren't people with different capabilities and physical issues? Where? Ugh, this makes me ill.

Update: Rotten neighbors are out of luck!


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Viva La Revolucion!

They should sue their neighbors

for the scam of pretending to be normal people until after they moved in, causing them to pay more for their property than what it's worth. Having horrible neighbors makes a McMansion worth nothing.

Defend Liberty!

and these are the types of

and these are the types of neighbors you DON'T want to prep with.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
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I have to disagree with you

These are exactly the people you want to prep with - cause when food gets short it makes whacking them so much easier.


Even if you don't have to whack 'em it would make it much easier to say get the flock off and don't come back.

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I'm really glad I don't know you.

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

It's obvious this family took

It's obvious this family took care to have a professionally designed and constructed ramp installed.
I don't know about Fountain but in most zoning codes handicap access trumps all codes because of ADA. If it's for handicap it gets a waiver period. I hope these cranky neighbors piss their money away on lawyers and lose. Then they can be assessed for the family's legal fees.

The owner should literally

The owner should literally tell the neighbors to Fuck Off! Then request donations to plant some shrubberies in front of the ramp.

is the op a collectivist?

is the op a collectivist?

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Speciallyblend, You are

a naughty trouble maker...